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Tayyip Erdogan

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Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan: Islam's Golden Age will be revived


Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan: The Golden Age of Islam will be revived


Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan: Islam's Golden Age will be revived


Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan: The Golden Age of Islam will be revived.


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


Talk of Islamic union from the prime minister


A first in Beirut, years later


We cannot remain unresponsive while Gaza in fire


The foreign policy performance of Turkey astonishes


Turkish Prime Minister: Our Jewish citizens' security is under our guarantee


Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good


Allahu Akbar Turkey against the oppressor


In Lebanon Prime Minister Erdogan proposed a Middle Eastern 'Schengen Area'


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


The age of Turkey is at hand; the World talks on Erdogan’s Middle East tour


Turkey would inspire the Arab countries


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''A secular state is equidistant from all religious groups.''


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''I told Gaddafi to withdraw.''


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''Violence towards women is meanness''


Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey: Islamic countries' might is self-sufficient


Erdogan: Now is the time for unity


Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan: We will grow through brotherhood


In Lebanon Prime Minister Erdogan proposed a Middle Eastern 'Schengen Area'


Call from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the Islamic Union


Call from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the Islamic Union


Call from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the Islamic Union


Elite language is an essential of politics


Elite language is an essential of politics


Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good


President: Eat grape instead of drinking alcohol


We have not let our honor be trampled on


Press on without fear


A Turkish prime minister in Iraq after 18 years


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Our role is to act as the elder brother


Erdoğan: ''We want stability and co-operation in the Caucasus''


Egypt greeted Prime Minister Erdogan with exuberance


Friday Prayer at Martyrs' Square affected Libyan people


Erdogan: I love Kurdish people more than the members of the terror organisition of PKK do


Prime Minister Erdoğan: There is no turning back


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Some Don’t Wish To See Turkey Embracing Its Brothers


Erdoğan and Putin's talks on Syria


Somalia should want the Turkish Islamic Union


Erdogan, The Conscience Of The Islamic World


Do Not Fear a Devout Man


Do not Fear a Devout Person


Putin is courageous person who supports true religion


The statements of our Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan inviting the whole Islamic World to unity are very important


Putin can form the Turkish-Islamic Union together with our PM Erdoğan


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is compassionate towards the Israeli nation, he is only against vulgarity.


People who conduct scientific studies to explain the falsity of the attitude of bigots, of radicals should be supported.


The statement of Prime Minister Erdogan expressing the Unity of Islam in line with the spirit of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Our Kurdish brothers and sister have gone through devastating tortures at the time. We need to make them forget about those dark days. An amazing love, an amazing compassion is what our Kurdish brothers and sisters deserve. And our Prime Minister approaches them with the compassion of a Muslim. That is great masha'Allah.


Turkey can spread the companions' understanding of Islam to the whole world.


Our people longed for such a government for years. We have a President and a Prime Minister both of whom perform their prayers. That is a great blessing and a great beauty.


Orhan Miroglu praises Mr. Erdogan


Mr. Erdogan: Turkey will energize Europe


“We will never, ever allow the communists to divide our country”


We should support our Prime Minister both with our prayers and with our actions, we should strengthen his hand. This would be very effective against external powers as well. It would be very beneficial for them to know that the prime minister is not alone and that he has the support of 70 million faithful people behind him.


We are by our Prime Minister's side until the very end. He should keep his heart at ease. If any pressure comes upon our Prime Minister from external forces, we, as a nation, would give the necessary response by means of law.


It was the longing of every person of faith in Turkey to have a President and a Prime Minister who are masters in tasawwuf.


''The success of Mr. Tayyip Erdogan and the government is based on the importance they place on love and compassion...''


There is the radiance of a Muslim on our Prime Minister, it is clearly understood that he is a good person. We trust him, his heart should be at ease.


Mr. Erdogan financially supported Muslum Gurses, the famous singer


Yiğit Bulut: Erdoğan is the Most Patriotic Leader in Turkish Republic's History


We ask our Prime Minister what he meant by drinking hemlock poison


It is not acceptable to leave our Prime Minister on his own means. We should altogether support and help our Prime Minister compassionately. We should reinforce his hand as a nation. Let us say; "For the unity of our state, we are behind you as a nation to the death."


CHP, MHP, BBP.. All political parties should support our Prime Minister about the unitary structure of our country.


''May Allah grant a long life to Mr. Tayyip. May Allah give you beauty and goodness. May Allah remove all troubles from you. May He give peace and abundance and open your way in the way of Allah and Islamic Union. May Allah make you victorious. May He neutralize your enemies and make your friends closer...''


Prime Minister Erdogan is created as an officer who will render his services to the Unity of Islam.


There must be an end to this trend toward hatred in the Islamic world


We request from our Prime Minister to abolish RTUK (Radio and Television Supreme Council). They should close RTUK and leave television free. RTUK is an application that hinders freedoms. If someone commits a crime we have courts to deal with that anyway.


Leaving the Prime Minister alone and saying; "You do whatever you do!" would not be a conscientious manner. We should be supporting him as a nation.


''ADNAN OKTAR: We ask our mother Mrs. Erdogan to explain that she is against Darwinism and materialism''


We trust our Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister is a very vigilant, very strong person, he is at a rate of knots Masha’Allah. MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency) is very strong as well, so is our army, they are very keen and active, by the leave of Allah.


