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Allah's Creation

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Important information about the golden ratio


The secret of firefly efficiency


The superior flight system in insects


The Miracle in the Spider


Verses from Surat al-Furqan referring to the End Times and their abjad values


Ambers Deny Darwin (


Allah Exists (


What's in the picture?


The Miracle in the Mosquito (


The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions


A Chain of Miracles


Quick Grasp of Faith 2


Quick Grasp of Faith 1


Magnificence Everywhere


Ever Thought About The Truth?


The Design In Nature


Engineering In Nature


Crude Understanding of Disbelief


Oxygen, our source of life


Every moment, every second


Prayer in the Qur'an


For men of understanding -I (honeybee, salmon, monarch butterfly, dragonfly)


Knowing our lord - for children 12


The miracle planet - 2


The miracle planet - 1: Evidence for creation on earth


The bloody history of communism-2


The bloody history of communism 1


The order of the heavens


Secrets of the deep


A scientific blow to Darwinism - Irreducible complexity


For men of understanding - III (camouflage in the nature)


Altruism in nature


Devout Jews are our brothers, who hold to a sincere faith of the oneness of Allah, and entrusted to us by him


Allah has created the world people watch in a space no bigger than a lentil


Allah's artistry of creation


Signs of creation


Qur’an Leads the Way to Science


AS-SANI‘ - The Artificer; The Maker


RABB AL- `ALIMEEN - Lord of All the Worlds


AL-MUSAWWA - The Shaper; The Proportioner


AL-MUDABBIR - The Ruler, the Director, Who governs all of creation with order and balance


AL-MUHEET - All-Pervading; The All-Encompassing


AL-KHALIQ - The Creator


AL-FATIR - The Creator; The Originator


AD-DARR - The Afflictor


AL- BADEE‘ - The Originator; the Innovative Creator


AL-BARI' - The Maker


Never Plead Ignorance that Evolution is a Deceit and Allah Creates Everything


Examples of Allah's art of variety: The fastest animals


The matter is alive in Heaven. It does whatever you want. For instance, you tell a spoon to take the form of a bird and it does. And then if you want, it turns into a spoon again. Bediuzzaman says that all these happen in a matter of the speed of dreaming, the highest light speed.


With all the incidents He creates, Allah says, “turn to Me.”


Darwinists should not be on thorns unnecessarily; they will not be called bigots when they say Allah has created proteins.


Everything is created with a good reason and there is nothing that is not created with a good reason.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 29 November 2012)


100 million year old fossil unearthed in Hukawng Valley of Burma is another evidence of Creation


No dress is made by a factory. Allah is the One Who makes all of them but within reason, people assume that the factories make them. No television, no radio, no technical device is manufactured by a factory; all of them are made by Allah. But because that is a miraculous system and because Allah has created an amazing cause and effect relation, people cannot realize that. Allah has laid curtains on this fact with quadrillions of details.


Allah created us in a way to be cheerful.


Allah creates every food, Allah is the one Who shows one to the table.


Allah creates the test perfectly. He trains good people in this world and gives them the training of the Heaven.


Everything happens as predetermined in the destiny. Allah is the One Who designs, leads, assigns, brings and takes away.


Darwinism is being taught officially in all schools. In the textbooks taught at schools by the state, it is told that the universe has come to existence through coincidences. They do not say "Allah created," they say "everything happened through coincidences." That is a grave calamity. Our state should give answers to Darwinism with scientific evidences.


Allah constantly makes us remember Him through the great incidents He creates.


Allah created the universe with a rhythm. In the Heaven, even trees will be dancing. It would be very wrong to claim that music, rhythm and dance are unlawful by religion.


If a person sees the extra-ordinary nature of the world in the true sense of the word, he would be fabulously excited. However the environment of indoctrination created by the society distracts people's attention. Allah exists and there is no other possibility.


We are in love with the unique beauty Allah creates in people, animals and plants.


