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old age

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The truth of the life of this world


The truth of the life of this world


Bone loss in old age


It is a great miracle that people do not think about Allah and the hereafter when they grow old


Some of the portents of the day of judgment that have come about - Part III


Even people who may die at any moment do not remember of Allah, not even with a single word.


People should keep their grandparents at home with them. That would bring richness to their homes. Placing them in nursing homes would bring about direness. You can provide the same conditions at home as well. You can reserve a room of your house to them and that would bring about auspiciousness to your home. The hardships and sufferings experienced there will bring about goodness.


It is of course difficult to take care of seniors, but the good deeds attained by doing that is plenty. God makes it difficult so that the deeds attained there will be plenty. Such good deeds should not be missed.


It is more auspicious to look after old people at home rather than sending them to institutions


It is more auspicious to look after old people at home rather than sending them to institutions for elderly


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 April 2015)


God takes the life of certain elders while they are still alive


For Muslims, youth and old age are both blessings. Hypocrites, on the other hand, are terrified of aging and death.


For a believer, it is not age, but the soul that matters. The soul might mature faster than the body.


Some young people behave as if they will live to be 100. Actually youth passes away very rapidly. A 20-year old person would grow old in only two decades.


Many people think that Islam can only be practiced when one is old since they imagine that they'll lose their joy of life if they become religious.


Growing old is unavoidable

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