It would be nice if our Prime Minister could stop by Israel before and after his trip to Gazza. His embracing Jewish children and having discourses with Rabbis would be a beauty.


We congratulate our Prime Minister, he is governing the country with very rational maneuvers.


Let us, as a nation, roar like a lion in the democratic platform against the danger of separation. This would strengthen our Prime Minister’s hand.


A holy light pours out of our Prime Minister, he constantly prays, good words comes out of his mouth all the time, masha’Allah.


Our prime minister is the greatest leader since Ataturk


Let us keep all these beautiful speeches of our Prime Minister; these words should not be forgotten.


Our Prime Minister is not a person that could be intimidated. Furthermore those who assume that our Prime Minister is alone are in a grave mistake.


Our Prime Minister’s bravery and courage for our nation and homeland is evident. Our people should have a profound feeling of loyalty towards our Prime Ministers. We will not let anyone act treacherously. Being treacherous against the Prime Minister is both cruelty and ingratitude.


We will not let anyone to be disloyal and treacherous against the Prime Minister. Treachery is an abnormal behavior that Allah does not like, it is a collapse of good conscience.


Our Prime Minister exclaims about the events in Syria because he is a conscientious person.


It is very important for what our Prime Minister has done for the country to be appreciated


Our Prime Minister looks at the incidents with the eye of the Hidden Knowledge, with an eye seeing the hidden aspects of events.


Mr. Erdogan is the most influential leader after Atatürk


Mr. Erdogan is the most influential leader after Atatürk


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may be the greatest leader in the Islamic world in 2023


Mr. Erdogan: The Islamic World Needs an Awakening


Master Tayyip and Putin can solve this matter by taking the US support as well. They can make it possible to go to the democratic elections by giving a guarantee to Al-Assad and by saving him from there.


Our Master Tayyip has the strength to unite all Muslims. Some Muslim leaders are in a sleep of unawareness. Our master Tayyip should constantly call them to their senses and warn them. That is because they frequently need to be shaken and woken up.


Our Prime Minister is a very candid Muslim. His services are perfect and his hardworking nature is perfect.


Our Prime Minister approaches our Syrian brothers and sisters very compassionately and very reasonably.


''Our Prime Minister speaks like a Muslim on the subject of the refugees who have come to us from Syria''


''Our Prime Minister truly hurts because of the oppression in Syria''


We are giving our votes to the personality of our Master Tayyip.


It would be great if our Master declares that he will not give way to Darwinism.


Our Master Tayyip should revoke that decision to serve only for 3 terms. We should hear about that as soon as possible.


Allah opens the way for our Master Tayyip, there is a sign in this. Our Prime Minister is not an ordinary leader. There is no permission for our Master Tayyip to put a limit to his service in this post with 3 terms. Our master Tayyip is in charge about the system of the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah. He should be Prime Minister in the year 2023 as well. He should continue to serve until he dies, insha’Allah. Our people want our Master Tayyip on his post.


Our Prime Minister is living a very difficult life devoid of compassion. A lot of people advance upon him. His life is very tiresome. At the end of the day, he is human as well, he might be carrying that tension on himself but our Prime Minister is not an arrogant person, he is an enthusiastic man of service. He wants to serve beauty to his people. It is not compliant with good conscience to advance upon him this much.


Our Prime Minister is an inoffensive, religious person. He is making a great effort to serve our people for years. It would be wrong to say that a Prime Minister who says “I am the servant of my people,” is arrogant.


Our friends should approach our Master Tayyip more compassionately. Being subjected to a continuous spirit of hatred would harm a person’s psyche deeply and it would wear him out. Gross insults to the Prime Minister and his kin are both a sin and a shame.


In such difficult times, there are not much people who advocate our Master Tayyip. Many people are merely watching Prime Minister, however they should protect and watch over him. But our nation loves him.


It would be very nice for our Master Tayyip to be humorist and joyous. The well-intentioned, innocent ones among the demonstrator youth are very sweet. There is good in joining their joy. Young people are proud, flattering their pride and talking to them with an affectionate and witty language would be very nice.


Our Prime Minister is a person open to criticism and suggestions. But that cannot be done by putting someone on shame, ideas should be voiced eloquently.


Our Prime Minister is an immaculate, compassionate Anatolian young man. He is a person who knows compassion very well.


It should not be forgotten that our Master Tayyip needs compassion as well. Being a Prime Minister is the most difficult, most stressful post in the world. Let us help our Master Tayyip.


Our master Tayyip loves youngsters a lot but our brothers and sisters should not forget that our master Tayyip is under a great pressure.


Our people should pray for our Master Tayyip. May Allah give relief to his heart.


Our Master Tayyip has always lived a life full of sufferings. Those insults he had been subjected to will turn to him as good deeds.


Our Master Tayyip is a God-fearing, reasonable and modest person. It is a duty of loyalty for our people to show love to our Prime Minister.


A high quality youth is very important, we do not want an introverted and senseless youth. We want our Master Tayyip to target such a lively, joyous, quality youth.


It is not possible for our Master Tayyip to defend anything contrary to reason.


