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Turkey has a powerful status in our country (Saudi Arabia)


Ahmadinejad: ''Period of nuclear weapon is over''


A call for Islamic union from Ahmadinejad


Mr. Ahmadinejad's call for unity


Mr. Ahmadinejad's call for unity


Errors of Iran's propaganda film about the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), ''The coming is upon us''


Ahmadinejad talked about Hazrat Mahdi (a.s) on FOX TV in September 24, 2010


A call for Islamic union from Ahmadinejad


Nuclear weapons are against our creed


Iranian President Ahmadinejad's statement about love of woman


'Ahmadinejad is our friend'


It is possible to convince Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey should get in contact with Al-Assad and Ahmadinejad. Mr. Ahmadinejad and Bashar Al-Assad should come together and announce that they want the Unity of Islam.


It is very nice that Mr. Ahmadinejad talked about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the UN meeting. Yet it is a mistake to talk about Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) as a spirit. There is no lost Mahdi, there is the real Mahdi (pbuh) and he is in the world on his duty at the moment.


The speech Mr. Ahmadinejad gave in the UN meeting was very beautiful masha'Allah. We congratulate him. This speech of Mr. Ahmadinejad should be heard everywhere.


It is the Iranian deep state that is communist. Mr. Ahmadinejad is not a person within that communist structuring.


Ahmadinejad; Muslims must Set aside any dissensions and get United


The deep state in Syria is holding Bashar Al-Assad captive. It is possible to convince Al-Assad by telling him that he would not be approached with a vindictive spirit and to take him out of Damascus right away. However he is very anxious and afraid at the moment. Let us reassure him and take him from there and bring him to Turkey at all costs. We should be in contact with Ahmadinejad about this.


Ahmadinejad speech about Mahdi system at UN General Assembly


Sincere people like Ahmadinajad have to be supported. There are people who assume the role of antichrist in Iran.


Ahmedinejad is telling the truth. The Greater Middle East is devised to prevent the Mahdi system


Ahmadinejad is telling the truth. The aim of Greater Middle East Project is to prevent the system of the Mahdi


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what

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