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Names of Allah

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In the Name of Allah, the All-merciful and Most Merciful


In the name of Allah all Merciful, most Merciful part 2


Names of Allah -3-


Seeing the clear proofs of Allah's existence


For all eternity, it is impossible for us to know Allah as Allah knows Himself. May Allah forbid, for us to know Allah in the way that He knows Himself. This is impossible.


Allah creates His servants so as to love them. Allah wants to be loved, and He loves His servants. He also likes to be loved.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 4 June 2012


Allah is the One Who knows and man is ignorant. No matter how much one learns, no matter to what extent one obtains knowledge, one would only realize the extent of his ignorance as he reads. Especially learned people understand that even better.


Knowledge is in the Sight of Allah. We cannot know anything other than what Allah teaches us. Consequently Allah is the One Who knows everything, we are always ignorant. Allah is the One Who possesses everything, we are always in need.


Almighty Allah's Name is very exalted. Allah's Name is a glorious name that shakes the whole endless universe.


How nice it is that we have our Lord Who has infinite wisdom. How nice it is that Allah likes beauty. Allah loves beauty. And He showed us an easy way; "Be well mannered so that I will take you to the Heaven," He says.


God's mercy is not for killing but for reviving. May God's mercy be upon all Muslims.


Almighty God is Al-Ghaffar (the Forgiving) and Ar-Raheem. We feel an endless trust for God. God is the One Who teaches us mercy. May God Forbid, God would never do anything cruel.


God likes compassion, mercy. Love is the basic characteristic of a Muslim. We say; "God is Al-Ghafur [The Most Forgiving] and Ar-Rahim [The Merciful]." We say "Bismillahir Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem." Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem.. What does Ar-Raheem mean? The Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Muslims should also embrace these Beautiful Names of God.


God knows what to do. Do not attempt to teach mercy to God, may God forbid. God is the One Who teaches you what mercy is. God is the One Who teaches you what compassion is. You wouldn't have known mercy or compassion if God hadn't taught you about those anyway. God teaches you all those and you attempt to make comments about God - may God forbid- with what God shows you. God is the One Who shows you everything, second by second.


The names of Allah 1


The names of Allah 3


Limited things are hard on people. Why does God promise an endless life in Heaven? Being limited gives pain to people, that is why. Limitless, endless things are beautiful. There is a beginning for a Muslim but there is no end. Almighty God has no beginning and no ending.


The world is like a tiny piece of dust in the vast universe. We are even immensely smaller than the tiny dust on that tiny being. But Almighty God rules over all of it; He doesn't sleep but we do. He doesn't get ill, neither does He die. He rules over all the atoms in the universe. God has limitless power. It is very important to have the reasoning to appreciate that, to have the attention and will power to appreciate that.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 March 2015)


How well do you know Allah who created you?


The names of Allah: Al-Awwal (The First)


The names of Allah: Al Mughnee (He Who Bestows Wealth on Whom He Pleases)


The names of Allah: Al Muhee (The Bestower of Life, the Giver of Health, He Who Resurrects, He Who Causes to Live)


The names of Allah: Al Muhsee (He Who Knows the Number of All Things, Even If They are Infinite)


The names of Allah: Al Hayy (The Living, He Who Knows and is Almighty to Do All Things)


The names of Allah: Al Hafeedh (The Protector, the Watcher Over, the Preserver)


The names of Allah: Al Faliq (The Splitter of Seeds, He Who Clefts the Darkness and Produces the Morning)


The names of Allah: Al Baqi (The Lasting, the Immortal)


The names of Allah: Al 'Asim (The Protector)


The names of Allah: Al Ba'ith (The Waker, the Resurrector, the Sender of Prophets)


The names of Allah: Az-Zahir (He Who is evident)


The names of Allah: As-Sani' (The artist, He Who creates with infinite beauty)


The names of Allah: Rabb Al-'Alimeen (Lord of the worlds)


The names of Allah: Malik Yawm Ad-Deen (Lord of the Day of Judgment)


The names of Allah: Al-Haleem (The very Gentle)


The names of Allah: Al-Khaliq (He Who foresees the existence of all things and the forms they will assume throughout that existence, and Who creates them accordingly, out of nothing)


The names of Allah: Al Fatir (The Creator, Inventor)


The names of Allah: Al Badee' (He Who creates using no pre-existing model)


The names of Allah: Al Basit (He Who opens, broadens or makes plentiful)


Almighty God always uses a proper and kind tone, He always treats people properly; therefore, He never broke the hearts of any of the prophets. No matter what the prophets said to Him, Almighty God always replied to them with a kind language.


The only One to be revered is God. He is the Greatest, He is Omnipotent.


God takes revenge from those who do not love Him despite the blessings He bestows on them. If they had loved God very much, the world would turn into Paradise.


God is forgiving. Despite persistent insincerity of people, God always forgives.


God is the Greatest Power and Islamic Union is God’s promise.


The attribute of God, Al-Hayy, manifests itself also in Jesus. He made a mold in the shape of a bird out of clay and by God’s Grace it turned into a living bird.

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