Allah is the One Who makes us listen to the music. Allah is the One Who makes us enjoy it. We could have heard the music and be terrified. Yet we enjoy music. Allah is the One Who creates it and Allah is the One Who gives us that pleasure through it. In the Heaven there is the most beautiful form of music.


"Be patient. But your patience is only by Allah. " [Surat An-Nahl, 127) Allah says that one cannot be patient on his own, Allah makes one patient. You act patiently if it is in your destiny, if Allah has created you like that, you act patiently. Or else you cannot be patient.


Muslims should not be saddened because of the attacks of the bigots, because of the attacks of the system of the dajjal. While people scheme against you, Allah is the One Who enables those schemes. Allah is the One Who creates them. How? With a wisdom.


All the power is in the Hands of Allah. Allah is the One Who gives distress and Who takes it away. In the verse Allah says that "He is the One Who gives illnesses and that He is the One Who heals." Almighty Allah is the One Who gives the illnesses and He is the One Who heals.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (9 April 2013)


If Allah wills so, He turns steel into paste.


In the Qur’an there is no reference to creation through evolution. Only instant creation is explained in the Qur’an. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) threw down his staff and there it was, unmistakably a snake. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made the shape of a bird out of clay and then breathe into it and it became a bird by Allah´s permission. Angels and djinns were not created through evolution either.


The system of the Mahdi is not a stray, an unrestrained movement; it is under the control of Allah.


All snares are created as spoiled. When a snare is set, Allah is the One Who sets that snare, not you. And Allah prepares it to be spoiled. Allah prepares the two together.


Nothing other than what our Lord says could ever happen. May Allah forbid, no one can get in a war with Allah. No one can ever stop destiny. People should submit to destiny and surrender themselves to Allah. They should put their trusts in Allah and abide by Allah.


Forgetting Allah would offend Allah. Even though Allah is the One Who creates fruits, the One Who creates all blessings, the One Who creates beauties, houses, cars, and then some people do not give Him the time of day - may Allah forbid- in any way. They do not say “Thanks be to Allah.” Then Allah takes everything back. Allah says; “I have given you that car. I have given you that house and now I am taking back your house.” Allah says; “I have given you your life and I am taking your life back. Either you will thank Me, or I will take all of them back.”


Our Creator does not want us to suffer (13.07.2013)


Some people assume that US is an independent power. They assume that Russia is an independent power. Yet the whole power belongs to God. God is the One Who rules over the atoms, Who rules over the electrons. God is the One Who rules over infinity.


God’s creative artistry is infinite (01.08.2013)


God creates a lot of details just to enliven life, to bring color to life. For instance trees are created to adorn and bring color to life. Various incidents are created to bring about beauty and dynamism. God is the One Who creates satan and He is the One Who gives him that power. That is because opposites bring about dynamism and color in the world.


God creates everything as a blessing for a Muslim. It is great that God does not leave us to our own devices, Alhamdulillah.


God is the One Who creates the persecutors as well. Those persecutors are necessary for the test in this world.


God has a beautiful plan and that plan is working every single moment.


There is no time on the outside, there is one single moment. And that infinitely short time is called a moment. Within infinitely short period of time, God has created an infinitely long period of time. That is destiny. It is the faith in your mind. You have done and finished with everything in an infinitely short period of time.


A person would not feel tired of God's artistry. One studies artistry with love. Cell is also God's work of art one should study with love just like one would study a flower, a cat, a beautiful child with love, just like one would love them.


One needs to look and admire the rich details in God's creating. Then the love one feels for God would increase even further. When love increases so does the fear of God. When fear of God increases, so does your submission to God. When your submission to God increases, it would be as if your nerves are taken. Your mind would be at ease and you would be very much relieved. You would feel a sense of relief, a sense of contentment and ease insha'Allah.