Our Master Tayyip is very dear. They should not tire him that much. The talented people around our Master Tayyip should start taking more responsibility.


In the latest incidents, other than us, there has been no one supporting our Master Tayyip. Most of them remained silent. They only watched. They are expecting everything from our Master Tayyip. He is a human.


Adopting an attitude against the Prime Minister of a country in times of commotion is against good-conscience.


It is very nice that new trees are being planted in Taksim.


Our Master Tayyip is a radiant person, as long as he acts in compliance with the approval of God, he will never be defeated, insha'Allah.


20 Trees, 152 Thousand Flowers to Taksim


Mr Erdogan: We Want A World Where Compassion Prevails


Some people are trying to present our Master Tayyip in a very different way. Our Master Tayyip is an inoffensive Anatolian young man, he is a radiant person.


Our master Tayyip has made the Gezi Park a place like heaven and that is it.


Some people are constantly criticizing the Prime Minister. Aren’t there any positive aspects about the Prime Minister, aren’t there any good things that he had accomplished? That is not acceptable, that is not a sincere approach. One can make a constructive criticism when necessary but you also say things that are good as well.


Our Prime Minister is not someone who resists things that are good and beautiful. He is very nicely atoning for the Gezi Park incident.


Our Master Tayyip has a very candid determination against separation.


Our master Tayyip’s success against the deep state gangs is a historical success. We, as a nation, have a duty of loyalty towards him even only for that.


It is very important to help our Master Tayyip and not to leave him alone. We should protect our Prime Minister so that our nation’s understanding of loyalty can be seen.


As a nation we should not leave our Prime Minister out of our feeling of loyalty. Leaving a person who is constantly given a hard time alone during those times or attempting to waste that person would not become the spirit of youth and bravery.


Everyone would accept a reasonable idea. Our Master Tayyip listens to the advice of our people.


Our Master Tayyip should make a great move in modernity and in the field of arts and cause the whole world to marvel.


By using the word “Çapulcu [marauder]” our Prime Minister meant those who attack our police officers, those who vandalize, those who have the determination to shed blood. The description of the word “çapulcu” should be given tenaciously. No one should declare themselves as “çapulcu” in vain. To spare the soul of the wit, such jokes should not be overdone. A joke should not be repeated a hundred times, a thousand times.


My humble advise to Master Tayyip is to openly show his support for modern life style, modern people and modernity. That is because the whole Europe is modern, America is modern, the whole world loves modernity.


In a state of danger the right will grow strong by itself


Everyone expects compassion from Tayyip Erdogan. Ultimately Tayyip Erdogan is human; he also is in need of compassion.


Mr.Erdogan: God Will Herald Us a Victory Like That of Moses


Yalçın Akdoğan is a very clever blessed person. Our Prime Minister has acted very wisely by making him his advisor. Masha'Allah.


PM Tayyip Erdogan has never played politics with religion. Our PM acts only in the way his piety requires him to behave. There is no such thing as playing politics with religion.


They should not give such a hard time to our Master Tayyip. That is a shame and also is not compliant with good conscious.


Because he devoted his heart to God, because he sides with those who are wronged, because he is not played by people with ill-intentions, God's help will always be with our PM Tayyip Erdoğan, so will the help of good people.


They should not upset our PM Tayyip Erdoğan. Calling him a dictator is a shame and also a sin. And he should not pay attention to those things they say. That is because we do not think that way. On the contrary Mr. Erdoğan is the most moderate, most reasonable leader of the Middle East.


Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan's task is very difficult. People should avoid giving him such a hard time. On the contrary he should be approached with respect and compassion.


It would be great for our PM Tayyip Erdoğan to draw attention to the Unity of Islam as much as possible.


We ask our PM Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan to remove all restrictions such as applying quotas to internet, etc. Let us be free, let us access wherever we like on the internet. Let there be no restrictions of access. There should be wireless internet access all over Turkey. And it should be free wherever we are. Those who turn their computers on should automatically have an internet access.


“They must use a very affectionate language toward our PM Tayyip Erdoğan”


Mr. Erdoğan: We have determined three important dates


Prime Minister Erdogan said that he asks for a Moses who will save the Islamic world (15.08.2013)


Mr. Erdoğan: PKK still has not gone off the borders


The most crucial matter is education. And the most important part of it is gained through the internet which is a public university. It enables everyone to become a registered student in that university. So we kindly ask our dear Prime Minister to remove the quota restrictions upon the internet usage.


Cheap computers can be distributed to the public. The internet is an open ocean. There is the possibility to reach trillions, billions, millions of information through the internet. With the internet we enable the people to access the greatest university, the greatest encyclopedia of the world. We kindly ask our Prime Minister to open the way for this.


Well-done to our Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, he has destroyed the deep-state gang with laws and the legal system.


Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is a very inoffensive, well-intentioned person. He is trying to do the best he can. Taking on him would not be compliant with good conscience.


If our PM asks for the support of NGO's and foundations, he would benefit greatly from that.


Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is a good man. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is a very god man. So is the Undersecretary of MIT and our Minister of Justice. That is a very good team. They are supported by God. They are going on well that is because they are acting in line with the system of the Mahdi, in line with the Islamic Union.


