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The Signs Leading To Faith


Deep Thinking


Wonders of Allah’s Creation


In the name of Allah all Merciful, most Merciful part 2


The blessings around us - for children 9


The fig: a fruıt whose perfection has only recently been revealed


Life in the Soil


God creates perfect fruits and vegetables from muddy water, people do not consider this


God has created and adorned fruits so beautifully. Many people do not appreciate them. However, their intelligence and expertise is millions of times more than man. Man can never be able to give a grape that shape, that taste, nor will man ever be able to establish that intricate balance of calcium, magnesium and zinc in it.


The fruit plant recognizes atoms; it recognizes the iron atom. For instance, when a certain milligram of it is completed, when it reaches the amount of iron it should contain, it says "that is enough." When it takes in the necessary amount of magnesium, it doesn't take any more. When it takes in the necessary amount of calcium, when it reaches that ratio particular to that fruit, it doesn't take in any more.


Beauty of a fruit first comes with its bud, then the flower and the fruit. God will question each person of these beauties one by one.


All flowers and fruits come out of soil and all are knowledgeable of vitamins, minerals, color and aesthetic. Coincidence can never do this.


Every fruit has its unique taste, color, fragrance, flavor and symmetry; they are beautiful in every way. God’s art is everywhere.


All trees should be very carefully protected with particular attention to old trees. People shouldn't be allowed to nail posters on them, etc. There should be fruit trees everywhere; people should be able to pick fruits easily.


God creates wonderful fruits in soil; all beautifully packed with the necessary vitamins. They all have their unique taste, color and fragrance. Calling it ‘formed a result of coincidences’ is an appalling deception.


Even a single fruit is enough to make a person believe in God.


There is the perfect amount of vitamins in fruits and they all have their own uniquely wonderful tastes. It is unbelievable that some people call their existence a coincidence.


Every fruit has its own unique taste, flavor. They are all incredibly beautiful, and none of them has gone through any evolutionary process.


Fruits are very precious blessings with their vitamin content and their taste. Fruits come with their gifts, their seeds inside. There is a special case and packaging inside the seed that possess all information about the tree.


Let us fill all the streets with fruit trees so to supply the people with fruit. Let's do agriculture in all the empty lands and encourage agriculture.


The trees draw water from the soil and carry it to the highest branches. They choose the minerals that will give them their colors like an artist. The cells of the plants posses the wisdom to chose the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins for the fruit from the soil and to add the right amount to each fruit.


The fact that fruits take vitamin, minerals and proteins from soil is a great miracle on its own.


Plants pick the right ingredients in exactly the right amounts from the soil and places them in equal amount in all the fruits and vegetation. God creates them so skilled; no factory could outsmart them. No human could match the skills or precision of plants. God allows them to recognize every mineral, vitamin, and protein and choose these all in correct amounts.


Instead, youth should be told for example how all people combined couldn't match the skills or intelligence that God gives to an apple tree. A single apple tree has all the information pertaining to future apple trees. God created almost a completely separate world in it.


It’s crucial that necessary precautions are taken against so that no fruits and vegetables are wasted during transport. We should make sure that nothing is wasted.


God placed inside every fruit necessary amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals etc for humans. This alone is enough to believe in God.


God creates countless variety in fruits, all exquisitely beautiful, yet Darwinists claim that they are all the products of chance.

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