Almighty God does not want monotony, God definitely breaks down inertia. For instance if it is a mountain we are talking about, He turns it into a volcano, if it is a land we are talking about, He makes it restless with an earthquake, if it is a person He either makes him sick or makes him happy or takes his life; but one way or another Almighty God surely brings about dynamism. There is no inertia.


Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness (05.04.2014)


The existence of Allah is a manifest reality


When Almighty God creates a detail, when He creates something with His wisdom, a Muslim would say, “We might not have a full understanding of God’s wisdom but He knows everything about us. We’ve submitted ourselves to Him.”


God is the One Who creates radiance; He is the One Who creates beauty. It would be quite funny if one starts praising himself thinking he is handsome. God manifests Himself in that person and shows that to him. They are merely watching that manifestation of God. One should say, “O Lord how wonderfully You have manifested Your beauty!” Instead of saying, “How beautiful I am!” he should say, “How beautifully You create!”


All that God wills would be realized. The consequences of resisting God's Will would be catastrophic.


One needs to think deeply about God's art of creation; both to learn and to enjoy. There is an amazing pleasure in this. That is because feeling that awe and astonishment is very pleasing. One needs to contemplate these matters, feel that astonishment and enjoy that feeling of astonishment and awe.


The power of the Creator is breath taking but only for those who look with the light of faith. Those who look at things with heedlessness would only struggle with the pain of daily events. They only trouble their minds with trivial things like whether or not they could eat their meals, whether or not they could sleep, whether or not they could prosper as they like, whether or not they are winning the competition they have with this or that person. They always concentrate on idle things.


When the mind concentrates on the Truth, it feels like "Alice in Wonderland." The curtain will be lifted and we thus enter the joyous world of our Creator that would leave us in awe. That is such a world that there is no end to it; it is endless. And every detail takes our breath away. We gaze through an art of God to another, from one beauty to another.


Plants, animals, they all have manifestations of God. For instance, you might think about them as simple plants but the chromosomes inside them have a breathtaking power.


The art of the Creator is one of the most pleasant blessings for man. To see a thing of beauty, to reflect upon that, to understand that blessing, is one of those blessings that give utmost joy to a person.


The names of Allah 1


The Golden Ratio


There is no time in outer space. Time is a perception and a form of belief that is formed in the brain by making a comparison between one moment and the other. It is a product of the brain; it is a belief. They imagine that there is time outside. There is but one moment, and in that moment everything has happened within that moment. Everything is over and done with in that moment. This is how God creates.


May God protect us from being ungrateful


It is God Who constructs all the highways in our day


Some Muslims deem power of the US and Israel superior than power of God


Almighty God could have created us like robots, but He doesn't like that. God is pleased with humans more because they are able to think freely. That is because humans know both cruelty and goodness. But angels are unable to act cruelly, they do not have such an ability.


God is He who provides without limit


I see everything inside my brain. Who creates these images inside my brain? God does. For whom would be my love then? For God. I cannot love any independent being. I would be lying, I would be fooling myself. That is because all I see is what God creates for me.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (25 November 2015)


The names of Allah: Al-Bari (The Maker)


The names of Allah: As-Sani' (The artist, He Who creates with infinite beauty)


The names of Allah: Al-Khaliq (He Who foresees the existence of all things and the forms they will assume throughout that existence, and Who creates them accordingly, out of nothing)


The names of Allah: Al Fatir (The Creator, Inventor)


Finding wisdom in Allah’s creations


People cannot perceive spectacular miracles as if they are hypnotized. May God remove this hypnosis


Women so special


Everywhere we go around the world, we witness God's magnificent art of creation. In the afterlife, we will be questioned about all these blessings and beauty granted by God.


The mathematical order, the geometrical perfection, the golden ratio are imprinted in every single creation of Almighty God.


Everywhere you go around the world, you will see that all the creatures possess a perfect coloring, a perfect form, a perfect pleasantness. It is inexplicable. This is a sign of the magnificent power of God.


