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Visas are being lifted in Libya


We will be free to go to Libya as if to our own country


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 27 February 2011


We will be free to go to Libya as if to our own country


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''I told Gaddafi to withdraw.''


Friday Prayer at Martyrs' Square affected Libyan people


Libya seeks education support from Turkey


Propagating the libelous statements about our Prophet (saas) is inappropriate


Popularizing the libelous film against our Prophet (saas) and thus making it watched by everyone is inappropriate


The reason behind the killing of the US Ambassador is the bigot system in Libya


By condemning the incidents in Libya Putin displayed a beautiful line of conduct


Conflicts of Interest in Libya


Coups won’t help in fight against radicals


Violence brings about violence. Only with love, mercy, friendship and brotherhood can stability and balance be attained in Libya.


Had a government of faith based on the Qur’an been established in Libya, it could not easily have been torn down (31.07.2014)


Building a nation is done with love


New interventions cannot solve the dilemma in Libya


Path for a new foundation and a promising future for Libya


Solidarity is the key to recover Libya’s instability


Education is needed for Islamic Unity. Islamic Unity cannot be attained through politics. They tried to do that in Egypt, and Egypt is gone. This is what happens when they attempt to do that with politics. They tried to establish Islamic Unity through politics in Libya and Libya is gone, they tried the same in Syria and Syria is gone. Islamic Unity cannot be attained through politics: Islamic Unity can only be attained through the facts of Qur'an, through the facts leading to faith. Islamic Unity can only be possible with science and knowledge.


Some people say, "Why is Syria being razed? Why is Iraq being razed? Why is Libya being razed? Why is Egypt being razed?" They fell into idolatry and idolatry brought troubles towards them. A Muslim should avoid ascribing partners to God.


Solidarity is the key for Libya


Multinational Scenarios for Libya


An Oil War in Libya, Not a War of Liberation


The Priority In Libya


Walls cannot be a solution to security issues


The Conundrum of Libya’s Refugees and Migrants


War Within A War; Fezzan


There is no scale or limit to bigotry, it is like an avalanche; it starts small and then gets bigger, it advances and swallows people, it crushes people. That is what happened in Egypt, in Syria, in Libya. People who have a desire to kill others rise up. People who want to die and to kill rise up. In that respect it is highly dangerous.


One of the reasons that laid the foundations for Iraq, Syria, Libya's breaking into pieces is the traditionalist orthodox understanding.


The British Deep State tried to trick Muslims into fighting with each other in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria and so on: It won't work in Turkey.


When the British Deep State is intellectually defeated every state including Iraq, Syria, Libya will be saved.


Halting bloodshed must be first priority globally

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