Hakan Fidan is a very intelligent, devout young man. He would not do anything irrational. If Hakan Fidan decided on something, that means both our PM and the Chief of Staff have decided on the same thing as well.


It would not be a sincere approach to pretend not to understand the words of our Prime Minister. If one approaches sincerely, what our Prime Minister meant would be clearly understood.


Putin, Obama, our PM Tayyip Erdoğan and the Iranian authorities should gather and talk about finding a solution.


Kosovo is the homeland of the descendants of the conquerors. Kosovo is our soul, our excitement, our crown jewel. Our Prime Minister's words; "Kosovo is Turkey. Turkey is Kosovo" is a display of endearment. There is no policy of conquest in these words, there is the policy of love and peace.


Our Prime Minister is a precious politician who had gone through many sufferings and hardship (27.10.2013)


Mr. Erdoğan: We will stand for the rights of Jews, Christians and atheists


Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement, “We will protect Jews, Christians and atheists” is very fine (27.10.2013)


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has given our Alawite brothers a fine message (03.11.2013)


Mr. Erdoğan: As Turkey, we will stand for the rights of all the people without considering their side, beliefs or language


God is the One Who enables AK Party to remain in power. Had God willed so, they would have been long gone. But God wants to keep the government. God wants a stable government. The reason for that is to make it easy to act for the system of the Mahdi and to strengthen the arms of the system of the Mahdi and to make it possible for the system of the Mahdi to work peacefully.


Mr. Erdogan: We are not a party which remembers teachers only once a year


Our Prime Minister is an altruistic and virtuous person (06.12.2013)


Mr. Erdogan: One single person comes along and the flow of history changes


Mr. Erdogan: One single person comes along and the flow of history changes


The importance of reconciling Muslims is emphasized in the hadiths (07.12.2013)


No One But Only God May Direct This Country


God supports our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and he is blessed with the abundance of the system of Mahdi (17.12.2013)


It is stated in the hadith that in the End Times the two Islamic communities with the same goal would struggle with one another (18.12.2013)


“My humble request from our people is that no one should write anything provoking that would create tumult”


Our nation believes in our Prime Minister's sincerity (23.12.2013)


Our Prime Minister’s statement is so important: ''Believers are brothers'' (23.12.2013)


Let us not offend one another over trivial things, but speak positively (25.12.2013)


It is a violation of good conscience to strive against the prime minister on artificial pretexts (27.12.2013)


One of the reasons for the opposition to the government in that our government desires Islamic Union (27.12.2013)


The corruption operation is delighting some of the neocons in the American secret state (27.12.2013)


A tone that will do harm to our brotherhood and unity is unacceptable (01.01.2014)


It is not that easy, not that cheap to overthrow a government and to wipe out a PM. This is not a third world country. We are a high quality country. Consequently we would not let something like this happen. Everything should be reasonable and wise within the limits of law.


Tayyip Erdoğan has brought our country a long way with his successful policies (05.01.2014)


Mr Erdogan: There is no division; we will be united


Prime Minister Erdogan: Judiciary Should Not be Left Uncontrolled


Mr. Hüseyin Gülerce: If the President is to leave his duty than he will go by the decision of the deputy


Prime Minister Erdoğan: I Do Not Need to Hold High Office


Prime Minister Erdogan: There Isn’t A Powerful Conspiracy Other Than the Conspiracy of God.”


Our Prime Minister assists Muslims countries by looking on them with affection (18.01.2014)


PM Erdoğan Explained the Growth of Turkey's Economy


Prime Minister Erdoğan explained the Growth in the Turkish Economy


Instead of taking sides, we must look at things with justice and the spirit of the Qur’an (23.01.2014)


Mr. Erdoğan: We haven’t reached out for ill-gotten, We won’t let others reach out for ill-gotten


Mr. Erdoğan: The Essence of a Civilization is Not Stone, Sand or Concrete


Our Prime Minister is an upright and modest man. He has served us very successfully, and we will not let anyone damage that (21&26.01.2014)


Mr. Erdoğan: Istanbul is a city of the Quran, it will be conquered again


Mr. Erdoğan: Istanbul is a City of the Qur'an, It will be Conquered Again


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Turkey Will Embrace An Endless Spring


It was very good how our prime minister referred to Iran as his second home (29&31.01.2014)


Mr. Erdogan: Istanbul is the starting point of blessed marches


Mr. Erdogan: Istanbul is the starting point of blessed marches


It is fine that Prime Minister Erdogan is interrelated with people (17.02.2014)


We should protect and watch over both the community and the government and ensure that they can serve together as brothers. Turkey is facing a grave danger. The danger of separation is at the door. We need to be alert. We will not let the 50 % decimate the other 50 %. We will unite 50 with the other 50 and make it 100. These are bad games. We would not be fooled by them.


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Those Days when People with No Money Returned from Hospital Doors are Over


Those people who had troubles in the past must appreciate the present government (06.03.2014)


Could the meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and Barzani be the solution to the problems in Iraq?


