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The eminence Islam attaches to women


The Lord's mercy toward women


Those exerting violence against women will be monitored by electronic cuffs


Revolution for violence against women!


Special bureau for violence against women


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''Violence towards women is meanness''


Iranian President Ahmadinejad's statement about love of woman


100 thousand people are educated for violence against women


Apartment flat for women subjected to violence


Second memorandum on the violence against women from Erdogan


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 February 2012


Women and men who do not believe in Allah carry the coldness of unfaithfulness on them


Women are highly elevated in Islam. But when you have bigots, women are not valued at all. Bigotry equals misogyny, the hatred of women.


Woman is a blessed, wonderful and immaculate being. She is to be loved with passion as a manifestation of Allah. One must love her and have compassion and watch over and protect her all her life. She is entrusted to one by Allah.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 20 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 April 2012


Women have to be tended like flowers. Otherwise they immediately wither. If they remain sleepless for a night, they become devastated, they are extremely cute. You have to take meticulous care of them. You have to tend to their food, morale, and above all else, their faith, education and that they remain in a joyful environment.


Women are very delicate, they become sick in the cold. Warmer than normal also does not make them feel good. They have to be in a normal environment. They would not tolerate being distressed. They would feel resentful of a minor distress. They are very sweet beings. You have to weigh your words while speaking to them. They would get bored if you speak to them in an idiotic manner.


Women are very wise; one can counsel them very well. It would be very fine to comply with the advice of a woman; it brings blessings.


A WOMAN IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ADORNMENT IN THE WORLD. There is nothing superior to her. They are very blessed beings.


Wherever there is woman, sins come to an end there. At those places where there are the women, lawful deeds appear. Perversion, immorality appear where there are the bigots.


When one thinks of a woman, you have to be astonished by her beauty and feel respect for her. You will appreciate her. She has to show herself as a glorious being.


The love for women is directly related with one’s faith. As his faith becomes more profound, his love for woman also becomes deeper and the vice versa is true.


A WOMAN WHO HAS DEEP FEAR OF ALLAH BECOMES VERY BEAUTIFUL. She becomes very companionable, meek and a very sweet person. Otherwise there appears some kind of malice, dirt on her, Allah forbid.


A Muslim woman has a light on her face because of her chastity. There is some sweetness on her. One feels profound affection for her, she has a nice expression on her face. There is majesty and appeal on them. This is a blessed appeal.


A woman can love if she understands that she is respected and appreciated.


Some women in this world are really ill-natured. That is why they do not have any impressive quality. In their presence, people simply feel unease. Though they may be beautiful, their presence disturbs people. But if they are both physically and spiritually beautiful, then they become very impressive.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 July 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 July 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 July 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 August 2012


The rules of the bigots to keep women distant to the Qur’an


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 September 2012


Protection Squad for Women Who Are Sufferers of Domestic Violence


In bigots there is a gruesome hatred towards women. According to the belief of the bigots; women are short of religion and of reason.


According to the hadith records loving women is a part of the morality of the prophets.


Not appreciating women stems from the mindset of losers.


Bigots have implemented a system in which women would not perform their prayers half their lives.


More than thirty antichrists will appear against Hazrat Mahdi. These antichrists, some of which would be females, will pick on Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will grow bigger and his strength will increase even more as they attack him.




Love, compassion and mercy should be the basis between ladies who cover their heads and those who do not. Ladies who cover their heads are radiant Muslims and those who do not cover their heads are radiant Muslims as well. They all are our sisters.


Girls should be given priority everywhere, they should be protected very well. When they are happy, the world becomes tasty.


Women are the flowers of this world. When a woman enters a room, everyone should get up out of respect.


The addresses should be beautiful. Our brothers and sisters should avoid using slang. They should not speak unseemly words. Let them say beautiful words. Especially while addressing ladies slang language should never be used. That would be very atrocious and would not befit good morals and etiquette. Ladies are addressed in the kindest manner.


Bigoted people demand a rude, aggressive, loveless, egoistic, selfish, jealous, filthy and ugly model for women; one that hates everyone. And that is a very repulsive model. No one would come near to such people. May Allah forbid, in such an environment, under such conditions Islam would not prevail.


Allah would not wrong His servants. Allah would not want Muslims to live in pain. Allah would not want women to live in pain. Allah loves women. Allah created them to be loved, not to be oppressed.


They do not let women touch the Qur'an, they do not let them perform their prayers, they do not let them go out.. Stop oppressing women! You are to show love and respect to women, you are to treat them kindly. Just like you are, women are free as well.


Such days will come and women will be able to go as far as Damascus unaccompanied. There will be no communist attacks, no PKK attacks, no scoundrels' attack, no stabbed women, no shooting, no violence against women, no such ignominies, no such bullying; there will be nothing of that sort. Everyone will be brothers and sisters with each other and everyone will love each other. They will live in peace and security. These days are very near. I mean within 3-5 days everything will be changed insha'Allah. Keep up your efforts.


The dajjal (antichrist) would not want the Mahdi (pbuh). 30 dajjals (antichrists) will appear against the Mahdi (pbuh) and some of them will be women.


