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Surat al-Ahzab, 60 (Hypocrites, Those with sickness in their hearts)


Surat Al-An'am, 144 (Ignorant people fabricate superstitions)


Surat Al-Ma'ida, 87 (Hypocrites make unlawful what Allah has made lawful)


Surat Al Ma'ida, (5/87) (bigotry is a feature of hypocrites)


Verses from Surah Yusuf indicating the system of the Mahdi


Hazrat Mahdi (as) Will Not Say “I Am Mahdi”, But “I Am Merely His Helper”


Surat al-Hashr, 11-14 (Even though hypocrites seem to support each other, they actually hate one another)


What the Quran Says about Liars and Their Methods


Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Qur'an


The Hypocrite According to the Qur’an


What do Darwinists generally use to deceive people?


The true face of the claim that ''everyone in the world believes in evolution''


Darwinists, fire at will!


There will be no war between Iran and Israel, it is inappropriate to occupy the agenda by falsified news


The vestigial organ deception has once again been refuted by scientists


What Darwinists claimed, what happened


Darwinists: 'We admit it... The story of bird evolution is a lie!'


Being sincere and truthful


Misogyny is one of the main issues of fanaticism


A high quality person would not say “wow” and believe in the first lie he/she sees without looking into it, without making a thorough research about it. If one believes in everything he/she hears saying “wow”, that means that person lacks quality.


People are very much inclined to lie and put the blame on others. In fact God says that people cannot save themselves with such shoddily tricks.


The PKK constantly lies. Lies constitute a crucial part of communist propaganda. Communist lies are actually the worst kind of lies.


What darwinists said, what happened then


Tactically, the PKK lays the blame of all bombings on the deep state


It is stated in the Qur'an that people would follow fabricated hadith and ignorant scholars


All false Mahdis would be defeated, all false Mahdis would be ashamed.


Sincere people are beautiful; crooked people on the other hand are really ugly. People find ease and comfort in honesty. Lies distress people, make them feel suffocated. People are created weak anyway. It becomes devastating when all those negative things are loaded upon one and it deranges one's mind and [damages their] health.


Lying is a form of insanity and it is quite widespread among the ignorant, especially among crass people, with the aim of entertaining others and drawing attention to themselves. Because it is a form of insanity and it humiliates people, no one should ever come near it. It is vileness to lie to draw attention or to act as a know-it-all and a show off.


Lying is not an ordinary act. It is atrocious, it darkens one's face, takes away his mind and sanity, it makes one ugly.


It is a polytheist behavior to lie in the name of God, to call all the Jews "Cursed"


Hypocrites have pathological lying habits. But because they really believe in their lies, only with a careful eye can their lies be spotted.


Hypocrites are insanely liars and impostors. But they use their evil minds which can only be neutralized and demolished by the Qur'an.


Hypocrites cannot find comfort among unbelievers


The hypocrites are swindlers of words. They constantly budge words and cheat with their words. They are manufacturers of lies.


Hypocrites do not feel any shame while lying. Their lies are incredibly foolish yet they imagine as if their lies would not be revealed.


When you study the writings of hypocritical people, you will see that they plagiarized almost every writing as their own. Hypocrites are serial liars; they are very cunning.


The hypocrite tells lies incessantly. He doesn’t feel embarrassed to speak lies because he’s impudent and shameless.


Hypocrites are serial liars. Yet their lies are so foolish and easily exposed. That is why the intelligence they provide to the British Deep State is nonsensical.


Hypocrites are incredible liars. They find a pretext for everything. When they commit an immoral act, they immediately find a pretext for it.


Honesty eases the conscience. The hypocrite, on the other hand, constantly engages in forgery and thus always feels tense.


Hypocrites are liars and thieves in all aspects, but they impute all the atrociousness in their souls to Muslims.


As hypocrites are inglorious, they feel no shame in telling lies. They lie with no trace of shame on their faces. The impudence on hypocrites when they are lying results from the fact that they get under the control of satan. Hypocrites lie continuously. Their lies never come to an end.


In a turbulent world, what is truth?


In a turbulent world, what is truth?

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