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Fethullah Gulen

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Mr. Adnan Oktar's replies to the questions of Dr. Bernardus Bouwman, 23 May 2010


Master Fethullah Gulen is talking about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)


From the articles of Esteemed Fethullah Gulen Hodja published in Sızıntı Magazine regarding the system of the Mahdi


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Interview on 21 February 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 February 2012


Highligts from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 March 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 June 2012


Master Fethullah loves me very much, that is for one. He considers the activities of my friends as perfect activities; that is the second point. We do love our master very much as well. I love Master Fethullah very much.


Mr. Fethullah Gulen loves me very much. He is a lover of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and a person who supports him.


The appropriate time for our Master Fethullah to return to our country is the time of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


The gentle, peaceful, kind attitude of our Master Fethullah that calls people to love and encourage brotherhood is very nice.


The importance of reconciling Muslims is emphasized in the hadiths (07.12.2013)


Corruption does not influence the Turkish government; the operation has nothing to do with Fethullah Gulen’s community (17.12.2013)


The owner of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is our nation, no one can do any harm to him (17.12.2013)


It is stated in the hadith that in the End Times the two Islamic communities with the same goal would struggle with one another (18.12.2013)


Adnan Oktar: We will reconcile the AK Party and Fethullah Gulen’s Community (19.12.2013)


“Let us unite the powers of the AK Party and the Community, and make it 11 by putting 1 beside 1”


The hashtag #ÇekişipBirbirinizeDüşmeyin (Do Not Quarrel Among Yourselves) has once more become a Trending Topic on Twitter


“The prayers should be for goodness, peace and love”


We devastated evolution that even shook the faith of some Islamic scholars (16.12.2013)


“Calming down dissension is a religious obligation”


“My humble request from our people is that no one should write anything provoking that would create tumult”


Both the Prime Minister Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen are on the right path; it is important to assume a soothing tone (22.12.2013)


Adnan Oktar: "Let us make peace and unite so that the world will turn into Heaven on earth”


Let's make peace between our Prime Minister and Fethullah Gülen (23.12.2013)


“Our brothers and sisters should swiftly support our initiative for reconciliation”


"Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan should be the first one to assume a humble attitude and acquire the merit of making peace in the Sight of God"


Let us not offend one another over trivial things, but speak positively (25.12.2013)


Everyone Must Focus on Settling Disputes


Neither the AK Party nor Fethullah Hodja Has a Deep State Connection


The corruption operation is delighting some of the neocons in the American secret state (27.12.2013)


A tone that will do harm to our brotherhood and unity is unacceptable (01.01.2014)


Adnan Oktar "Calming troubled waters is a duty on every Muslim."


Mr. Adnan Oktar's calls for peace regarding the conflicts between the AK Party and the Fethullah Gülen Community had broad repercussions in public opinion


Tayyip Erdoğan has brought our country a long way with his successful policies (05.01.2014)


Support of Columnists Towards Soothing Words


Support of the Columnists For Soothing Words


It is wrong for Muslims to fall out as the evil in Syria goes on (15.01.2014)


It is wrong to depict a policy of hatred for a whole Fethullah Gulen community as heroism. Brother hurting brother will hurt Islam (16.01.2014)


It would be wrong for certain media organs to demand the government to go after all religious communities in panic


Instead of taking sides, we must look at things with justice and the spirit of the Qur’an (23.01.2014)


Brother Kirkinci: Pretending Not to See the Services of the Government is Unfaithfulness


It is not that easy to find Muslim scholars. Muslim communities are not that easy to find either. So throwing away religious communities and scholars should be strictly avoided.


The Fethullah Gulen community is not a community that has been formed easily. They have at least 40 years of history. It is an organization formed with great efforts, by suffering through ordeals. They have such a nice enthusiasm. They might have their mistakes, they might have their flaws. One can criticize them within the limits of reason, consideration and good conscience. But trying to destroy them, desiring to pull them down would be cruelty.


Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none


The Gulen Community is a blessing for Turkey. This government we have is a blessing for us. We should not let any pressure on our PM Erdoğan or on the Gulen community. We should support both our government and the Gulen community with all our might.


We should protect and watch over both the community and the government and ensure that they can serve together as brothers. Turkey is facing a grave danger. The danger of separation is at the door. We need to be alert. We will not let the 50 % decimate the other 50 %. We will unite 50 with the other 50 and make it 100. These are bad games. We would not be fooled by them.


Those who love Fethullah Gülen Hodja may hold favorable ideas about him being the Mahdi (06.03.2014)


Every attack and incident strengthens our prime minister (15.03.2014)


One should not rejoice at the downing of a Syrian plane or at the oppression of Muslims (24.03.2014)


The Day of reckoning will not come until there is a great struggle between two powerful groups. (26.03.2014)


Arbiters have always achieved good outcomes by reconciling Muslims (13.03.2014)


We need to strive to make things right between the Gulen community and the government. It is a religious obligation to arrange an amicable settlement between them, it is the command of the Qur’an; the command of God. God says; “If two parties of the Muslims fight make peace between them.” Consequently we cannot be a side in such a dispute.


The style of all our friends is protective and supportive of particularly the Fethullah Gulen Hodja’s community and all the other ones (27.06.2014)


Adnan Oktar: I am one of the foremost in protecting Fethullah Gulen Hodja and our Prime Minister (28.06.2014)


Mr. Adnan Oktar: “Let us accelerate efforts to reconcile the Gülen Community and the Government”


The number of preaching Muslims needs to rise


Ahmet Taşgetiren: The Government and the Gulen community should reconnect


The government should be reconciled with the Gulen community. It is not acceptable to just sit back and watch. That would be religiously unlawful. We are the only hope of the whole Islamic world. Pakistan, India, Syria and all others, all poverty-stricken people have expectations from us. Now what would this fight do to us? Where would that take us? We need to continue our efforts to reconcile ambitiously and determinedly. And we should pray fort his.


May God reconcile the Gulen community and the government, and may God give relief to their hearts. May God take away all the rage, animosity and hostility in the hearts of all Muslims and give relief, tranquility and exhilaration to the hearts instead. May God take away the troubles afflicting the people. May God bind their hearts to each other with brotherhood, love and affection.


May Almighty God reconcile the Gulen community and the government. May God give success to both parties on the path of goodness. May Almighty God not give way to the satan. May God bestow us the success of defeating the satan. May Almighty God not give way to the satan.


It is religiously unlawful for two Muslim groups, two groups on the right path, to struggle against each other. It is a religious obligation for all Muslims to try and reconcile them, it is an obligation upon all Muslims. I mean that is not something left to their discretion but a religious obligation upon all of them. They should strive to reconcile them by all means.


One needs to approach both the Gülen Community and our President Erdoğan with compassion and support them both. The PKK is constantly acting like a bully. It would be an absolute madness for a Muslim to struggle against another Muslim. They should first unite and clear up their mutual enemy, the PKK, and the rest will be easy. The rest will be solved with love, reason and knowledge.


The Gulen community should reconcile with the government and become friends again. The whole issue lies with their being reasonable, consistent, loving and humble, with their avoidance of arrogance. And with the Gulen community’s avoiding interfering with the politics. This is the most important point. The whole issue would be resolved once they stay away from politics.


Let us bring positivity to the Gulen community. The only condition is to sever their connection with politics. They should remain above politics. They would then be very successful and everyone would love them. They have followed a wrong strategy there; they’ve gotten involved with politics and things got out of control.


Fethullah Gulen is a warm hearted, compassionate person. So are his friends. I am his guarantor. These people would never get involved with acts of terror or violence. The Deep State pesters themselves upon them, that is a separate issue. The Deep State and the Fethullah Gulen community and his friends should be differentiated between.

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