Shooting defenseless women is an utmost remorselessness, it is a treachery. If there is an offence, you judge it by law and jurisprudence. Hands should not be raised against women.


Ladies are beings that we think very high of and respect. While talking about them one should talk with admiration and respect.


Regarding ladies as odd creatures is a reflection of a crude culture.


Shooting down defenseless women and young girls, leaving them dead in welter of blood is a grave unscrupulousness. That is a very cruel act. A person who fears Allah would act according to the moral values of the Qur'an and would not deem such a persecution proper.


In the time of the system of the Mahdi there will be such a secure environment that there will be no need to wear hijab. That is because women will be treated with great respect and reverence.


According to the hadith of our Prophet (saas) loving women is from the morality of prophets.


Our Prophet (saas) says; "I do not suppose that a person's faith would increase unless his love towards women increases. " (Qulayni, Qafi, v.5, p.320, Hadiths no:2) . So our Prophet (saas) says that the more a person's faith is, the more he would love women.


Muslim ladies are beautiful and well-groomed both in this world and the hereafter. It is fanaticism to be against beauty and even laughing.


Allah warns His faithful servants not to make those lawful blessings unlawful for themselves


The kindness of our Prophet (saas) towards ladies.


The Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said that they are working on a law involving violence against women


Our sisters with burqa and sisters without headscarves struggle together to spread the morality of Islam


Women should be high and honorable in your eyes, they should be great and they should be given great value. In many place they do not value women. Then they would be lost, you would be loosing. Allah would take away that blessing from you. That would turn into a scourge. It would darken your soul and would feet very bad.


In the End Times women will live in security


Women are the most beautiful beings of the world. They are the manifestation of Allah’s names “Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim.” Women are the manifestation of Allah’s name “Al-Lateef” [The Gentle, The Subtle] and they are very aesthetic and beautiful beings. Their compassion is nice, their mercy is nice, their cleanliness is nice and their wisdom is nice.


Women are entrusted to their spouses by Allah. It is like your daughter and like your mother at the same time. You should protect them with the same meticulous manner. Just like you would be meticulous about the protection of a three years old child; you should protect them meticulously as well.


Women are very sensitive, they are very easily offended. They might get sad easily or have apprehensions. They should be taken care of in a very alert manner. For instance the slightest coldness in one’s face might offend her, might make her unsettled.


The hearts of women are very open to apprehensions. They are not like men. They are very thoughtful and they see great details. For that reason those blessed beings should be very attentively taken care of. For instance what could make her sad, what could make her uneasy, how her heart can be strengthened; these should all be thought of attentively.


The greatest gift that could be given to a lady is to strengthen her faith and to strengthen her piety. For instance they say; “I have bought a golden bracelet to my spouse.” Yet if you strengthen her faith, it could not be compared with a million of golden bracelet. That is the extent of happiness they will thus attain. That is because she would not be relieved with golden bracelets. She could take the bracelet but her depression, her illness might still continue. But with sincere faith, her world would turn into Heaven. She knows that you will one day die and that she will someday die as well. But if you can give her a fervent faith, that would make her very happy, insha’Allah.


Ladies with headscarves and without headscarves are the sisters of one another


Misogyny is one of the main issues of fanaticism


The Muslim Brotherhood Should Take The Lead in Promoting Freedoms Instead of an Oppressive Radical System


“The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] should deal a blow against fanaticism and advocate a modern Islam by setting an example for the entire Muslim world”


Adnan Oktar: “The Ikhwan must emphasize that it is a party that does not only represent women who wear the headscarf”


Women should be held in high esteem, they should be shown a special respect. They should be protected specifically. Women are great blessings. Women are the greatest bodily and spiritually combined blessings of this world. There is none above them.


The anti-woman mindset, the mindset that tries to put women in order should go away. It is not anyone's duty to put women in order. Women are very prone to their honor, to their pride; they are very reasonable beings. They understand the Qur'an very well. Let them be, let them decide about their lives.


Morsi Must Produce Freedom for


If there is no love for women, there would not be arts either. I mean love for women forms the basis of the spirit of arts. That is a very crucial point. Women are the most beautiful beings of this world.


There cannot be a world without women, there cannot be a Heaven without women. The world is beautiful with women. Heaven is beautiful with women as well. Women are the most beautiful creatures of this world. And the most beautiful being in the Heaven, I mean except for God, is woman as the manifestation of God's beauty insha'Allah.


A person who fails to see the artistry in women, who fails to see the manifestation of God's beauty in women, would be closed to arts anyway. Such a person loses all his artistic power. I mean which beauty can a person like that see? How could such a person perceive the beauty of a flower? How could he see the beauty of scenery? If one fails to see the beauty in women, then it is over, such a person has nothing.


A person who has the morals of the Qur'an, a person who loves God would also love women who are the most perfect manifestation of God. However women are beautiful with their souls. They are soul and body. Women are perfect beings both in body and in spirit.


There will be no happiness in a system where there is no democracy, where women are not living in comfort, where they are living under pressure. A system in which everything is forbidden and in which death sentence is given for almost anything is definitely not Islam. This is a fascist, a merciless and psychopathic mindset that has nothing to do with Islam.


