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The very first in the Islamic world: Adnan Oktar establishes brotherhood between Jews and Muslims


According to the Qur'an, it is a religious obligation for Muslims to be united


In his prayers a Muslim, due to his good morality, wants everything good that he wants for himself, also for his brothers.


Devout Jews are our brothers, who hold to a sincere faith of the oneness of Allah, and entrusted to us by him


No blood will be shed in the world when the Turkish-Islamic union is established


The strong bond between Turkish and Azerbaijani people was once again proven on 14 October 2009


The Turkish Islamic Union is not based on any racial superiority


The union to be established between Turkey and Azerbaijan will be the first and most powerful step toward the Turkish-Islamic Union


The man in the street says, 'open the borders'




A Call for Unity


Muslims' three sacred mosques


Islam denounces terrorism


The Deen with Allah Is Islam


It is the antichrist (dajjal) who will shed blood in the End Times. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come to halt these rivers of bloodshed by the antichrist.


Answers of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the questions of Mr. Ryan Jones from Israel Today, June 23rd, 2010, Israel


Antichrist deceives people by showing the truth like falsehood, and falsehood like the truth


Those who love the Prophet ‘Isa (as) are charged with love, not war


What should be the outlook of Muslims to Judaism and anti-Semitism?


A Call for Unity-Leaflet


Basic Concepts in the Qur’an


Istanbul and Bosnia are brothers


A Thousand Years Old ''DNA Brotherhood''


Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan: We will grow through brotherhood


The impact of Adnan Oktar's messages of friendship and brotherhood: relations with Armenia are improving


Adnan Oktar had made statements encouraging friendship and brotherhood


A priest and an imam come together to illuminate the history


The language of irreligiousness. Its important for that loveless language on Twitter to stop. (19&28.05.2014)


We are all brothers and sisters in terms of faith


We are all brothers and sisters in terms of faith


They say, “Let the world be bothers.” Yes but does communism bring about brotherhood? It brings bloodshed like flood.


The conflicts with Syria should be resolved amicably and peacefully


Brotherhood Is the Biggest Strength of Turkey


Islam is the religion of peace & security


Let us make peace prevail


The salvation is in the Unity of Islam. Within the unity of Islam all states are independent. Unity of Islam is a bond of goodwill.


We would never appreciate persecution. We are against all those who persecute. We are the students of the Mahdi. We would always be on the side of peace, love, compassion and brotherhood.


While we have the warm and friendly spirit of the system of Mahdi these sufferings are all needless. Let us, Israelis, Palestinians, all of us be friends and brothers.


The greatest ideal for Masons is to make the whole world brothers. What is it that would ensure this the best? Islam. That is why they want the Unity of Islam but not the radicals.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 9 January 2013)


How will the Islamic Countries be when the Unity of Islam is established.


If leftists youth become Muslims and live by Islam, that would be the right thing to do. That is because if the left wing wants social justice, they will thus attain social justice that they cannot even dream of. If they want peace, it will be to the extent that they cannot even dream of, if they want the world brotherhood, it will be the uppermost level. Democracy, peace, justice, wealth, beauty, art, aesthetics, science, sincerity, cordialness are all in Islam.


May Allah shed holy light on all the houses of our brothers who hold Quranic conversations in all corners of Turkey.


Unity of Islam is the beautiful thing, it is to embrace everyone. Let us have no enemy. Enemies burden people, they overwhelm people. Let us have no enemy in this World. Let us only have satan for an enemy; Let us destroy the system of the dajjal (antichrist) with science, knowledge, let us be brothers and sisters and live a beautiful life.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 March 2013)


Hazrat Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) are people of love. They have nothing to do with material things like Money and possessions, neither Mahdi nor the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) have no business with the World. They are all about love, peace, brotherhood, friendship, justice. These are all about these. They are the teachers of love, insha'Allah.


Nelly Ehud - Mathias Haas - Zola


Ladies with headscarves and without headscarves are the sisters of one another


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 May 2013)


Adnan Oktar: They shall govern Egypt with representatives from every fraction


Alevi, Kurdish, Turkish, Circassian; such discriminations are all created artificially. We, as a nation, are the casts of the same mold. There is no difference in between, there is no original aspect in any of these. We've melted in each other anyway, we are brothers and sisters that live together. We have no significant aspect that we differ from each other.