Every attack and incident strengthens our prime minister (15.03.2014)


There is no risk of fanaticism in Turkey (22.03.2014)


Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can relax; the nation is with him (21.03.2014)


One should not rejoice at the downing of a Syrian plane or at the oppression of Muslims (24.03.2014)


Ali Babacan: We Cannot Let Anyone Overbear Our Prime Minister


Mr. Erdoğan: I Love Everyone Because They Are Allah’s Creation; Turkey Is Our Homeland With A Whole 780 Thousand Square Meters


Our PM is using a very well-intentioned language. He is employing a Muslim way of speaking and he enjoys the richness it brings about. He is enjoying the richness of the Treatise of Light right now; this is the richness of the Bediuzzaman. That is why he had cleared everything up and why he is at ease. That is very important insha'Allah.


Prime minister Erdoğan: No discrimination against Christians or Jews or Atheists


Our prime minister is the prime minister of the age of the system of the Mahdi (27.04.2014)


Our prime minister has shown Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani great respect (23.04.2014)


President Erdogan: ‘It is not acceptable to bring up hostility from the past and cause new conflicts, and it is also not useful for us while building our new common future.’


Prime Minister Erdoğan: I Hope That the Armenians Will Apologize As well


What is the reason for our prime minister’s success? (02.05.2014)


Yalçın Akdoğan: Prime Minister Wants to Renew the Staff and Give A Youthful Appearance


Israel Confirmed Mr. Erdogan’s Statement “We Are Close To An Agreement”


Mr. Devlet Bahçeli: Our Prime Minister should see the danger clearly


Mr. H. Celal Güzel: The harsh reactions of our Prime Minister are because of sadness


Prime Minister Erdoğan had their photo taken with Ladies


Muslims’ Symbol Is Not 1, But 4


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Our Purpose is to Construct Cities That Will Inspire Poets and Painters


Prime Minister Erdogan: Let’s fill Sultanahmet first before Hagia Sophia


The government should be given the message that we are behind them. The whole country, all 80 million of us, should assume an attitude against the PKK as a whole right beside the government.


To love a single race is Fascism


Mr. Erdoğan: We have seen everyone who says “La ilahe illAllah” as Muslim


AK Party Youth Should Support the Prime Minister


Mr. Erdoğan: AK Party is a party of Dawah


Mr. Erdoğan: We will go on our way with the young people


Prime Minister Erdoğan: We Must Guarantee the Safety of Believers


Putin is a leader that is very much inclined towards religion. It would be great if our Prime Minister makes a treaty of friendship with him.


Putin can be won over if Erdoğan gives a guarantee for the establishment of a secure zone in Syria


Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan: Islam is the Basis For Us


Mr. Adnan Oktar: So Many Name Heros Have Sacrificed Themselves For Allah


Mr. Erdoğan: PKK ran away from ISIS


Mr. Erdogan spoke to Putin about Syria


Mr. Erdoğan: We Will Not Tolerate Attacks Against Our Unity and Solidarity


Mr. Erdoğan: O World! Why Are You Silent Against In the Face of the PKK?


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s prayer for Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Our President Mr. Erdoğan is a person who lays the foundation for the Mahdi (pbuh). In my opinion, his presidency will also continue at the time of the Mahdi as well. That is because he is an ideal administrator, an ideal person. Our Prime Minister will also go on with his post at the time of the Mahdi, it appears. I mean this is how I feel. That is because he is a very talented, very decent, very trustworthy person.


If some people attempt to crush our President Erdoğan, that would cause pain in the hearts of all the Turkish people because it would seem that loyalty has no meaning. Our President should definitely be protected and watched over. It would be much better if his opponents approach him in a manner more befitting good conscience.


Adnan Oktar: We are asking from our President, Mr. Erdogan, to stop Darwinist and materialist education


Mr. Erdogan: If We Unite, We Can Overcome All Problems


It is religiously unlawful for two Muslim groups, two groups on the right path, to struggle against each other. It is a religious obligation for all Muslims to try and reconcile them, it is an obligation upon all Muslims. I mean that is not something left to their discretion but a religious obligation upon all of them. They should strive to reconcile them by all means.


The MHP should frequently give statements. They should make clear declarations stating that they are against separation, and that it is not possible to release Abdullah Öcalan so that our President Erdoğan’s hand will be reinforced.


Mr. Erdoğan: The Presidential Palace Belongs To The People


Mr. Erdoğan: There Is A Terrorist Threat Against Some Political Parties


Putin: Erdogan Is Very Courageous


The presidential system is a threat to Turkey


Emergency Medical Team At the Presidential Palace


I do not like disloyalty at all. Disloyalty disturbs me greatly. I hate ingratitude. I do not like disloyalty. If one attempts to stake out a claim to the success of another, that would be annoying and insincere. If one succeeds in something with his own talents, that is fine, but if he attempts to stake out a claim to the talents of another that would be humiliating.


Shias and Sunnis are brother, it is very wrong to discriminate between Islamic schools


Mr. Erdoğan Accepted Temporary Village Guards


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: “We will proceed on this path by speaking the language that the PKK understands”


President Erdoğan: “Southeastern Anatolia is under threat, the PKK not sincere in its peace rhetoric”


Mr.Erdogan says, "The Spilled Blood of Our Martyrs Will Not Remain on the Ground"


Mr ERDOGAN: ” PKK has piled up arms during the peace process


Mr. Erdogan: “The PKK Stockpiled Ammunition in the Process of Peace”


Mr. Erdoğan: “Our young people find 140 characters adequate to express themselves; they do not have general knowledge”


Mr. Erdoğan: “The relations with Israel can be fixed. “


Mr. Erdoğan:” We Must Protect The Honour of 1.7 Billion Muslims In The World”


President Erdoğan: “There is no Kurdish problem in Turkey, there is terror.”