Interfering in the make-up and clothing of ladies is not compliant with respect. Their opinions should be respected.


The radical mindset does not recognize the right of ladies who do not cover their heads to live. However we look and see that the leftist mindset does not have a high opinion of women as well.


Muslim women are meek like lambs, they are immaculately and beautiful, they are like the women of Heaven.


Radicals are deprived of the soul to appreciate the beauties in women (31.08.2013)


It is not sufficient for a woman to be beautiful. She should be beautiful with faith. She should remember God, she should have faith then she should fear God, she should love God so much so that she can be beautiful. Or else she wouldn't be beautiful.


All words that honor women and attach importance to them are beautiful.


Prof.Dr.Ali Kose: There is a Problem With Women Around The Islamic World


The logic behind the oppression ladies are put through is horrible. They wear low neck dresses and that is regarded as an offense; they use headscarves and that is regarded as an offense; they wear hijabs and that is regarded as an offense as well. Whatever they do it is seen as an offense. And that is one of the troubles, one of the diseases that would go away in the time of the Mahdi.


It is very important to emphasize that women will not be oppressed


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will eventually make everyone appreciate the value of women. He will show people how to appreciate their worth.


Woman is the greatest blessing God has created in the world. And also in the Hereafter, apart from God's manifestation, woman is the greatest beauty, the greatest blessing. That is why woman is the most beautiful blessing that addresses the human soul. Man is the same for woman.


Women want to live freely. It is very important to emphasize that they would not be oppressed. That is because men are completely free everywhere in the world. No one ever interferes with their business.


They make a great fuss if ladies open their hair or their arms somehow. And they say that it is because they are attractive… If a person has ill-intentions, if a person is sick in mind, if there is a deviation in one's soul, if he does not have the will-power; it wouldn't matter for that person anyway. It wouldn't matter if it is a child or a woman or a man he is looking at. That is a matter of faith, a matter of belief, a matter of character.


The whole world can trust Hakan Fidan with their minds at peace


Women like low neck dresses. They like to see their beauty appreciated. They like being well groomed. They are the adornments of this world.


If we were to say; "Why are you adorned like this? Why are you colored? Why are you full of colors? Why do you smell beautiful like this?" to the flowers, would that be logical? That shouldn't be asked to a woman either. "Why are you beautiful like this?" Do you want them to be ugly? Of course they will be beautiful.


Women are sweet beings; they are very very beautiful beings. Women are the greatest blessings of this world. They are the greatest blessing the eyes can see. Freedom is very crucial for their happiness. They should be valued, they should be respected, protected and watched over.


We should respect women and know that they would do what is necessary to be done. Every woman knows very well how to protect her honor, her pride and her purity. They also know how to dress themselves.


Women are very gentile and kind beings. There are carnations in the gardens and they need to be looked after very meticulously. Or else they would die away instantly. That is the same with women, you need to pay attention to everything about them. For them to be spiritually and physically perfect they should be looked after even more meticulously than the flowers.


A way out for some people who do not want to see women around


The World Must Refresh Its Perspective on Women


Just like Pharaoh, fanaticism also imposes a belief system on people (14.10.2013)


Fanatics want the religion to be difficult; God, on the other hand, wants ease for His servants (16.10.2013)


The European Union stresses the issue of not fanatics’ appreciating the women (27.10.2013)


Women should be free. I mean no one is in a position to instruct women, they are in no position to counsel women. If anyone needs to counsel, it is women who should counsel men. I mean they should be given an edge over men in this respect.


A policy, an attitude that instructs women, I mean assuming a higher tone about them is really annoying and disturbing. Ladies are very wise, highly cultivated and high quality people. God created people as equals; both men and women are created as equals. They are equal in every aspect.


Men must not interfere in any of women’s issues (02.11.2013)


No one should interfere in anything about women. Women should always be subjected to positive discrimination. Wherever we go, we should them as very high quality, immaculately clean and well kept.


The Qur’an reveals that men and women can be present together in society (03.11.2013)


Examples in the Qur'an relating that men and women can co-exist in the same place (06.11.2013)


Men must not meddle in how women dress


Bülent Arınç: It is immoral to Categorize Women according to their Attire


Mr. Erdogan: The one with the headscarf and the one without a headscarf have equal rights and freedoms


In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Muslims will treasure and have a very high opinion of women


High-quality Muslims who value women will appear in the time of the system of the Mahdi (12.11.2013)


How will be the attires of paradise? (12.11.2013)


In the time of Mahdi women will no longer be bothered (12.11.2013)


Men's interference on women should be lifted already. That is really embarrassing and it is the shame of centuries. People should be saved from this scourge in no time. Ladies should enjoy utmost freedom. They should be able to dress as ever they like, they should be able to talk as ever they like and go wherever they like.


Why are the ladies' make up so elaborate? (07.12.2013)


TUSİAD: Women’s Role in Daily Life Must Be Extended


Examples from the Qur’an concerning men and women being present in the same environment (06.11.2013)


The error of excluding women from social life


All women are born with their rights intact


They have turned women into men (24.03.2014)


God has taken the beauty of women, the love of women from the face of this world because people grew away from Him, because they developed a tendency towards Darwinism, materialism, because they tend towards materialist spirit, and especially because they grew away from the Qur’an.


