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The party of God will definitely be victorious. God calls them the victorious party. We are the party of God. Turkey is the party of God. The whole Anatolia is the party of God.

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The moral virtue in Anatolia is a model of humanity for the world

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The pure morality of the Anatolian people is the most beautiful model for the world. The pure, immaculate morality in Anatolia, their understanding of love, loyalty and brotherhood- that is to say, everything that could be defined as good morality- is the perfect role model for Germany, for Japan, for Europe, for everywhere else. It is a perfect role model for humanity. It is a model that the whole world would admire.

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They tried hard to corrupt the Anatolian spirit but nothing happened. It was as if nuclear bombs have been thrown numerous times on Anatolia, but God gave resilience to our people satan cannot succeed in harming them. They could not corrupt our people, Alhamdulillah.

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Turkey has a very rich culture of social graces that cannot be found in other countries. European etiquette is rather limited while the Anatolian one is quite rich.


The British deep state's aim was to first to drive the Turkish Nation to Anatolia, and then from there to the Central Asia

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There is a very warm philosophy in Anatolia. Those that are unaware of that philosophy, that spirit, would not be able to enjoy Anatolian music and beauties.


The Anatolian people have a historical wisdom and insight. With this insight, our people are able to quickly decide who and what should be supported.

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