Those who do not realize the marvelous art of God and call it a coincidence will answer for every one of His arts and their details in the afterlife. "How did all these things happen by coincidence?" they will be asked. Of course, they won't be able to explain. They will feel a great deal of resentment. They will feel a great regret.


As science has progressed, the miracles of God's art of creation became apparent. Everything in existence was only known superficially, as much as their external appearances allowed. When the gates to the inner universe [of living beings] opened, there came out an immense world. We have encountered miracles two million times the number of the visible ones.


No matter what happens, there is a great wisdom, reason behind everything. God has the sole power.


God showers believers with constant blessings and beauties as they continue their good deeds. There is always a great reason for everything.


God creates hypocrites, evil people so that good, faithful people become even more valuable.


Wherever we look there is the seal of God. On cats, flowers, rabbits, fruits, there is the seal of God’s artistry.


God created everything with a measure. Even on a single camellia there is amazing artistry and knowledge.


Wherever we go, we see that beautiful, radiant, unique mark of God on the living things. No matter where we look, there is that beautiful art, that mesmerizing architecture, that delicate balance created by God.


Everything is created with God's command "Be."


God creates a perfect symmetry and beauty in all living things. Those who say they came into existence by happenstance will give an account of this in the hereafter.


In an attempt to distort Islam, some Muslim youngsters have been made Darwinist by wrongly saying that it is in the Quran. The fact, however, is that it is not. God says “Be” and everything, including angels and jinn, are created. Human beings were also created with the command “Be;” not through evolution.


All flowers tell us that God is the Supreme, God is the All-Mighty, that He is the ever Pure and the Most Beautiful One.


God is creating everything we do. From our words to our actions, God is creating all of it.


The Prophet Moses’ staff suddenly turned into a snake. Humans are created like that with the order ‘Be’. There is no creation through evolution.


Even a single sign leading to faith should astonish the entire world. May God grant us the blessing of having a good grasp of His artistry.


It is God Who makes anyone say anything or make any deed. Thinking otherwise would amount to ascribing partners to God and avoiding ascribing partners to God is vital. God creates everything. Throughout his life, ascribing partners to God is one of the issues that a believer must be very cautious about.


There is only one true Artist and He is God. Art and artists are all manifestations of God.


All armies are under God's control. God is All-Powerful and He has dominion over all.


It doesn't matter how knowledgeable a person is. Unless God allows him to speak and explain, he won’t be able to do it.


God is the Creator of beauty. God is the Creator of all things. There is no other power than God's. God is All-Powerful.


God creates all beauties, adornments and pleasant sights so that we can picture how heaven will be like.


Power belongs solely to God. God gives life, God takes life. No one can do anything unless God wills it.


We trust God completely, with all our being. We trust him every second, every moment. God makes us talk, makes us write the things we write.


God creates wonderful fruits in soil; all beautifully packed with the necessary vitamins. They all have their unique taste, color and fragrance. Calling it ‘formed a result of coincidences’ is an appalling deception.


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi had an amazing talent of reading the universe and seeing the beautiful creation of God.


Creation through evolution in no way exists in the Qur'an.


There is magma boiling underneath the Earth’s crust, and the crust is as thin as an apple skin. On it, God creates life that is full of numerous colorful vivacious blessings.


God creates colorful beautiful blessings, kids, music, lurid fruit within the brain that is in utterly darkness. Yet people do not remember God even once.


It is important to show an effort for success while not forgetting that all power belongs to God alone. God is the One Who does everything. Hence a few sincere people can actually attain a great success.


God is the Real Artist. It is important to know the Real Artist Who created the artists.


God is the One Who creates all those statues and paintings. God makes those artists instrumental in their creation. Those works of art were all created in destiny long before their artists were born.


God created our souls to be enamored with rhythm and symmetry. That’s why we are fascinated by music and art.


God creates musical rhythm and the ability to enjoy it. We could have heard music and felt terrified. God makes us enjoy music.


