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Imaginary Evolution

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Darwinists' greatest embarrassment on the agenda: Pointless efforts to keep the myth of whale evolution alive


Darwinists insistently do not like the imaginary ancestor of humans, which they fabricated, to be called “ape”


The false feathered Dinosaur Concavenator corcovatus and the endless deceptive speculation from Darwinists


The invalidity of the claim that ''transitional forms do not mean deformed living things''


Unable to Account for a Single Protein, Darwinists Now Place Their Hopes in Fossilized Footprints


Response to the Huffington Post: Evolution As Well as Creation Should Be Taught in Schools.


Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda?


Why have Darwinists been silent for so long?


Darwinists risking humiliation over their speculation on a single fossil pinky finger


1,5 million year old footprints is a brand new, shocking, severe blow to the imaginary evolution


Darwinists' shameful scenarios about supposed human evolution: MSNBC still imagines it can deceive people

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1-11 / Total: 11
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