Erdoğan: “ Our outlook on the region can never be based on any interests.”


Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Davutoğlu met the Jewish Community


Turkish President Erdogan: “Turkey Has Fallen Behind in Education, We Will Make a Radical Change”


President Erdogan should not worry. Turkish people will continue to stand by him. He has lots of friends, whether he knows or not.


Tayyip Erdogan: "If we are going to just sit, talk and disperse here, this meeting has no meaning. "


Congratulations to President Erdogan for his statements compliant with the Qur’an. It’s important that he said the fight against terrorism should be an intellectual one.


Tayyip Erdoğan: "We will focus on the contents of the education of youth"


The President Erdogan: "You will not separate us"


President Erdoğan did the right thing by sending a letter to Russia. We have been encouraging rapprochement with Russia for a long time.


By apologizing our President showed the decency of Muslims to the whole world. An apology is extended when a mistake is made. And that is nice.


We were the only ones saying that it would not be wrong for President Erdoğan to apologize to Russia and we've labored the point persistently.


We have been asking our government to accept our Syrian brothers to the Turkish citizenship. It’s very fine that President Erdogan is taking the initiative for this process.


Our President Erdoğan is on the right path. His approach towards Syrian refugees is in full compliance with both Islam and the Qur'an.


By accepting to give Turkish citizenship to our Syrian brothers, President Erdoğan is doing what is rightful, auspicious and beautiful. His heart should be at ease.


Our President Erdoğan should keep his heart at ease. Millions are behind him as a nation. We would not let anyone harm even a strand of his hair.


Our President is a sincere Anatolian man. He should keep his heart at ease. Our people act on good conscience. If necessary they would put their lives on the line and protect him from harm.


Our President is doing what is right by seeking refuge in his nation and asking them to protect their homeland, their state and nation. The most effective solution against the coup is the reaction of the people.


President Erdogan is a modest, sincere, honest man who carries the moral values of Anatolian people. This is why our people loves him very much.


The British Deep State assumed that President Erdogan was alone; yet they were very wrong. Our people stand by Erdoğan and will not let one of their own be persecuted.


Protecting our President from harm is a matter of honor for our people. We, as a nation, should be a protective shield around him.


Our President is loved dearly by our people because he is one of us. Those wanna-be intellectuals want our President to be like one of them instead.


Our President Erdoğan is a very capable, strong man. He is a valuable and blessed person, a real pioneer of the Mahdi movement.


We will not allow any anti-democratic attempts to overthrow the government or unfair persecution of President Erdoğan.


The British Deep State does not like our President Erdoğan because he is not pretentious like they are. They don’t like him because he is an honest Anatolian young man.


Cooperation with Putin, including an economic one is important, but the most important is a military cooperation, which should be formed at once.


Turkish President Erdoğan has become successful against all kinds of plots by God’s help and our nation’s support. Our people will always side with him.


Loyalty and faithfulness are very important. President Erdoğan threw himself into fire, and we are all responsible to save him from there.


Let’s all adopt an intellectual stance against the British Deep State. We shouldn't leave Mr. Erdogan alone in this difficult task.


Both Putin and Erdogan are courageous persons. Let Russia be a stronghold of the Islamic Union. It will come about once the two states agree on it.


They force Turkey to enter into an Open Society model in line with the desires of the British Deep State. Let's not leave President Erdogan alone at such a time.


Seeing our President Erdogan as modest and downtrodden, the British Deep State targets him. We need to form close ranks against those who want to do harm to him.


President Tayyip Erdogan is today’s Sultan Abdulaziz. Abdulaziz was a courageous and devout man who was against all plots of the British Deep State.


Our President Erdoğan has an active, lively, combative personality and has nothing similar to Abdul Hamid. Abdul Hamid was timid and submissive. Our President Erdoğan is a national personality; he is a strong-minded, uncompromising, brave person. And in that respect, he resembles Ataturk.


Appologizing is a virtue. Our President did the right thing by apologizing from Russia. Those claiming otherwise are acting insincerely and unscrupulously.


The reason why the British Deep State is very much disturbed about our President is that they are unable to lead him as they like. Our President is a brave, decent person.


Chatham House is the brain of British Deep State. We need to offer strong support to Mr. Erdogan against them.


We shouldn't leave Mr. Erdogan alone as he deals with certain advocates of the open society model, linked to the British Deep State.


We should watch over President Erdoğan as a nation against the pressure of British Deep State and support him strongly.


Turkey is going through sensitive times. For the continuation of our state, our country and our nation, it is important that all our people support our President.


They are trying to besiege Turkey because our President Mr. Erdoğan did not buckle under the British Deep State. We will not leave him alone in this struggle.


In democracies it is a necessity and a requirement to have a powerful opposition. However right now there is a very fierce oppression against our President, we should not abandon him .


