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We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders


We are pressing for entering with identity card to Azerbaijan


We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders


The Team That Removes the Borders


The man in the street says, 'open the borders'


The borders have been lifted; Vakifbank is now going to Syria


Two new border gates between turkey and Iraq


Not just the Turkish-Armenian border, but also the Azeri-Armenian one will be opened up


A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once


The borders have been lifted; Vakifbank is now going to Syria


Muslim countries are doing away with their borders


''Borderless'' friendship with Syria


Abdullah Gul:Do not let borders drive us apart


The Serbian gate is opened


Borders are being removed


There must not be borders among brother countries


My dream is neighborhood without borders


Muslim countries are doing away with their borders


The Serbian border is also being opened up


Ahmet Davutoğlu: “ The borders in the Middle East must be removed”


Ali Babacan: “Let the borders lose their meaning “


Islamic countries are very sweet. We are not able to go to our own people, to our own houses; that is unbelievable. We have our vineyards and gardens yet they have put blockades. I will be with my brother, with my brother in religion. Brothers in religion are like blood siblings. Why shouldn't I go to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt in comfort?


Greece should unite with Turkey, we should be like one nation in two states. Let us open our borders and unite instantly. They are our brothers, they are beautiful people. Let us have fun together, let us be happy. That would be great.


Our Armenian brothers love us dearly and we love them dearly as well. We will open up the borders with Armenia and embrace those dear ones.


The door to Armenia is bound to be opened through the hand of the Mahdi (pbuh). This is their own homeland, they should be able to come here as they like. Our Armenian brothers and sisters should be free to be everywhere. The same is valid for the Greeks as well. They were all our children. They have been torn apart from us and they were all ruined. We will save our children as well, insha’Allah.


It is a conscientious responsibility to open the borders to our Syrian brothers.


Those Syrian brothers and sisters of ours who have been made to return from the border should come back to Turkey. There must have been a mistake. An apology should be extended to those brothers and sisters of ours. The government should settle those Syrian brothers and sisters of ours in every corner of Hatay. They can live wherever they like along the border.


Turks, Kurds, Arabs also suffered along with Armenians during WWI. The Pope must speak after acknowledging the historical facts


The Turkish border has to be ‘secure’


Iran and Turkey should become allies and open their borders


NATO weapons on the Russian border


NATO weapons on the Russian border

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