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European Union

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Number of countries visas removed with is up to 61, businessmen also demand for EU and North Africa


Turkey: The savior which Europe awaits


For world peace Turkey must be a member of the European Union


EU would become poor without Turkey


Membership of Turkey will vitalize Europe


Turkey's accession to the EU is very important


Turkey will relieve EU


Only Turkey Can Rescue the European Union (EU) from the Swamp of Materialism


The policy of repression against the East Turkestan province of Kashgar must be stopped


We will ask Turks to enter the EU


''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam''


EU is collapsing


We will ask Turks to enter the EU


Turkey will change the balances in the European Union


EU needs Turkey


EU suffers surging unemployment


''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam''


The importance of Turkey to the European Union


Europe gets strong with you


Turkey will join the EU as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world


Italian Professor: Istanbul will be the capital city of EU…


We should use common alphabet with Azerbaijan


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 26 May 2012


An EU without Turkey is inconceivable


European Union


Turkey's entrance to the European Union would be a bliss, only if she enters the union as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 31 October 2012


Mr. Erdogan: Turkey will energize Europe


What Turkey should do is to be a nation very determined also about a fervent compassion, an exuberant love and peace. We need to be a very determined nation about friendship. We should not let those who act like jackals get along among us. We need to teach those mafia type people, those jackals, those who persecute women, those bullies, manners with knowledge and love and education and have them dissolve among us. Turkey will then be the crown jewel of Europe.


Europe embraces modern Islam peculiar to the Companions of our Prophet (saas). Europe is essentially against fanaticism and coarseness.


Fanaticism is a hindrance to the entrance of Turkey to the EU.


''When the bigoted mindset is removed, the European Union would accept Turkey immediately…''


The reason behind Turkey’s not being accepted in EU is bigotry


Some people claim that establishing the Unity of Islam is not possible. They claim that European Union can be established, Eagean Union can be established, so can Shanghai Union.. all kinds of unions can be established. “How about the Unity of Islam?” They say; “that cannot be done.” What can be more natural than Muslims loving each other? All the region is full of Muslims. All of them will love one another and the Unity of Islam will be established They will see this, insha’Allah.


The European Union does not want Turkey because of the radicals. Our State should support people who are against radicalism.


One reason we are not being admitted to the EU is fundamentalism. (19.06.2013)


The European Union’s First Step Back on the Coup in Egypt


They will never accept Turkey in the European Union. That is because there is anti-Christianity, there is anti-Judaism, there is an anti-semite mindset in some of the people. Many people are against music, many are against dancing, against bare-headed women, against make-up, many are against well-groomed ladies. That will only be changed with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi.


The European Union stresses the issue of not fanatics’ appreciating the women (27.10.2013)


The system of the Mahdi is the way to enter the European Union as well. The spirit of the Mahdi, love of the system of the Mahdi, compassion of the system of the Mahdi, sincerity of the system of the Mahdi, its approach toward democracy, arts and science are ideal for the European Union. It is crucial for Christian-Muslim alliance.


Fanatics' policy of hatred leads to the misrepresentation of Islam (30.11.2013)


Turkey’s journey towards the European Union


EU: An alliance based on flawed ideology


EU-Russian power struggles and Eastern Ukraine


Why Does the UK Want to Leave the EU? The Truth That Cannot Be Spoken


The European Union Is Unrealistic for Bosnia-Herzegovina


Turkey should adopt a pro-European attitude


They should approach Russia with love and accept it into the European Union


There is richness in unity. For instance, the European countries have united but because the bond they have between them is not a bond of faith, because it is not a bond of love, they are not successful. When the Islamic world unites, the bond they have between them will be a bond of love and there will be no borders, no visas, no passports and thus both trade and friendship will easily be established and sustained. There will be a sound, vivid, lively life based on love and generosity, far removed from selfishness and egoism.


Can the EU be a role model for the Islamic world?


Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite Avec Dialogue


We will enter the European Union in the time of the Mahdi. That radicalism will then be erased and people would not consider music as unlawful and will be respectful towards women wearing revealing clothes. Statues, paintings, music; these are all beauties. If you create a mass of people who are against all these, Europe would not want to take you in.


If you believe and say that those who do not perform prayers and who do not give alms should be killed, the European Union would not accept you. But if you approach them with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi, with the morality of the Qur’an, Europe would be happy to be beside you.


Is EU stepping back from Russian sanctions?


The Beginning of the End for the EU?


The EU is lacking the cornerstone


Greece: “To Be or Not to Be in the Eurozone”


No matter how far the European Union pushes all it comes to one simple fact. Is autonomy a danger for Turkey or not? It is a danger. Thus, we won't accept it. The lofty interests of our homeland, of our people, of our country constitute our basis. The demands of the European Union are no concern of ours. Autonomy would cause disintegration in Turkey, that is an explicit fact.


Europe, allegedly the cradle of compassion and justice, inflicts great persecution on the refugees


Anna Diamantopoulou, Former EU Commissioner, Former Minister of Education Greece


EU's rights and wrongs on the refugee crisis


EU, Turkey & Chapter 17: 'love' needed


To what extent is the European unity accomplished in being a unity?


The EU is in danger of taking Turkey for granted


Is the European Union falling apart?


The Agreement with the EU on Syrian Refugees


When It Comes To Refugees, Human Rights Should Be On The Front Burner


Migrants suffer labor exploitation in the EU


Unity cannot be formed without love. The EU is on the brink of break-up due to a lack of love. Islamic unity cannot be formed without love either. This can only be made possible through the system of the Mahdi.


If Turkey adopts a superior understanding of love and quality, Europe would approach us very willingly.


Behind London’s demand for exit from the EU, there lies a new plot of the British shadow state aimed to break other countries into pieces.


The British shadow state is playing another game. They are giving the message implying "if division were harmful, we wouldn't be dividing our own country."


Turkey is not against NATO or the EU. But we will become allies with Russia and Iran.


A great majority of the EU is under the influence of the British Deep State and they almost hate Turkey. It is apparent that they would not be friendly towards Turkey.


It is very disturbing that the EU displays a seriously unfair attitude towards Turkey upon incitement from the British Deep State. Turkey can stay as a member of NATO while being a part of Shanghai Five.


Islamic world doesn't see Muslims killing Muslims as a disaster (simultaneous interpretation)


It's seen the British Deep State's lobby is highly influential in many places. The EU's raising the topic of money against Turkey is a sign of this.

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