It is important for the young Egyptian girls to be freed from prison (23.04.2014)


God has made illicit relations between men and women unlawful, not their being present in the same place


God creates women to be very sweet (14.05.2014)


The spirit of showing compassion to women would increase love for women as well. Some people only see women as sexual objects. They would then approach them in the spirit of hatred. Compassion and the spirit of mercy and protection would increase love in folds. Actually compassion is mentioned all the time in the Qur’an. I mean there is love mixed with mercy, a protective kind of love.


Ahl al-Bayt (People of the House) were martyred by radicals because of their modernity and valuing women (05.06.2014)


Response to the question, “Does stoning appear in the Qur’an. Did the stoning of women take place in the time of our Prophet (pbuh)?" (20.05.2014)


Women will be very active in the era of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)


In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) Women will assume the duty of preaching Islam and They will become scholars on the Qur'an and the Sunnah


Examples from the Qur’an showing it is compatible with the faith for men and women to look attractive to the opposite sex


There will be no salvation, no relief for the Islamic Union as long as this misogyny remains; scourges would rain upon them. Half of the servants of God are female. Feeling such hatred towards women would thus summon the wrath of God.


Women are extremely reasonable, fine thinking, artistic -spirited perfect creatures. And women are really wise; they see details very well. In fact, they notice details far more than men do.


It is nice for women to be admirable. What is forbidden for both men and women is illegitimate intercourse. I mean what is forbidden for them is to engage in illegal sexual intercourse. Or else there is no harm in a woman being liked, or a man being liked.


Those who want women out of life actually wish to take Islam out of life (04&12.06.2014)


Women should be shown the respect they deserve


At least half of the National Assembly should be women. Women should be given utmost freedom. The society is male dominant, that is clearly seen. Women are very superior, very precious, very clever, very decent and pure, beautiful beings. They are the ornaments of this world.


Women are being oppressed everywhere in the world and people are merely watching this oppression. With the system of the Mahdi this scourge will be removed. Mahdi (pbuh) will annihilate this scourge. The system in which women are held in high esteem, in which women enjoy utmost freedom, is the system of the Mahdi.


Women are very intricate beings, one needs to treat them very attentively. One should treat them as if they are made of veil; one needs to be very wise to be able to stroll inside that soul. It is almost impossible to approach a woman with an obtuse, weak mind: That is because they are very easily offended, very easily saddened and very easily take offense. I mean there is a need for a very sharp mind and a very sharp attention.


Women meticulously look for wisdom because they are wise themselves, so they are very much impressed by intelligent and wise people.


Only the love of God can provide a solution to violence against women


Turkey should be famous for its respect for women and women rights


Maad Sharaf and Ala Mohsen, Students


Shahira Amin, Independent Journalist, Egypt (2)


The Solution To Violence Against Women: Love Of God


Summer Nasser, Peace Activist, New York


Summer Nasser, Peace Activist, New York


Women are more superior to men in terms of compassion, affection and in meticulousness. Male superiority must be removed


Women are superior in love, in mercy, in compassion, in quality, in beauty. Women are clever and very intelligent creatures. Men tend to think more superficially, their way of thinking is more plain: Women, on the other hand, are able to think very creatively and they are much stronger than men in their talents and tendency towards the arts, beauty and aesthetics.


The AK Party should advocate that women should be at least as strong as men in every sphere of life and at least as high in number as men. For instance, at least half of the National Assembly should consist of women. At least half of government officers should also be women and women should be positively discriminated towards.


The fact that Turkey is a modern country should be emphasized thoroughly. It should be well emphasized that we are a democratic country that protects the rights of women, that advocates the arts, beauty, aesthetics and science. A misleading image has been formed about our country, portraying Turkey as inclined to radicalism: We need to eliminate that image completely.


Banning ladies having fun is like uprooting an essential beauty out of this world. Women are the most important ornaments of the world. If women have fun, if they are happy, if they are cheerful, if they are able to show their beauty, it would be great.


When a young girl lives her life with profound faith, love and radiance, when she is brought up with a healthy, sound and reasonable upbringing, she becomes very lively and very beautiful. But that is not what they do. They say, “what happens if I become faithless?” That kills them spiritually. And when they die spiritually, they die physically as well.


Islam adds value to women


Within the course of world history, they [bigots] have generally turned this world into a living hell for women. When born a woman, she doesn’t have the opportunity to have fun, to wear what she likes or to dress up. Loving and being loved is forbidden, being joyous is forbidden, everything is forbidden for them. Let them have fun, let them be joyous and wear whatever they like. Leave them alone so that they can live in peace.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 December 2014)


Adnan Oktar: Throughout history life has been made a living hell for women


To men who meddle in women’s affairs: Would you like women to meddle in your affairs?


Intelligence looks very good on women. I mean that intelligent expression in their eyes. For instance, a woman who gazes with birdlike, empty eyes loses all her glory, all her splendor. If one doesn't have such a genuine problem with her mind, it is such witlessness for a woman to accept such an appearance.


