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Greece and Turkey will unite


Greece, a country in economic crisis


Greece provides convenience in visa issues


Greece can only cover its debts if all its goverment property is sold


If not resolved, the Crisis in Greece may spread to 5 other European countries


Greece is on the crossroads; Europe will either rescue it or it will go bankrupt


Greece provides convenience in visa issues


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with Mr. Charles Ries, the former American Ambassador to Greece (29 November 2011; 21:30)


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 November 2012


Greece should unite with Turkey, we should be like one nation in two states. Let us open our borders and unite instantly. They are our brothers, they are beautiful people. Let us have fun together, let us be happy. That would be great.


The Turkish Islamic Union will be established insha'Allah. Love, peace, brotherhood, beauty and pleasantness would spread all around. Greek people will be very dear to us, they will dance syrtos. The Russians will dance kazatsky. We will also embrace our Arabic brothers and sisters. The children and the youngsters in Israel will sing pleasantly with enthusiasm and merriness. We will break down that dark, that cold appearance of Armenia; we will establish a serene and prosper Armenia. Everyone will live in happiness.


Let us embrace Israel with compassion, let us embrace Armenia with compassion, let us embrace Russia with compassion, let us embrace Greece with compassion. Let us establish a beauty in all our borders. Let us put aside visas and passports. And let us establish the Unity of Islam.


Our government should be tenacious about uniting with Greece.


We will reunite with all the countries we’ve been recently separated; we will unite with all of them including Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.


State obliterating forces


Love thy neighbor


The Greek Stock Market fell apart at the Greek leader Tsipras’s first statement. Greece will soon go bust


With a leftist government coming to power, Greece will wallow into a far worse affliction that it is in right now and will fall into a even deeper gap. That is another plot; look, you will see how their economy will go downhill, how wretched they will be and how an indescribable scourge will engulf Greece. This government will soon be overthrown. You will see this in the coming days: I am laying emphasis on this.


Greece Must Not Prepare Its Own Doom!


When God's Name is not recited, that region, that city, that country would become barren. What comes in its place? Hunger and economic crisis. What comes in its place? Terror. Those two dangers. Is God's Name invoked in Greece? No. Is His Name invoked in other countries? For instance, is His Name invoked in the US? What happens then? Hunger comes. Hunger enwraps them all in those vast lands. Terror, meaning fear, comes following that.


The sole reason of Greece's economic collapse and violence acts in the USA


Greece: “To Be or Not to Be in the Eurozone”


Adnan Oktar: “Greece Will Go Bankrupt”


Anna Diamantopoulou, Former EU Commissioner, Former Minister of Education Greece


After Israel, we will make friendship agreements with Armenia, Greece and Russia. And we will attain beautiful results by the will of God.


It is crucial to establish friendship with Greece. They are our people. We need to be instrumental in their salvation and protect them.


Turkey should have good relations with all its neighbors. Let’s remove borders, passports, visas with Iran, Greece, Israel and Syria.


Cyprus is our own land; we would never give away our lands and agree to any such agreement. We want amity to exist in Cyprus; there should be no border between the two peoples. Greece and Southern Cyprus should not make illogical demands under the influence of British Deep State.


Putin is an honest man. Turkey and Russia should have a stronger relationship.


We should be friends with Greece and even lift visas. Crises, wars of words, should be a thing of the past. We may live in beautiful relations together.

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