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Prophet Adam

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Those Paleolithic, Neolithic ages, copper and zinc ages; EVERY AGE WAS MODERN. When Prophet Adam (as) was sent to the world by Almighty Allah, Allah taught him all things. Allah taught him how to make agriculture, how to bake bread and how to act in the other realms of life. Allah taught them all of them by means of Jibril.

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Today in history - 3 August 1492 Christopher Colombus set foot on the Americas

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The Mahdi is a blessed individual awaited since the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). The Messenger of God (pbuh) constantly spoke about him because he loved him a lot.


The Torah and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) contain comprehensive information about the coming of the Mahdi [Moshiach]. His coming was heralded ever since the time of Adam.

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The Mahdi's coming is well known since time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). That's why the Mahdi is awaited in many beliefs which have been distorted in time.


The Prophet Adam (pbuh) existed in the spiritual realm even before the Earth was created and was put in Heaven and then to the Earth. There is no such thing as creation by evolution.


The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was sent to this world as a complete human being. There is no such thing as gradual development through evolutionary processes in the Qur’an.


The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was created in the spiritual realm with all mankind before the universe was created. Then he was created in Heaven and sent to this world.


The fact that the Mahdi is also in Israeli sources is proof that it is a truth from God. It has been in all religions since Prophet Adam.


The Mahdi movement exists in all books sent to the prophets. This is proof that the Mahdi system is a fact.

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