Women are the manifestations of God. Love for women stems from love of God. It stems from the love felt for the manifestations of God. God manifests Himself with His Name "An-Nur", "Al-Jamal". All beauties belong to God.


Radicals regard women as evil, they see them as the source of sins that ruin men, destroy families and harm humanity. I mean, misogyny is very widespread and intense among radicals.


Women are ruined in the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam. They can neither have the freedom to dress up, nor to laugh, or to sit properly or to walk about as they like. Even their eating as they wish is an offense. They [the radicals] say, "If you let them eat a lot, they would go rampant and cause you troubles. If you let them wear beautiful clothes they would attempt to go out to the streets to show off."


Secrets and Wisdom from the Quran; Heavy burden that bigotry loads on women


Radicals are some of the worst misogynists in the world


Being a woman in Afghanistan


Women are delicate beings, and men are responsible for looking after them in the best possible way. But if you approach them thinking that they are gullible, that would be highly humiliating. I mean if you force yourself onto her, if you have an exploiting mentality, that would be appalling.


It is very clever of Rıdvan Dilmen to say that Qur’an should be read to stop violence against women


The reason why women do not get involved with politics is that it is a very merciless system. It is a system of gossip, a system of corruption; an inconceivable flywheel operates. Wherever you go, you see it more or less. Of course in the time of the system of the Mahdi there will be no such thing, there will be no such merciless system. They are tormenting themselves in vain.


Eliminate discrimination against women


Well intentioned, truehearted women are very beautiful. When they are filled with evil thoughts inside, their faces would become very ugly and they would lose their sense of reason. They become repulsive.


Women are beautiful creatures. One must hold them in high esteem


Women should be cherished and loved


Women are very beautiful beings. They are the ornaments of this world. The world should attach great importance to women. If one is unable to appreciate the value of women, if he is unable to see such a beauty, the eye in his heart is blind.


Women are very much affected by intellect and faith. That is what a woman looks for in a man and a man looks for that in a woman as well. This is not something about flesh and bones; there are very beautiful women but you cannot feel love for them if they are dishonorable. You cannot love them if they are unkind. You cannot love them if they are ungracious. You cannot love them if they are perfidious, egotistic, selfish. You cannot love them if they are unable to think freely and sincerely.


The Qur'an holds women in high esteem. Women are praised, exalted and protected in the verses. Those who claim that "women are half-people" have a completely different mentality and they are not abiding by the Qur'an in that sense.


The reason why Islam does not reign the world is bigots' not appreciating women


Traditionalist, orthodox Islam regards women as half-people. Actually women and men are equals. Almighty God emphasizes this fact in many verses.


The lovelessness of radicals, their misogyny is incomprehensible. Once you take women on, you would be taking on half of the world. That is because women are mothers. You would thus be taking on half of the world and mothers. When that is the case, Islam would completely fall from power in the world, just like it is right now.


Women are superior beings, they are beautiful beings. God created women and men as equals but women are highly esteemed beings.


Misogyny is one of the most distinct characteristics of a radical. They have an indescribable hatred and rage towards women. They hate women. In their own twisted minds, they look down on women when they see them at the streets and think very highly only of themselves.


Bigots degrade women based on the provisions from unauthentic hadith


The bigots tried to prevent women from using mosques in the time of Our Prophet (saas)


The story of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) tells about the understanding of love of the women belonging to the religion of the ignorant


Women can wear burqa where they don't feel safe


Prophet Moses (as) was a very strong person


Quran gives us the conversation of The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) with Queen of Sheba and the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with women as examples


One cannot fall in love with a woman without falling in love with God


What is the role for a woman in Islam? (Vice News Interview)


First of all, in terms of morality, girls should be claimed and looked after everywhere; they should be loved everywhere. A weird ferocity is going on all around. Their happiness means the happiness of the world. Their being loved means the world being loved. Without them being happy, the world would not be happy either.


The government should find a solution about the young girls who are forcefully abducted to the terrorist camps in mountains


Our Prophet (saas) decreed in the hadith “The antichrist (PKK) will deceive women and ignorant countrymen more easily”


Mr. Davutoglu: “The Smile on the faces of Women is the Sign of Prosperity of that Country”


Woman is a work of art. If you want to appreciate that work of art as is due, first you need to respect her, value her, protect and watch over her, you need to show courtesy, you need to be nice and decent.


Women should be positively discriminated




Ocalan speaks ill of the Kurdish women in his books


Women's freedom do not conflict with the religion


Women know how to save their honor, how to dress and laugh. It is the men that need to be educated


Any country that fails to ensure the freedom of women would certainly be devastated. Let me say that much. There is a decision taken about this, this is the reward of it in the Sight of God and the reward of it in the world. Any system, any government, any state that is misogynistic, that suppresses and persecutes women is bound to collapse; they should know this much.


Misogynism is atrocious, you should forget about it. Women are the most beautiful beings that embellish the world. Without women, the world would be overcast, it would be pitch black. Woman is the sun of the world; they are the light of this world.


If women are oppressed and persecuted, that country would certainly collapse: That would offend God. God would destroy the country in which His servants are persecuted.


