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Union of Islam, Islamic Union

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Only the Turkish-Islamic Union Can Halt the Bloodshed

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Open Letter to the Burmese (Myanmar) Administration

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One of the 12 proxies of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, his refined student, Mr. Said Ozdemir is talking about the union of Islam

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Our religion is a religion of love and brotherhood

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Our government should escalate the policy of Turkish-Islamic Union. It should start to work on faster for the Union of Islam with purpose and vigor. Everyone supports the union of Islam, there will be no obstacle in front of them. Many of the countries will instantly accept the Unity of Islam. All the roads for the Unity of Islam are open, our government should press for it. As they press for it they will see that everything is going on smoothly, their path will be opened with every single step they take.


Obama and Putin will have a great contribution in the establishment of the Unity of Islam.


Openly ask for the Unity of Islam, why are you abstaining? Openly advocate the system of the Mahdi. If you keep away from the system of the Mahdi, one man steps up and invents a superstitious ideal and many people start following him. Put forth a true ideal, a true principle, put forth the system of the Mahdi and see how soundly people will follow that lead.


Ocalan should repent and ask Allah for forgiveness and submit himself to Allah. He should read the Qur'an and perform his prayers and prepare for the Hereafter. He should ask for the Unity of Islam. These are the best things that he can do.


Only loving the Mahdi (pbuh) and asking for the Unity of Islam is deliverance.


Our relations with Egypt must be based on Islamic Unity, not on tourism. If Islamic countries try to save themselves individually, they will sink. Salvation lies in Islamic Unity.

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Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Davutoğlu should be very brave. He should say; “Allah, Bismillah” and then unite the Turkish world, unite the Islamic world. Noone would ever have an objection, he should not be shy about that.


Our Master Tayyip has the strength to unite all Muslims. Some Muslim leaders are in a sleep of unawareness. Our master Tayyip should constantly call them to their senses and warn them. That is because they frequently need to be shaken and woken up.


One needs to look at the incidents that he/she is going through and think about "why God gave this trial." God wants Muslims to unite; establishing a unity is a religious obligation.


Other than the Union of Islam, there will be no solution in Egypt. Things cannot be settled with parties or groups, but with the system of the Mahdi.


One of the reasons for the opposition to the government in that our government desires Islamic Union (27.12.2013)

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Oh, Muslim awake!


Our Prophet(saas) foretells that Turkish banners will appear to support the Qaim-Mahdi

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1-17 / Total: 17
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