Beginnings are only for us, humans. There is no beginning or end for God. Starting from the time God created us, there is no end for us too.


There is fascinating art in seashells. The beauty of God’s creation is everywhere.


Wherever we look, there is the seal of God. Every flower displays the holy light, art and magnificence of God.


God controls everything. Not a single leaf falls unless God wills it.


May God protect our country, our people. May God pour His blessings, Holy Light on us. Sole power belongs to God.


All power and might belongs to God. A person becomes powerful only when God wills that to happen.


God has the sole power. God creates everything and controls everything. We fear only God and no one else.


Under all circumstances what God predestines comes into existence.


The Body’s Flawless Stimuli Signals


Nothing that exists will truly disappear, including a tiny speck of dust on the windowsill.


A connection with God should be persistent in the station of wonder and awe. God's marvelous creation should be appreciated in reverence.


Allah is the One Who creates hypocrites and their traps. Allah is also the One Who destroys their traps.


The intelligence in the atom, molecule and chromosome is far more greater than that of human


When God is denied and the lie that coincidences created every living being is uttered, the door of disaster opens up destroying arts as well.


Living things were not created by evolution. They were created by God with his command "Be". Scientific research prove this fact. There is no evolution in the Qur'an.


In schools children are taught that the ancestor of all men are apes and that man was not created by God, that in fact the Prophet (pbuh) lied (may God forbid).


Sometimes God purifies and corrects people through momentous incidents. This is how He guides them to goodness and righteousness.


Existence did not come by evolution according to the Qur’an. Everything is created with God’s command: ‘Be’.


When Prophet Moses (pbuh) throws his staff, it turns into a snake in an instant. That is one of the evidences that God creates liveliness with His commandment "Be".


God created neither palaces in Heaven nor angels and jinn or man through evolution. There is no evolutionary creation in the Qur'an.


People wish for negative forces to be ruined in no time, but then positive forces will not get stronger. Positives get stronger by way of negatives.


God creates many events in the world. People could have lived calm daily lives but shocking events do not come to an end.


There is no power other than God’s power. Nothing good or bad will happen to a person, unless God wills it.


God creates human beings from a single cell, and people that grow from that cell, come to have different lives, different goals.


In general, a desperate language is used everywhere. Almost everyone is desperate. In fact, God creates everything together with its solution.


God grants pleasure out of music as a blessing. No sound comes out of instruments, and ears do not hear any sound. God creates vibrations as music. The soul takes pleasure of God's artistry. The soul is not related to the low ampere electrical current, but to what God creates in His Presence.


One says he speaks very well, but it is God Who makes him speak that way. Or else he claims he is so intelligent, yet, God creates intelligence every moment. God grants ceaseless blessings to us every moment. So God would not be pleased if we do not remember Him at every minute.


God creates everything in great detail. One has to ask everything from God. God wants us to pray and supplicate to Him, and asks us to draw near to Him and be in affectionate communion with Him. "Remember Me – I will remember you. Give thanks to Me and do not be ungrateful." (Surat al-Baqara, 152)


God creates science and lets humanity make discoveries


Thanking God is crucial. Every moment, God creates every detail. Love is another blessing created by God.


One doesn't need very detailed technical knowledge to constantly think about and remember God.


God creates day and night, sleep and seasons, all to disturb uniformity. God doesn't want monotony.


Science belongs to God. He is the One Who creates that knowledge and also the One Who makes that scientific discoveries.


God is the One Who creates everything. Those who are aware of this fact does not get angry at events; they are always serene.


God creates all the beauties, ornaments, furniture, etc. The artist is just a means. God is the real Artist.


God creates all plants, fruits, animals with beauty. Saying that they came into existence by happenstance is an assault on love. God does not want us ascribing partners to Him because it’s an assault on love. It’s a great indiscretion.


One should be in constant connection with Almighty God in a state of amazement


Causes are actually the glorious artistry of God. Music is created inside the brain, directly by God. But it appears as if there are thousands of causes in between for music to exist.


