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Signs of Creation

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Signs of Creation (


Allah Exists (


The collapse of Darwinism in Europe


The golden ratio


Perfect creation in the universe is not by chance


The Qur'an leads the way to science


The secret beyond matter


Technology in nature


For men of understanding - III (camouflage in the nature)


Biomimetics: Technology imitates nature


The collapse of atheism


Moths' sphere of expertise: Ultrasonic waves


Do you notice the unanticipated beauties Allah creates for you?


The enormous response to fossils demonstrating the fact of creation


National Center for Science Education (NCSE), 5 December 2011 – Creationism in the British Colleges


Racism is a horrible system stemming from Darwinism. We can only be saved from this scourge of racism by putting forth the invalidity of Darwinism with scientific proof and by explaining the fact of creation.


God makes evolutionists take back their claims one by one with the evidences He creates.


Only scientists can become aware of the Creator. Those who look at a black curtain only see a black curtain. God has shown us the easiness of taking away that black curtain. A little bit of attention, a little bit of will power and conscience and that curtain would instantly be removed.


May God awaken our attention. May God grant us the blessing of concentrating on Him and directing our love solely to Him. May God strengthen our mind and make us perceive the proofs of God with our mind; may He strengthen our faith in a conscientious and sincere manner. Weakness in faith is very dangerous, may God forbid.


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Response to Mr. Franz Magnis-Suseno


Chance Conflicts with the Truth of Creation


The government should put paleontological evidence on display in schools. There are tens of thousands of paleontological pieces of evidence in Turkey. They are in museums. These should be put on display at schools, in streets, everywhere around. People should see these proofs of creation themselves.


Scientific evidences lead to faith


Ability to see the signs of God

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1-20 / Total: 24
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