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President: Eat grape instead of drinking alcohol


A person who drinks alcohol will become a sinner but that person would not be abandoning religion.


The government is acting sagacious with the precautions they have taken about the sales of alcohol. People taking alcohol are numbed. We need a robust, alive generation.


''The measures being taken about alcohol consumption are vital''


Drawing attention to the dangers of alcohol is not a restriction over freedoms.


A viewer’s question about alcohol and tatoo


Drinking wine, rakı and whisky, being poisoned and wasted is not having fun. There is such a false culture of alcohol and that is a grave mistake. Alcohol is by no manner of means entertaining. It is a very harmful and very disruptive substance.


It is wrong to promote drinking alcohol, which harms the body severely and gives enormous damage.


Having fun together, having dinners together, these are all good; but it should be without the alcohol. Alcohol devastates the body. Losing one’s control completely so that one can barely stand up due to alcohol is nothing fun. There is nothing fun about getting intoxicated.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 July 2016)


Some people keep saying they cannot feel relaxed unless they consume alcoholic beverage. The truth is they poison themselves with alcoholic drinks and losing their consciousness always causes them regret afterwards.


Alcohol causes great destruction. It poisons the body and the metabolism tries to get rid of it as soon as possible.


There is nothing good in alcohol. It tastes bad, smells bad and it only gives dizziness and discomfort.

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1-13 / Total: 13
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