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Health benefits of movement, washing and drinking water


A young girl has to be smart, she needs to exercise. She has to have strong muscles and be athletic. Her hair must be very clean and well groomed.


A young girl must at least make half-an-hour to one hour of exercise a day. She needs to be well nourished. Girls must be tended very well, otherwise they will wither.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 December 2012)


Everyone can feel distressed at times. This is how it is in this World as a part of the trial. Drinking lukewarm water, not leaving the body dehydrated, not leaving one's self sleepless, moving a little. But the most important and above all else being in love with Allah, completely submitting to Allah and leaving one's self to Allah and knowing that reasons can never be a basis [ can be the cure for to overcome that distress.]


The fans of 4 great football teams constitute a very big and dynamic power. Fans of a team should approach the fans of the other team with compassion. The winning parties and the loser parties should be able to make sweet jokes about that. Furthermore different teams and their fans can make mixers, meetings of love, dinners. That would be very nice.


Actually sport activities should be obligatory. In order to bring about a fit youth, there should be one hour, one and a half hour sports lesson each day, or at least every other day. The important thing is to make the youth spiritually and physically healthy and sound.


Very nice facilities can be built in schools for youth. They need to be encouraged about sports and sports should be made obligatory in a way. If you leave one to his own means, doing sports might be very difficult.


Healthy nutrition and exercise alone do not make a person healthy; having faith and fear of God is also essential. Both physical and spiritual measures must be taken. If people lack fear and love of God; eating and drinking a lot will not do them any good.


It is crucial to never forget and constantly honor the great artists, athletes of the past.


Sport strengthens the body. Professionals should encourage and help young people into sports.

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