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The Alliance of the Good

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The Alliance of the Good


Bediuzzaman says that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will ally with devout Christians.


There are not that many sincere and good people in the world. The good people, sincere people, these people of love should protect and watch over each other. If they start to push each other around that would be a grave gullibility, it would be a very very big credulousness.


Adnan Oktar: The Muslims should be allies with the religious Christians and Jews


It is very important for well-intentioned and decent youngsters to keep away from criminal types. They should avoid such dangerous types get among them by all means.


In case of any possible disorder it would be a grave mistake lean on the USA. Faithful people constitute a foundation.


Our Prophet (saas) stated that those allied with Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) are his friends


The Islamic Alliance should defend Muslims properly against terrorism and should also stand against the PKK


The Christians and the Jews are the People of the Book; all should be treated with fondness and as allies


All for one, one for all


Mr. Adnan Oktar said that it is very urgent for Turkey to engage in a political, military and economic cooperation with Russia


The harbinger of a strong alliance: Astana negotiations


Turkey, Gulf states forge closer ties


Turkey, Gulf states forge closer ties


The road to peace in Syria


Sun will shine again


Sun will shine again

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