Women are the most beautiful embellishment of this world, there is nothing more beautiful than they are and there is no other blessing greater than them. God created them very, very beautifully, He created them to be very kind and to be very beautiful mannered; they are created as blessings.


People should stop trying to teach morality to women. They need to educate men. Women know what they should do very well. People should stop trying to instruct women on how to dress, how to laugh, how to sit, how to look.


A woman is like a flower. Women are walking flowers, beautifully scented flowers. Just like you would show respect to a flower, just like you would protect a flower, you should protect women as well. In the Qur'an, Almighty God says that He "caused her to grow like a lovely plant… " for Hazrat Maryam.


As a servant of God’s love for women increases, the virtue of his faith increases as well


Women are the most beautiful ornaments of heaven


Turkey will get rid of the PKK trouble if it becomes a modern country that values women.


Women are flower- like beings. What is the sense in causing them pain and suffering? Let them live beautifully in this world. Only then both Europe and the US would open their doors wide to Turkey and no longer support these villains of the PKK.


The bigots cannot even imagine a life in which women and the youth are free.


The greatest threat for Turkey is radicalism, lack of quality and restriction of women’s freedom


Ideal character of Muslim women


A country in which women lack quality, could never attain quality and success. Such a country can never attain quality, can never be modern and European. If women in a country are not enlightened, free, happy and well-groomed, if they are not free in their joy, in their laughter, in sports, in their eating, etc., such a country can never be an enlightened country. Such a country would be dark and every country that becomes overcast would definitely be ruined. May God forbid.


A mentality that oppresses women would never develop and prosper. God would open the path of a country in which women enjoy freedom. It would be the end of a country if women are oppressed in that country.


Societies attain happiness when women are happy. For women to be happy, they should be free and well-protected. Both the state and people should be protective of them, everyone should protect and watch over women and they should be treasured everywhere they go so that they could be happy and vivacious.


Mawlana insults women in many of his statements


We present you the unacceptable explanations by Mawlana on their original book pages


Any state lacking quality would collapse. Any state that oppresses women would be ruined. That is because half of all people are women. There will be no relief or comfort if women are oppressed there. God takes revenge.


Women should be free to wear what they like and live at ease all around the world. Any country that doesn't provide that freedom has been ruined. The countries in which women enjoy freedom become the most modern, most peaceful and most content countries of the world. Anything other than that is not possible. Let those wearing chadors wear it as they like, let those wearing veils wear it as they like, everyone should be free. Ladies should not be oppressed.


If we become Europeans, be enlightened and loving, if we hold women in high esteem, if it is seen that women are free in our country, if we attach importance to the arts, sciences, aesthetics, we would attain the highest quality. Anything other than that would cause our ruin.


Rumi says that women are witless and cannot make sound decisions


A country in which women are not modern can never be modern. A country in which women are not comfortable and free can never be free. No one would ever laugh in a country in which women do not laugh. If women are not happy in a country, no one else can ever be happy.


Hazrat Ali (ra): Women will travel safely in the era of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)




There is no difficulty in Islam: God wants it to be convenient as He emphasizes that in verses multiple times, and says that the Prophet Abraham’s (as) religion is easy. In another verse He says, “God desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you.” (2/185) Islam is like a festival; it is a religion of joy. Things like hanging people, cutting them up, beating people, blasphemy, making women’s lives miserable do not exist in it. Islam considers women to be flowers.


Can bigots show a verse that says women being well-groomed is unlawful?


Faith in God is what renders a woman beautiful


It is of critical importance to establish a Ministry of Arts and Quality since all of those countries without any dominant sense of art and aesthetics are to be destroyed. History proves that all such countries were demolished. Any such countries that do not appreciate women and value quality are being razed to the ground.


How tribal culture crushes women in Islamic world


Fifty of the active followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be female


Where there are women, no quarrels, no tensions exist; only kindness. And usually there is rudeness where there are no women. People assume a polite attitude in the company of women, even if there is a single woman [present]. Women bring politeness, kindness wherever they go.


Women so special


Misogyny, masculinization of women paves the way for the spread of homosexuality


The statement in the Quran regarding testimony of women is to lift the spiritual burden of commercial issues from women


True love is based on the love for God


Homosexuality is spreading as a result of misogyny and hatred towards beautiful and well-groomed women


Modern youth admires the true Islam that we preach


Modern youth admires the true Islam that we preach


One should love a flower, a mother, a cat, a woman as a manifestation of God. One should love nice scents, horses, every animal and everything as a manifestation of God. If one loves them only physically, it becomes the love of the flesh; and flesh has no lovable side to it.


AK Party: “We Have Lost the Votes Of Women, Young People and in the Coastal and Southeast Region”


More women for higher quality in politics


Women Should Avoid The Shallow Life Style That Degenerate Cultural Values Have Produced


They can’t believe that women can be free or that people can be happy. God doesn't want difficulty for people, He wants freedom for them.


Women should be attractive, well-groomed and high-class so that homosexuality can be prevented


Misogyny, seeking to oppress women, seeing women subhuman is causing sexual perversion to spread.


Women are the most beautiful, the most loveable beings in the world. Bigoted mindset even debates over if women are human beings or not. They advise doing opposite of what women say. This is a terrible view.