God creates every speech and every word that we utter.


People assume their child belongs to them. The truth is, all children belong to God. God creates these children and grants them to their families.


It’s wrong to grieve for what God has created.


Darwinism is an affront to God Who created and manages everything (God is above such claims). Darwinism is completely unscientific, it is a superstition.


They want to equate Islam with miserable lives. God creates beautiful flowers and birds . Muslims should be beautiful, well groomed as well.


The world is not a complicated place. Everything happens for a reason. God has a single purpose when He creates things; it’s for us to love Him. The most important characteristic of God is that He loves and is loved. Flowers, cats, trees, music, humans and so on; they’re all created for love. The entire purpose of creation is for humans to love God. Without love, the human mind will go numb.


Everything happens in the way God wills. Oppressors will be defeated. Justice will be served.


There is no creation by evolution in the Qur'an. God created all things with His command 'Be!' There is no creation through evolution. The staff of Prophet Moses (pbuh) turns into a snake instantly. The bird shaped by Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made from mud flew. These are through God’s command.


God informs us in the Qur'an that He did not create living beings through evolution, but through His command “Be” in the best form possible.


Evolution is the allegation that perfect structures came about from corrupted forms by way of blind coincidences. This is not science.


Angels, jinn are created suddenly and without evolution. Creation in the Hereafter will be without evolution. Human beings are not created through evolution. There's no scientific evidence or a verse in Qur'an backing it. There's no existence by evolution in the Qur'an.


God reveals in the Qur'an that He created all people before the beginning of time in Qalu Bala [Realm of Souls]. Humans were not created in stages.


They're trying to explain antibiotic resistance of bacteria with evolution but in truth it is a system God created inside bacteria from the very first moment.


All people, Adam and Eve, were first created before this world and then they were sent to this world.


The antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not evolution. Bacteria were created as bacteria. They did not turn into another being.


God created human beings before this world was created. Man’s gradual coming into existence by evolution is out of the question.


Darwinism Conference at the Wasil High School


There is no creation by evolution in the Qur'an. God revealed that all humanity was created before the universe and He took a promise from them.


Muslims wouldn't worry thinking ‘what would we do if this and this happens?’ because they know that everything is in God's control. Every electron, every neutron, every atom is acting under the control and knowledge of God.


Before God created the universe, He got a promise out of every person, ever created while they were still in the spiritual realm before the creation of the Universe. That means all people existed even before the creation of the Universe and there is no place for an evolutionary process.


People are created anew along with their memories every moment. In a sense, it is as if they are reborn every moment.


All power and might belongs to God. No one could ever be able to do anything unless God wills so.


God creates the world with a very detailed artistry. Most people are very ungrateful. God is All-Merciful in the face of this ingratitude.


Not remembering God when He has created so much detailed blessings is the worst ingratitude and immorality.


God creates amazing beauties. It is important to remember and be thankful for all these blessings all the time.


Evolution has no place in the Qur’an. Evolution concept and Islam do not comply with one another. God has created everything with His command ‘Be!’


The staff of the Prophet Moses turned into a living snake in an instant without any evolutionary process. God shows us that He creates with His command ‘Be!’ and that there is no evolution.


All power belongs to God. When there is an achievement, it is because God creates it.


God says in the Qur'an that He creates flawlessly, refuting claims of evolutionists. The Holy Qur’an clearly rejects evolution.


God has created humans perfect from the very first moment. But evolution claims there are flaws in God’s creation. God is above such claims.


God creates everything with goodness; every deed has been concluded with goodness.


There is no evolutionary creation in the Qur'an. God revealed that He created human beings with the command 'Be'. There is no creation through evolution.


God created every structure in the virus so that it can show resistance to different circumstances. This doesn't turn a virus into another being.


God created all the structures that would make the virus resistant to different circumstances. This does not turn a virus into another being. That is not evolution.


