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A union is forming between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria

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Approaching Syria has progressed beyond words

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A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once


A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and turkey must be lifted at once

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Allah continuously shakes Syria. It is not possible for it to find relief before it is designed according to the system of Mahdi. This is the case in all the world. BEFORE IT IS DESIGNED ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM OF MAHDI, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE WORLD TO SETTLE DOWN.


A solution for Syria: Transitional Government

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Ahmet Davutoglu: “Turkey is always against oppression”

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According to the hadith, the regime in Syria will ultimately change, insha’Allah.


As blood is shed in Syria, the system of the anti-Christ crows.


A terrestrial and naval blockage should be put on Syria.


Al-Assad can be talked into establishing the Unity of Islam

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An aid campaign from Erdogan for Syrian refugees

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Aid Campaign for Syrian refugees by Erdogan December

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Allah shows in the Qur’an how the situation in Syria can be resolved.

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Al-Assad should say that he loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and that he is waiting for him. He should say that he is advocating the Unity of Islam and state that “Sunnis and Alewites are brothers”, he should say that he is against bigotry and radicalism. And then we will strip that scourge off of him, insha’Allah; our promise is one and Allah is One.


Al-Assad should make a beautiful statement regarding the issues that I have stated. He should start his statement saying; "Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-Rahim." He should not say things like "principles of mutual interest," and such. When interests are started to be talked about, friendship disappears. He should leave aside such turns of phrases.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad presents himself as if he is a Sunni but he is not a Sunni, nor an Alawite. He is in a wretched situation at the moment. He is in a very difficult position. US and Russia should come to an agreement, get hold of Al-Assad and smuggle him out of the country, they should save him from there.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad can come to Turkey as well. He should come be our guest. We can take care of him for a life time. We would not let even a strand of his hair be hurt in Turkey, we promise. Our word is one, Allah is One.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad is in the hands of a godless, bookless, communist gang. Putin is a brave man, he is courageous. He should take Al-Assad taken secretly and help him sneak out of Syria. Someone strong and capable like Putin cannot easily be found to lead the Russians. His existence should be very well made use of.


Alawites are lovers of Allah. In Syria Alawites must come to power. With a special operation, Putin can take Assad out of Syria

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