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The last protector is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and sovereignty will come to an end with him


The Walayat (saintship) will come to an end with Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Muslims who desire the oppression in the world to end should seek for the Islamic Union with all their hearts


People of the book are one another's trusted friends


To be in a position of someone who 'guards, protects and watches over', to be a person with the character of a 'Protector'


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be the greatest guide and the greatest possessor of knowledge, and he will assume complete charge of Muslims


AL-WALEE - The Protector


ASH-SHAFI‘ - The Intercessor


In one of his hadiths Our Prophet (saas) says; "Mahdi is your guide that dispels your hardships."


My Protector is Allah who sent down the Book. He takes care of the righteous. (Surat Al-A'raf, 196) This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can ever be done against Mahdi (pbuh). This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can be done against the Jesus Messiah. This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can ever be done against Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). There will be those who struggle against them, there will be those who plot against them. But they can never do anything against the Will of Allah.


Almighty Allah has created the End of Times very hard so that the deeds attained would be very rich. The more the troubles, the problems are, the higher will be the rank of that person.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 June 2013)


Allah does not tell us not to take the People of the Book as friends.


Striving against the guides, saints of God is not acceptable. Even if the whole world acts together, they cannot save those who strive against the saints of God. God will send those who are hostile to the saints of God, to Hell.


There are many walking dead people around. God would turn all those who act in animosity against God, who act in animosity against the saints of God into walking dead people. They die while wandering around, they die while eating. You might suppose that they are alive but they would be dead and they wouldn't even know.


The faith of Prophets and in saintly people are very sharp, because their attention and power of judgment are very powerful. Some people are very distracted and they fail to clear up their faiths and thus remain weak in faith.


When an attitude is assumed against the guides of God, it would draw the wrath of God. When one attempts to play a trick on the guides of God, it would draw the wrath of God. Playing a trick on those God loves is one of the most dangerous acts.


"Muslims are friends of one another." What does “friend” mean? It means the one who protects and watches over the other like parents, like brothers do.


People of faith are each other's guardians. They should protect us and we should protect them.


Muslims are brothers. God says, "Muslims are each other's protecting friends." Let us create a system in which all Muslims would love one another. They are all brothers. Look, God says “...they are each other's protecting friends," meaning they are each other's protectors. They take care of one another, they help each other, they take care of each other when they are ill, they take care of everything about each other. I mean, they take care of each other like they would take care of a child.


The names of Allah: Al-Wali (The Protecting Friend)


God relates that Muslims pray to Him to send them a guardian at times of hardship. Asking for a spiritual leader is a provision of the Qur'an.

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