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Science and Technology

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Scourges stemming from Darwinism: communism, fascism, Satanism and terror II


Scourges stemming from Darwinism: communism, fascism, Satanism and terror I


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: Specifically What Harm Does Evolution Theory and Darwinism Have on Humanity?


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: Fossils That Show That Lliving Things Have Not Changed For Millions Of Years


Does It Mean That The Planet Supports Life, Is Water Found on Other Planets Usable?


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: About Mr. Adnan Oktar's works


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: How About The Host Organization? How Do You Feel About Them?


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: How Do You Like İstanbul So Far?


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: Is There A Possibility Of The Existence Of Exoplanets İn The Universe That Are Entirely Covert With Water?


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: God Is The Author Of Nature


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: What Is Remarkable About Earth Is That All Of The Conditions That Have All The Different Amino Acids Interacting In These Very Complex Biomolecules


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: Would There Be Life at all Without the Moon?


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: About the Big Bang


Dr. Jeff Zweerink’s comments on Istanbul


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: What is the significance of this conference?


Dr. Jeff Zweerink: "What can creationists do more together to tell people about the falsity of the evolutionary theory and the fact of creation?"


Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: How Can We Make Use of Viruses Medicine Other Disciplines


Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: It is Amazing Learning About Viruses


Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: Can a Single Cell Come About Through an Evolutionary Process

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1-19 / Total: 19
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