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Darwinist Mafia

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Is the Darwinist global mafia threatening the pope?


Never Plead Ignorance of the Fact that Disbelief is the Source of all Wickedness


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's inerview on 18 March 2012


Because we crushed Darwinism for the first time on Earth, our books have been used as reference sources all around the world. Around the world, a serious blow is being dealt to Darwinism by taking our books as a reference.


The Turkish state does not want Darwinism, Materialism, however the state can not get rid of it. The system of the dajjal has created such an enormous deadlock. Neither Morocco, nor Algeria, nor Libya, nor Egypt, nor Pakistan, no country can get rid of them. This merciless might of the dajjal is a miracle of the End Times.


The nonsense of evolution, which is devoid of any scientific validity, is imposed in schools in many countries of the world


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 May 2012


ADVOCATING DARWINISM IS NOT INCUMBENT ON THE STATE. THIS IS A TERRIBLE DISASTER. THE GREATEST DISASTER OF THE CENTURY. This is an unprecedented disaster in history of the world, for all the world states caused the death of more than 1 billion people because they advocated Darwinism. Advocating Darwinism left more than 1 billion disabled.


The PKK terror is based on Darwinism and materialism. The state can not provide Darwinist, materialist education itself. This must be eliminated.


The state can not train people in the materialist sense. The state must teach Darwinism, and also its response. Let them teach the religion and those against the religion can also express their views.


The state can not give materialist education. It can teach Darwinism and its response. It can teach the religion and the opinions of those who are against religion. BUT A UNILATERAL EDUCATION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. THERE MUST BE A PROVISION IN THE CONSTITUTION BANNING UNILATERAL EDUCATION.


We will continue our intellectual struggle with the Darwinist dictatorship.


People all over the world, including Catholics and the Pope, advocate Darwinism compulsorily.


All humanity should be saved from the superstition of Darwinism. All the states in the world are in this swamp and they are unable to get out of it. They want to drag Turkey into this swamp as well. Turkey should not accept this.


Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) represents the main plank of the British shadow state apparatus. It holds a Darwinist, materialist world view. It is also the executive headquarters of the global Darwinist dictatorship, the system that imposes the teaching of Darwinism all over the world.


PLoS ONE Journal Fails to Stand Against the Power of Atheist Propaganda and Darwinist Dictatorship


The whole world is under the rule of the dictatorship of Darwinism


Protein synthesis in the cell is a miracle


Allah's Art of Color


Kowloon Mosque Fossil Exhibition


Fossil Exhibition in Rosendaal the Netherlands


Fossil Exhibition in Scheveningen


Fossil Exhibition in Willebroek


Fossil Exhibition in Terneuzen


Fossil Exhibition at Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College


A Conference Titled The Collapse Of Evolution Theory Was Held At Purdue University

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