ElBaradei had been prepared for these days beforehand


Ahmed Mahmoud, Journalist , El Ahram Newspaper, Egyptian


East-West Alteration of the 22 Governors


Mr. Recep Güven: We are one, we are brothers


Our minister of religious affairs issued a message of unity and freedom by addressing ‘our atheist friends.’ (24.07.2013)


Pope: Muslims are Our Brothers


The Soldiers congratulated the Victory Day together with the public in Hakkari What he said…


Our brothers are rendering their services to Islam as the followers of Prophet Jesus (as) (01.10.2013)


Just as how Azerbaijanis are our brothers, so are Armenians (16.11.2013)


Say no to sacrificing ties on the altar of politics


A tone that will do harm to our brotherhood and unity is unacceptable (01.01.2014)


Mehmet Gormez: In Order to Prevent A New Form of Karbala, Common Language Have to be Developed


Protecting those under persecution is the responsibility of every Muslim


Brotherhood Sermon from the Directorate of Religious Affairs


Prime Minister Erdoğan’s Statements on the Integrity of the State and Brotherhood


Prime Minister Erdogan: Turkey is one with Turks, Kurds, Laz and Circassian


Azarbaijan is vital part of us, and we must unite at once (21.04.2014)


Turkish Armenian Patriarchate: We should leave behind the hate speech that stirs up enmity


Unity among Muslims is the most vital issue


Education can end religious strife


Mr. Erdoğan: We have seen everyone who says “La ilahe illAllah” as Muslim


The Middle East Needs Love and Unity More Than Ever


The Safety of Our Syrian Refugee Brothers is Entrusted to the Hospitable Turkish People


Solidarity is the key to recover Libya’s instability


Muslims are like members of a large family


Mr. Davutoğlu: Our Message Is One; Peace, Brotherhood, Friendship


May God give goodness to all of us, to all our people. May He give us peace, brotherhood, tranquility, ease, contentment and exhilaration. May God protect us from dissension, may God not set brothers against brothers. May our Lord settle the disputes among brothers and give Muslims the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and love. May God protect them from self-centeredness, arrogance, haughtiness and from greed for rank and position.


Shias and Sunnis are brother, it is very wrong to discriminate between Islamic schools


Yemenis’ Prayer in the Month of Ramadan Must Be for All Muslims to Be United


Let Us Strive for Love, Friendship and Brotherhood


Muslims Who Point Guns At Other Muslims


God says 'Muslims are brothers.' (Surat Al-Hujurat, 10) You are their protective friend and guide, you are not allowed to leave them in any kind of difficulty. You are responsible for everything about them. The whole of society, everyone is responsible for one another. Then, an environment like heaven would come about.


Pakistan - Afghanistan: Rediscovering brotherhood


The system of the Mahdi is based on love. The system of the Mahdi always desires love, compassion, friendship and brotherhood. The system of the hypocrite, of the antichrist, is the exact opposite of that.


Guardianship system has an important place in Islam. No matter how misguided they are, a believer should never ostracize his brothers.


The Quran introduces a guardianship system. Believers are obliged to watch over each other as if their own brothers.


In Islam, there is friendship; there is love and brotherhood.


Muslims have a duty to protect one another like their own brothers.
There is the system of protective friendship, that is to say, guardianship in Islam. Everyone is like one another's own brother and family.


In the guardianship system that Islam brings, poor and needy will be taken care of, orphans will be cherished. There will be no poverty, only happiness. In this guardianship system, no one will expect ‘thank you’s. Because God is the owner of everything.


Being one another's protective friends means embracing, protecting and watching over one another. 
Muslims abandoned their responsibility to one another as protective friends. Yet, it is one of the most important obligations of Islam.


The President Erdogan: "You will not separate us"


They deem peace to be difficult, but inflicting pain on people, waging wars and persecution are troublesome. Love, friendship and brotherhood is a great joy, delight and beauty.


What Kind of Yemen?


The brotherhood of Muslims would devastate the system of antichrist.


The number of those who want love, friendship and brotherhood and those talking about love can be counted on the fingers of a hand.


It is crucial that those who advocate love, friendship and brotherhood strive with all their might.


Generally people are very impatient. They regard one another as expendable. There is patience, friendship and brotherhood in Islam.


Turkey is the last fortress of the Islamic world; that’s why it’s important we maintain our solidary and unity. Compassion should be the key.


With this recent incident, God solidified the bonds of brotherhood in our people. People saw the menace of lovelessness.


There are always great reasons for everything that happens, including this coup attempt. One of them was how it brought people together.


In the Mahdi movement, people will no longer have spirit of dissent; on the contrary, the spirit of unity and brotherhood will be fortified.


The coup attempt was very favorable for our people. The spirit of unity, brotherhood and religiousness became stronger.


Islamic Union is Heaven on earth. It is a system where peace, brotherhood, art, love prevail everywhere, and wars, conflict and fighting end.


