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Perfected Faith

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A question that people must constantly ask themselves: Do I always bear in mind the fact that Allah creates all things?


A question that one needs to constantly ask himself: ''Do I every moment think that it is Allah Who does everything?''


A person should not devote his attention solely on whether or not his expectations in the life of this world would be met, but on whether or not he has a morality that would earn him these in his endless life...


Sudden changes, surprise developments, unexpected ups and downs in a person's life are actually great blessings specially created for him.


It is very important to keep in mind the experiences one learns a lesson from and holds up as an example; And the effects the important events one lives through create on his soul...


Real Bliss is only possible by turning to Allah with a sincere Heart


Love of Allah (


Perfected Faith


Hazrat Mahdi's (as) followers will have a very powerful faith


The spiritual side of Hazrat Mahdi's (as) followers will be very powerful


ONE NEEDS TO FOCUS ALL HIS ATTENTION WITH A SHARP JOY, KEEN FAITH AND ATTENTION. We need to mature our faith and love and while doing this one needs to think rationally and reasonably to attain it.


We are not created in a way to find it difficult to have faith. WE ARE CREATED IN A WAY TO BELIEVE IN AN EASY MANNER. But a person assumes that there are very intricate notions, and he has to make tremendous effort. That is out of the question. The only thing is to OPEN ONE'S CONSCIOUSNESS AND LET IT BE RELAXED. That is it.


Profound faith, that is the greatest blessing. Submission to Allah and profound faith.. That is because Allah tests people with many things. Some people squirm in these tests from time to time. That is a grave mistake. Good opinion of and love for Allah should never be given up. Allah should never be opened to discussion. A Muslim devotes himself to Allah with such a profound love that he never ever gives up his good opinion and love for Allah, not even momentarily.


Profound faith is the greatest blessing; that is having faith in Allah without any doubt or suspicion. All attention should be directed towards Allah. All attention should be on Allah. All love should be directed to Allah, when you love others you love them as the manifestations of Allah.


After December 21st [2012] people will feel closeness to Allah in their hearts, they will feel a relief, a deeper power of thinking. They will start to see this themselves. That will increase in time and it will continue to increase until Allah will be the only One people ever talk about.


There will progressively be an upsurge in people’s ability of grasping faith. Almighty Allah manifests Himself with His name “Hadi”.


Once the radiance of faith comes upon a person, once it enwraps that person, it would be like an armor. Even if that person is thrown in fire, it would be like a feast for him. Even if he is put in tar, it would be like a feast for him. That is because he enters that tar with his radiance and pierces it through. He enters the fire with his radiance and pierces it through.


People with weak faith can not recognize the extraordinary incidents of the End Times


That people possessing all sorts of worldly means can be devoted Muslims have very much annoyed faithless people…


There is a struggle between belief and unbelief all over the world.


What a beautiful environment of trial Allah has created. Allah veils Himself to the people with weak faith, and opens and shows Himself even further to strong people. Faith then becomes precious, it becomes even more beautiful. That is because you find Him by searching, you give make effort to that end.


Once profound faith is attained, everything would be okay. The life of Heaven starts at that moment. The flow of blessings starts.


With sincere faith, even one person alone can dominate the world. For instance the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very faithful, Allah made him rule the world. Dhul’Qarnayn (pbuh) was alone, he was very devout and Allah made him rule the world. That is all. Patience, faith, sincerity and not minding the allurement of this world, that is all.


The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) went through many ordeals, sufferings and trainings; with profound faith Allah gave his face radiance and grandeur. Allah gave an extraordinary charisma to him.


The strength of faith is the most savoring power, it is the most savoring blessing, it is the most beautiful feast. When a person attains genuine faith, he becomes the most powerful person on earth. By the leave of Allah no one can ever defeat such a person.


Rather than distributing roses, people should communicate the true message of Islam, that is, those who are most affectionate to Muslims are those who say we are Christians


If a Muslim is devout and is a genuine Muslim, satan might sometimes impose itself on him. It would insistedly attempt to infiltrate his heart from a corner, it would attempt to hurt him somehow. For that reason, doubt free faith, one that is beyond any doubt is very worthy. One needs to seek refuge with Allah from that because satan does that just to hurt that person, just to disturb him.


Islamic Questions (


The Companions were perfect people because they underwent very difficult tests (20.06.2013)


Boredom disappears with faith and submission to God (27.10.2013)


It is important to produce devout people who live for God, not technical types (10.01.2014)


It is love and faith that matter in this world, not position (15.04.2014)


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was sincerely devout, he comes to the Earth to be welcomed (07.06.2014)


There will be a time before the Day of Reckoning when not a single Qur’an remains (28.07.2014)


The best thing in the world is love stemming from faith (27.07.2014)


Deep faith is a believer’s unending treasury


Believers delight in Allah’s blessings


Adnan Oktar: Faith is the name of the struggle against doubt


Depression — results of not abiding by faith


Don't look far for the reason for unhappiness: The cause is hearts turning aside from Allah


It is a miracle that a great majority of people don't have faith in God


May God protect us from being ungrateful


Technical clerics never mention about the depth inherent in religion, and they stopped talking about the signs of the End Times


Rihanna can get rid of her troubles not by watching cartoons but by leading a faithful life…


Only people of faith can grasp the secrets of the life of this world.


Being a human by itself doesn't mean much; being a righteous human is important


The quotes of the scientists of our century that have faith are very important


Believers do not experience any fear or difficulty after they die


Sense of superiority prevents people from approaching religion sincerely


Our Prophet (saas) decreed in the hadith “"There will be none left who believe in Hazrat Mahdi (as) except those upon whose hearts God has granted faith


Our Prophet (saas) declared that fossils will be used by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to advocate faith


Everyone is in fact a believer


It is God Who creates love and passion. God grants love through faith


As a servant of God’s love for women increases, the virtue of his faith increases as well


The most horrifying aspect of communism is that it is devoid of faith, spirit, and love of God


If only people really thought about the DNA, there would be no atheists left


Love for Allah bestows great spiritual strength


Satan affects people in different ways, faith dispels his effect


At the time of Mahdi, with the holy light of faith all around, the hypocrites will be spiritually overpowered


Our Prophet (saas): ‘Istanbul is like a pair of bellows: it expels its impurities (people with weak faith)’


Even a single bee is enough to make a person believe in God


Mr. Claudio Alessio, Italy

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