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The visa requirement with Ukraine is also being lifted


The visa requirement with Ukraine is also being lifted


Ukraine is the next visa-exempt country


We benefit from Turkey's experience


Ukraine is the next visa-exempt country


Ukraine: Bridging two poles


In Ukraine, a Policy of Compromise Is the Key


The division of Ukraine would lead to a civil war


Putin intervened when he sensed plans were being made for Crimea (30.03.2014)


Another Cold War is out of question


Putin would never accept being defeated either in Syria or Ukraine. Solutions that would not hurt his pride should be find.


UKRAINE; A country between the East and the West


EU-Russian power struggles and Eastern Ukraine


Turkey: A country at the center of energy corridors


Language of peace should prevail among nations


Global powers show their force in Ukraine


Walls cannot be a solution to security issues


Turkey and Russia should ally on the matter of Crimea. Both countries could act as guarantors for Crimea. Let's bring life to the Black Sea together. Turkey and Russia acting as guarantors for Crimea does not mean the separation or exclusion of Ukraine. This guarantee is a historical right.


Turkey and Russia could act as a guarantor for Crimea to turn the peninsula into a center of peace. Crimea is a sacred region. Let us revive Crimea under the guarantee of Turkey and Russia. Let us strengthen our friendship with Ukraine.

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