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More than 5,000 Christians in Germany convert to Islam each year


AL-JAMI‘ - The Gatherer


We have been instrumental in changing the location of the wine festival that was to be held in a mosque garden in Israel.


Mosques brings serenity, mosques bring profusion. There should be beautiful mosques everywhere.


Persecutions will end with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Both mosques and cemevis are very beautiful places but instead of drawing buildings closer, enabling people loving each other, drawing people together is important. The thing to do about this is to give an education about the system of the Mahdi based on the Qur'an.


It is not right to ban the call to prayer in mosques in Israel (11.10.2013)


The closing of a mosque in Baghdad is the characteristic of antichrist (23.11.2013)


Churches are the houses of God, synagogues are the houses of God and so are the mosques. Everyone can worship wherever they like. God rendered the whole world a place of worship for us.


Miracles of the end times of our Prophet No. 7 - The destruction of the dome of the Al-Kufa mosque


Step by the Government to Building Sanctuary on Beaches


If the Hindu nationalist party that has just come to power in India tries to eliminate other faith groups it will inflict a terrible disaster on the country


All damaged and ruined mosques should be rejuvenated. It would be unlawful to leave them in such a state. They should definitely be revived and rejuvenated. A mosque should remain a mosque until the Last Day. You cannot demolish them and turn them into places of amusement.


PKK Using the Quran as a Shield in a Mosque in Sur, Diyarbakir is the Evidence of Their Hostility Towards Islam


All Muslims constitute a single community. All mosques in the world are the buildings of this community, all Muslims of the world are its members.


It is crucial that mosques are clean, spotless, very well maintained, kept, and airy.


People should be able to act freely inside the mosques. They should be able to eat or hold meetings. It was like that at the time of the Prophet (saas).


Muslims bomb their own mosques when either the mosques of the Shia or Sunni are bombed. That is an apparent cruelty.


Building new mosques is something pleasing for every Muslim but what is important is to fill those mosques and open the hearts.


Communities visiting mosques, churches and synagogues would be revered if people possessed genuine compassion, love and affection.


Faith is in every aspect of my life, my whole life is with religion. But according to some, religion could only be practiced in a mosque.


Some Muslims feel at ease in the mosques. They should go out and see the state of Muslims in Syria, Pakistan and Iraq.


Adnan Oktar's comments on the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon covered on Brazilian Press

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