Putin and Erdogan on one hand, and Muslims and Turks in the US on the other hand, should support Trump and should not leave him alone against the conspiracies of the British Deep State.


It is very nice that our President Erdoğan invited Trump to Turkey. If Trump comes to Turkey in his first presidential trip, he would receive the support of the whole Turkish-Islamic world.


The British Deep State almost gone insane when President Erdoğan came to power because they knew that they would not be able to control him.


A trio of forces consisting of Erdoğan, Putin and Trump will be the means for a lot of goodness in the coming days.


If Erdoğan, Putin and Trump forge an alliance, they can render those snobs who drag the world into perversion, troubles and wars completely ineffective.


Ever since the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, they are used to bringing the great majority of the Islamic world to their knees. The fact that our President Erdoğan is a valorous person thwarted their plots.


The anti-Trump riots are orchestrated by the British deep state. They are doing the same thing they did to Mr. Erdoğan


Donald Trump should be carefully protected against the potential threat of assassination, Mr. Erdoğan and Putin should stand by him


Erdogan, Putin and Donald Trump are the first leaders in history to stand up to the British deep state


If the Presidents of Turkey, the USA, Russia and Iran join forces, the Islamic Union can be easily formed. Then the spirit of the Mahdi movement will quickly spread around the world.


May God give a long life to our President Erdoğan and honor him with serving for Islam all his life and seeing Islam prevail all over the world.


The reason why the British Deep State is furious against President Erdoğan is because he does not accept bowing to it.


When there is an attack of antichrist system to a Muslim, all Muslims are obligated to unite and protect him. It is our nation’s duty to watch over President Erdoğan.


Tayyip Erdoğan's efforts to unify the Islamic world is really so nice. He should keep going forward on this benevolent path, may God grant him success.


We see the British Deep State being dastardly around President Erdoğan. He will never remain alone in this great struggle.


All political parties should support President Erdoğan. The British Deep State should see that we won’t let one of our own be defeated against them.


There should a great meeting for President Erdoğan stressing that he is not alone. The AKP youth should make such an organization. The ‘You are Not Alone’ meeting for Erdoğan should include at least three million people. It would be a great response to the British Deep State.


Accusations and writings against Erdogan are almost the same everywhere. It is evident that this activity is led from a single center.


We have to think about the next generation when preparing the new Constitution. We trust the President, but it should not include any clauses what could give way to the separation of Turkey.


Supporting our President Mr. Erdoğan is not a political issue. It is a national issue. We will never submit to the demands of the British Deep State.


Turkey must also look out for China, Russia and Iran. Turkey should always assume a humble and compassionate role. We are not after our self-interests.


The British Deep State is trying to destroy President Trump using street protests, instability and economic sabotage. Mr.Putin, Mr.Erdogan and Mr.Trump must ally against the dajjal's [antichrist] system. The dajjal's system is very fierce. It must be resisted by an alliance.


It's very good that President Erdoğan is focusing on arts and quality. May God surround him, our people and the world with His blessing. Whoever dominates arts and culture would conquer the world. Without arts and culture there's only defeat. President Erdoğan is aware of this fact.


It is seen that the British deep state and its extensions are intent on removing our President Erdoğan one way or another. Protecting our President against the plots of the British deep state is a matter of top priority for our people.


It is an honor that the President Erdoğan is the only leader who mentions the Islamic Union as almost none of the leaders in the Islamic world do so. Most Islamic countries are only concerned with selling oil, covering airplanes with gold, etc. They don't strive for the unity of the Islamic world.


It is great blessing to mention the Islamic Union in the end times. President Erdoğan must carry out this religious duty at every opportunity.


Iran should make very friendly statements about Turkey. Iran’s friendship with Turkey would bring relief to the region. Our President desires Turkey to be friends with Iran. It would be great if Iran enthusiastically embraces this hand of friendship.


Our President Mr. Erdoğan is a man of the people who bravely stands against the British deep state. Our people love him dearly because of his stance. When a brother of ours is under an attack, it is the requisite of the morality of the Qur’an to protect him. We will protect the President Mr. Erdoğan altogether as a nation.


Our nation is determined to watch over President Erdoğan. We will not abandon fellow brother of our nation into the hands of the British deep state.


The reason why they target Mr. Erdogan so much is because he abandoned the Greater Middle East Project.


Since our President is a patient person who places his trust in God, God always keeps his path open and protects him. The important result is the one attained in the Hereafter.


Ataturk was a noble, smart and religious Ottoman man. President Erdogan also loves and cherishes Ataturk.


Mr. Erdoğan becomes a target because he doesn't cave in to the ambitions of the British deep state. This also holds true for Trump and Putin. Their alliance is very important.


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Mr. Erbakan raised Mr. Erdoğan as a very resolute and zealous person. The late Mr. Erbakan was also very determined.


Mr. Erdoğan drew attention to the British deep state by saying that there exist "Lawrences with cloaks." We congratulate his sincere stance. By saying, "I'm neither Sunni, nor Shia", President Erdoğan dealt a big blow to the British deep state's plot to destroy the Islamic world.


Mr. Erdoğan' meeting with cosmetologists shows his modern stance.