Muslims are one another’s bothers. If one has a mistake, you simply give advice; resorting to violence and insults is not acceptable.


The mindset that allows coup plotters to appear is the cold, loveless, one-sided systems. The best thing to do to prevent coups from happening is to do the opposite. Allowing love, brotherhood, friendship and liberty to prevail in the region would be the best precaution against those who are in favor of plotting a coup.


Mr. Adnan Oktar said that it is very urgent for Turkey to engage in a political, military and economic cooperation with Russia


The Mahdi is a person of love, compassion, peace and brotherhood. Some so-called scholars want to show him as a person of violence.


If a Muslim has a beautiful possession, he will make sure other Muslims have it too. He will choose his brother over himself.


Turkey doesn't have any desire to expand its land. Turkey wants for the entire Islamic world to unite and for love and peace prevail the whole world.


A Muslim is neither a fascist of religion, nor that of race. He is in fraternal relationship with members of all religions and races.


Muslims should always be conciliatory and assume in favor of their brothers. God commands that Muslims are one another’s brothers and sisters.


Jewish Human Rights on the Temple Mount from an Islamic perspective


It is very easy for the people of the world to be siblings. It is surprising that people resist love despite the fact that fights, wars, hostility are difficult. Some people make peace deliberately seem to be difficult. They make friendship, help, union of Muslims look difficult. But peace and friendship are easy.


Muslims are one another’s brothers and guardians. Muslims do not approach one another with a quibbling manner.


It is our obligation to help our Syrian brothers. God gave us opportunity to be like ‘Ansar’ (inhabitants of Medina who helped Muslims when they emigrated from Mecca).


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Syrian refugees must become our citizens


Universities should be places where terrorism ends, not its breeding ground


Islamic Union will be established and the morality of Islam will reign globally. This is how peace and brotherhood will spread throughout the world.


The prevalence of Islamic moral values means the end of all conflicts and wars and the settlement of love, brotherhood, peace and beauty on earth.


Preparing grounds for fighting or inciting conflicts do not conform with Islam. There is brotherhood between Muslims, not conflict, according to the Qur’an.


Iran is a fraternal country; the Iranian people are our friends. Shia are dear to us, they’re in our hearts. God commands Muslims to be brothers and sisters.


Turkey, Gulf states forge closer ties


The Mahdi will not be involved in politics. The Mahdi system is about wisdom, spirituality, friendship and brotherhood. The Mahdi will have no political concerns.


Countries should act on the basis of friendship and brotherhood. The US and Iran may also always adopt a friendly tone, free from any tension.


Let's remove tension from Turkey. Let's unite and become brothers. Then there would be no risk of a military coup and economy would boost.


Let’s be united as the CHP, the AK Party, the MHP and all other political parties should come together in brotherhood. Let’s break the games of the coup-supporters with the help of the law.


The main principle of Freemasonry is freedom of thought, respect for ideas, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Yet not every Mason can match that level of refinement. Surely there can be ignorant people among Masons that don't respect ladies and all humans in general, or who have no respect for art or refinement.


Any tone that would cause tension in Turkey should be abandoned. If one regrets his error, it is most proper to welcome an apology.


We are all the children and members of this nation. It is better that we abstain from any tension or quarrel and follow a soothing tone.


There is no reason why the world shouldn't be a great place. People think it’s normal that there are barbed wires separating people. And there is no reason why there should be wars. People from every religion, every ethnicity are great. They can easily live in peace together. All this fighting is unnecessary.


People all around the world long for freedom, justice, love and brotherhood. They are, in truth, longing for the Mahdi movement.


Believers are brothers and sisters and take care of each other like they would with their children. This is true for me and my friends.


Love and compassion stemming from love of God can solve any problem. Nothing can be achieved with hatred. The Israeli- Palestinian problem is a problem of lovelessness,not a problem of land. Peace can be established when the hatred is replaced by love and brotherhood.


A Darwinist- materialist education leads young people to believe that their lives are meaningless. When they wrongly believe that it is the case, they live only to survive. As a result of Darwinist education, young people stop seeking love, brotherhood and kindness. They lose their joy of life.


A believer should never use a destructive tone towards anyone, especially towards other believers. It is important to always have a constructive manner.


When a Muslim brother or sister hurts, no matter where they might be in the world, we will feel that pain. Muslims are brothers and sisters and are obliged to take care of each other.


We will, insha’Allah, make love, peace and brotherhood prevail in the whole world.


The spiritual blessings of Ramadan


Ramadan Should Be a Month of Reconciliation, Not Conflict

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