The bigoted mindset deems women inferior up to their own minds and even demonize them. That dislike for women results in sexual perversion.


Women should be allowed to be attractive and appealing, at the same time very chaste. It is not unlawful to be attractive, but to be unchaste.


If misogyny, attempts to make women ugly or to oppress them become commonplace, sexual perversion will spread.


The 31st verse of Surat an-Nur grants freedom to women. Bigots try to put women under pressure with the hadith but God foils this plot.


There exists so much oppression upon young girls and women: Let them live beautifully and take pleasure from life. The system of oppressing women must come to an end.


By taking music, science, entertainment away from Muslims, they have developed an introverted Muslim style that has no joy of life. They wanted Muslims to be introverted, insecure and completely deprived of the beauties of life. We foiled that devious plot. To counter the plot to shut Muslims away in ghettos, we kept repeating that faith should be everywhere; in beaches, clubs, etc. They claimed that Muslims are tasteless, crude and don't know how to have fun. Muslims live life to the fullest, deserve the best. They kept women from approaching Islam and tried to insult and oppress them with decrees that have no place in Islam. They made life a living hell not for only women but also for the youth. They created a fake religion where everything is punishable by death. They created such a wrong religious model, people thought embracing Islam would be like hell (surely Islam is beyond this). We destroyed that wrong thinking with the Qur’an.


According to the Torah, those who will have a profound comprehension of the Mahdi's teachings first will be women.


Many ladies in the world live without ever finding a man to offer their love. There has to be someone with matching depth for that to happen.


Some TV shows portray women as hostile, aggressive, angry people. The truth is women are the most beautiful ornaments in the world.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 May 2016)


God creates the beauty of women for us to appreciate. Certain people want Muslim women to be unkempt, ugly and out of shape.


Misogyny in the Muslim world first arose in the hypocrites’ Dirar masjid.


The traditionalistic conception of Islam doesn’t consider woman as human beings. First this notion must be removed from Islamic references.


Women in Tribal Culture and True Islam


The Quran renders the commandment mentioned in the fabricated hadiths ordering the execution of Jewish women and children unlawful. Presidency of Religious Affairs should eliminate these hadiths


Women are very delicate beings. They should be treated very delicately and painstakingly.


Women are the most graceful beings in this world, such beauties could only be revered and shown love and affection.


There are many fabricated hadiths that humiliate women and endorse violence. Such hadiths should openly be declared null and void.


The oppression of women is very common. Misogyny is outrageous, unacceptable.


A woman is a blessed and a precious being. Not appreciating women duly is a dreadful thing.


All around the world women need to be free. Anyone who wants to wear revealing clothes must be able to wear them. Everyone needs to be free.


In the absence of variety in people, arts, music and aesthetics, the world will turn out to be like hell. Freedom of women is a fundamental asset.


Women need to be free as they like and they should live in safety.


Our Prophet (saas): 'Women will no longer suffer oppression in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as).'


Modernity, looking for high-quality, putting arts and aesthetics in the forefront would render Turkey very strong. The mentality causing coups does not come about in countries that hold arts, freedoms, quality and women's rights in high esteem.


Women most affected by tribal culture in the region


A great majority of people don’t appreciate women. Women are wonderful beings; they are the adornments of this world.


For real love to come into existence one needs to see other party’s sincerity. A woman who sees sincerity loves with passion.


A woman likes profundity, loyalty, courage and love of God. A woman looks for profundity of the soul.


Love is a noble and strong feeling. Men can’t understand the blessing in the power of love because they can’t understand women.


Women must be beautiful, well groomed and free. Everyone will learn to be respectful, gentle and protective towards women.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) doesn’t get involved in politics. He is a man of love who promotes love, eliminates the pressure upon women and makes the world prosperous.


Developing women’s freedom, supporting arts and artists, attaching importance to refinement eliminates the rationale behind a coup.


Women will be held in high esteem and lead heavenly lives at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


It would be very nice to that women are a majority at every institution and prioritized.


If men value women and learn to respect them, then they will not need to interfere in women's clothing and lifestyle.


By forming a beautiful role model for Muslims, we have thwarted the plot of the movement of the dajjal. There is music, there is fun and nice discourse in Islam, all of those are lawful according to the Qur’an. Women are free according to Islam.


A woman becomes beautiful when she is respected.


Bigots hold a terribly ignoble viewpoint of women. They claim whatever women say should be opposed and if necessary they should be beaten.


Women are very precious but most people think erroneously, assuming the only duty of women is to do housework.


Chastity, wisdom, manners, depth, passion and love will make a woman incredibly beautiful. Each is an adornment for ladies. A lack of love is what devastates women the most. Not finding true love almost kills their cells.


Trying to prevent the freedom of women is outrageous. Ladies are free to wear whatever they want to wear; the choice belongs to them.


Hypocrites can’t understand that God knows everything. That’s why they have an uncontrollable wildness and aggression in their souls. Deep states, since the time of Pharaoh, have used aggressive, uncontrollable hypocrites. The people they appoint always have these attributes. The women used by British Deep State are usually selected from aggressive, belligerent, cruel people with a masculine appearance. They do this because they want to encourage women to adopt this loveless philosophy. That wrong approach is collapsing, that era is closing.