We are a one big family. This nation, this country, this state belongs to us. We won’t let anyone talk ill about our President. The British deep state should very well know that we won't give in to their evil plots. President Erdoğan is an honest, brave man. They are trying to intimidate him in vain. We would never leave our President alone.


President Erdoğan is doing the right thing by saying he is neither Sunni nor Shia. That’s the behavior of a true Muslim abiding by the Qur’an.


President Erdoğan: “Societies Despising Culture and Art are doomed to Fail”


President Erdoğan represents the essence, the soul of our people. He represents our people’s philosophy of hope. That is why he is much loved.


President Erdogan is a good man, a good leader. He is very driven, hardworking. They should leave him alone so he can serve the country.


What kind of a Turkey is expected to come from the aftermath of the referendum?


Everyone wins in Turk referendum


It was very nice that our President Mr. Erdoğan reacted to the use of the word ‘Islamic terror’ during the meeting with Angela Merkel. Our President's sense of religious patronage is a good example for everyone.


Our President Mr. Erdoğan sacrificed himself on the Path of God, for the sake of God. It is everyone’s duty to protect him in the face of the sufferings he endured.


What Turkey should do now? The need for stability


President Erdogan is a modern person and embraces everyone regardless of them being modern or conservative or regardless of their attire. He stands up for everyone.


Referendum Evaluation


Everyone wins in Turk referendum


Turkey's choice


How Should We Read the Referendum in Turkey?


Turkey is on the Verge of a New Age...


Some circles struggled immensely to drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia. Yet all such attempts proved futile thanks to our efforts. We've thwarted such plots with my articles published in Pravda and other publications and helped rebuild the friendship between Russia and Turkey. Putin saw through the plots behind the Russian jet incident and saw President Erdogan’s honesty. Now, these two leaders will, insha’Allah, build an alliance.


Referendum Evaluation


The British deep state is targeting the President Mr. Erdoğan. In the face of this, it is very important to provide wide public support to him.


Mr. Erdoğan is a brave leader who boldly takes on the British deep state.


Our President is a well-intentioned, right-minded person. Our Prime Minister is well-intentioned and sincere as well. They both want to do good for Turkey.


We, as a nation, love and support President Erdoğan. He has many guardians; there are those he sees and is aware of, and those he doesn’t see and is not aware of.


President Erdogan said that we are from the 'family of Abraham.' This is a statement in the Qur'an and Turkish people are also in this family.


The good thing about President Erdoğan is that he does not yield to the British deep state. We'd never surrender him, the son of our nation, into the hands of the British deep state.


All people love President Erdoğan. We will protect him as our own son. He should feel at ease.


President Erdoğan is a zestful, driven person with an ardent love to serve Turkey. We should lay the way open for Mr. Erdoğan and let him be instrumental in attaining welfare for Turkey as he likes.


President Erdoğan should continue to consistently call Islamic countries to unite. Some of them are in a deep oblivion; they will wake up if he persistently carries on calling.


Turkey is going through a very fragile state. It is not right to leave President Erdoğan alone at such times. Erdoğan has a clear conscience.


May God grant long life to the President Erdoğan. It is the responsibility of Muslims to protect a believer if there is a dajjal attack against him. We will always protect the President Erdoğan.


God grants President Erdoğan the honor of advocating for the Islamic Union unreservedly.


Meticulous attention must be paid to the protection of President Erdoğan everywhere he goes.


Unjust treatment towards the people via false accusations is a trap against the President Erdoğan and the government. We must be very careful about this.


It’s great that Mr. Erdogan is taking steps to make our alliance with Russia stronger. We should do the same with Iran.


The dajjal [antichrist], the head of the British deep state, is targeting our President. Of course we will defend him using all legal means.


With his lifestyle and tone, President Erdoğan is a modern and enlightened person.


Today’s rally in Istanbul once more demonstrated that our President Mr. Erdoğan is not alone.


Mr. Erdogan is a brave, driven man and is very protective of Muslims. All his life, he’s been through difficulties. That’s why Turks love him. We will continue to support and protect Mr. Erdogan from the plots of the British deep state.


Turkey is on the Verge of a New Age...


President Erdogan and US President Trump are both good leaders. Their meeting will be good for the world. May God grant them success.


The claim that President Erdoğan is a 'dictator' is one of the unfairest things said about him. The effort he made for our beloved Syrian guests alone is proof of his good heart.


It’s great that Mr. Erdogan made his anti-federalism stance very clear today. We thank him for this very significant statement.


President Erdoğan’s statement that he is praying to God not to leave him ‘without love, water and homeland’, is very nice. It’s great that he always emphasizes the importance of love.


One of my favorite quotes from President Erdoğan is, “We are here to be servants to this nation, not to be a master.”


President Erdoğan believes in the fact that the Qur’an is enough and favors the movement of the Mahdi. By the grace of God, no one could harm our President; he will carry out his duty.


2023 is an important date, everything is happening very rapidly. President Erdogan is a man with a special task; that is why God bestows courage, patience and perseverance on him.


Turkey-Russia: an important alliance


The British deep state thought they had Mr. Erdoğan in its clutches. We, as a nation, showed that Mr. Erdoğan was not alone.


Both President Trump and President Putin are honest and sincere people. They are perfect in their stance towards the British deep state.

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