Allah created beauty and cuteness in animals just so we love them.


There is no such thing as chance. God creates everything. Things happen only because they are in destiny.


Protein synthesis in the cell is a miracle


Ribosomal Quality Control


Allah's Art of Color


Can Spider Silk Be Finally Produced Artificially?


One’s intellect and articulation are created every instant. God grants and creates wisdom, intellect and the capacity to speak.


God creates not only beauty, but also the love for beauty. It’s a great gift that God instills love in our hearts.


Kowloon Mosque Fossil Exhibition


Fossil Exhibition in Rosendaal the Netherlands


Fossil Exhibition in Scheveningen


Fossil Exhibition in Willebroek


The flawless harmony between eyes and ears


Even though it looks like people are doing things, God creates everything. He only honors believers by allowing them to be the means to good ends.


The scourges and pains will not end as long as the education system, which openly denies God claiming that 'God did not create us', persists. If youth is inculcated with a mentality teaching that ‘our ancestors were bacteria’, they could easily lean towards violence and communism.


A big part of the right wing conservative media does not openly express the fact that we all have been created from Adam and Eve. Knowingly or not, a big part of the right wing media carry out evolutionist propaganda. Since a great portion of the conservative right wing assume that Darwinism has a scientific basis, they admit defeat from the outset and fail to give its due scientific response.


God creates a myriad of creation miracles to prompt people to think. Nevertheless, many people don’t think, which is very wrong of them.


The scientists of the world altogether are unable to do what a plant can do. Living beings are proofs of the amazing creation by God. Those who claim that oranges, cherries or apples came into being by chance will not be able to explain themselves in the Hereafter.


God wants His servants to be focused on Him. God creates everything we have, we love; our houses, our friends, our belongings. Therefore, one should love God with all she/he has.


God displays His spectacular artistry in the perfect details He creates all around the universe. Ignoring this art is very wrong..


God created the eyes only as an instrument. In fact, the electric signals sent by the eyes to the brain are too weak to create such high quality image. The world we see is directly seen by the soul itself.


The Skin: An Amazing Detail and Blessing


While thinking about an issue, one should always keep in mind that God is the One Who creates everything. God would demean those who arrogantly say ‘I did this.’


The pharmacies are full of medicine. Hospitals are full of equipment. God creates amazing details everywhere. Forgetting God is a desperate situation.


God creates all the hospital equipment and medicine, their effectiveness in treatment and all diseases. While tumors are God’s creation, the medication that cures them is also.


In many verses of the Qur’an, God mentions the existence of various realms. "Say: ´My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for God alone, the Lord of all the worlds.” Qur'an, 1:162


Honor and power belongs solely to God. Only God can give honor and only God can take it away.


All decisions belong to God. No one can do anything unless God wills it.


When something happens, it is not humans; God does it. No one can help or harm another unless God wills it. Power belongs solely to God.


It is God Who creates everything. We need to consider every issue by putting trust in God.


There is no such thing as the evolution of history. We are all watching destiny unfold. Everything happens as a part of that destiny.


When we say that God’s spirit is everywhere, including the petals of a daisy, we mean to say that everything has surrendered to and controlled by God. God’s spirit pervades all space and time, the entire universe.


All sincere believers of God will go to Heaven. A sincere person clearly sees the glorious existence of God and lives a life to please God.


God creates animals so adorably; they elicit strong feelings of compassion from us. They are all very beautiful, very cute. This is a great gift of God.


God is the Creator of everything. In the Hereafter, He will hold us to account for every gift, every blessing, including the beauty of a fruit, its vitamins, its mineral content and its perfect packing.


Darwinism is not compatible with the Qur’an. It attempts to deny the creation by God. Those who try to reconcile it with the Qur’an are wrong.


It would be truly wretched to claim that God created this perfect order with no purpose.

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All materials can be copied, printed and distributed by referring to this site.
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