Women who know love, manners, beauty, quality are building a new civilization of love. The British Deep State’s system has collapsed.


Women should be given the advantage over men in every matter. They should be protected and should be privileged in all aspects of life.


Those who depravedly find violence to women normal would break all hell loose if they were subject to violence themselves. They regard women as worthy of violence.


Some circles mispresented Islam as a system that turns life into a hell on earth for women while displaying it as comfortable for men. We have proven with the verses of the Qur’an that there is high-quality, art, beauty and joy in Islam and thus fundamentally brought down the system that the British Deep State created to oppress Muslims.


It is anomaly not to appreciate women. Women are one of the most beautiful beings in this world; they are one of the best blessings.


Communism is a system that takes away the joy and beauty of women.


The female spies of the British deep state are masculine looking (mostly short-haired) and psychopathic types


More women for higher quality in politics


Interfering in women’s lives and the way they dress stems from lack of education and good manners. It stems from not knowing respect and reverence.


Women should be well-groomed and elegant. We should respect her and her chastity. The beauty of a woman is so that we respect her.


The female agents of the British deep state usually have short hair


Acting as if being beautiful and well-groomed is a crime for women is something done deliberately. They wanted to raise vulgar women who speak harshly and who look like men. By encouring women to be like men and unkempt, they wanted to popularize homosexuality. We rendered their attacks ineffective.


Previously, many people hated everything, even cats. We taught them how to love women, kids and animals. We have been explaining everyday here in our program that love is crucial.


The time of the Mahdi will be the happiest time for women. They will live at ease and in comfort almost as if they were in heaven.


I always prioritize women. Women should be at the forefront in every aspect of life.


At the moment, there is a plot to pit Muslims against each other and some people fall into this trap, albeit unknowingly. Misogyny will draw the wrath of God, will usher in disasters. God created women for love. Some people cannot love women and spread misogyny; they try to limit women, try to condemn them to miserable lives.


The traditional Islamic mindset has built a system to keep women away from religion. We have proved with the verses of the Holy Qur’an how wrong they were.


The loveless understanding of Islam that lacks beauty and that has no place for women stems from not knowing the morality of the Qur’an.


Women are precious beings. I am baffled that women are not appreciated.


The Holy Qur’an doesn't allow the mistreatment of women.


In the system of those who corrupt the religion, the greatest persecution is committed against women. In the system of those who corrupt the religion, women are considered as potential people predestined for hell. Women are very precious.


Islam is not a religion that oppresses women. According to bigots, women cannot go out or have fun. They claim 99 percent of women will go to hell. If you oppress God’s servants, God would oppress you. There's no such oppression in Islam.


There is no command in the Qur'an about beating women. This is slander against the Qur'an and against Islam.


Many people don't know that they should respect women. Women should be completely free, but everyone should be respectful to them.


Lack of art and aesthetics cause conflict and unhappiness. Unhappiness in societies and oppression of women lead to tension.


Contrary to claims of radicals, Islam is mercy, compassion, beauty, kindness and all the good things


If women are denied their freedom, if fake bans are introduced in name of religion, the Islamic Union cannot be built. God will never give success to a misogynistic system. The key to Islamic Union is women. If you promise to build a society where women will be free, God will build the Islamic Union.


It’s not a sin or a crime for a lady to look attractive. It is wrong to harm the nature of people. Women should be feminine and men masculine. Men should look handsome and women beautiful. The important thing is chastity and respect.


Beauty of woman and love for woman is one of the greatest blessings of this world. Taking the love for woman from people is a spiritual scourge.


Chastity and faith are blessings that make a woman very beautiful. The light of faith is a completely different piquancy.


Those who are against the beauty of women are making a mistake


Some people, knowingly or unknowingly, drive people away from religion by introducing non-existent bans and restrictions. People should be wary of methods designed to drive people away from Islam.


The religious fanatics degrade women and assume almost everything to be forbidden for them


Every society where women are oppressed is destroyed. It is against good conscience to think that men have the right to all freedoms. It is a disaster not to know the value of women. It is an affliction for a person not to realise that women are such beautiful blessings.


Women are under a lot of pressure from those that wish to dictate them what to do. Women are perfectly capable of making the right choices.


Women can dress as they like in a place they are appreciated and respected. Environments in which respect to women is not known would be very dangerous for women.


Women should predominate in the parliaments of all countries. God bestows richness and blessings to places where women are appreciated.


Some TV shows highlight a materialistic, aggressive, quarrelsome role model for women. In fact, such lovelessness is a kind of a scourge, a disaster.


Some people take everything for granted when it comes to men while they regard everything forbidden for women merely based on their own logic. They insist on keeping women ugly and neglected. They use violence against women and even martyr them, then claim that they did so out of love. It is a grave cruelty to compel a woman to lead a life she doesn’t want.


Societies where women can't be free, laugh, go outside and be happy are condemned to collapse. God would not let oppression of His servants. Women should laugh as they want. It is wrong to consider fun as men's right and not of women's. Women know right and wrong via their conscience.


Once the nature of women is corrupted, homosexuality spreads. Women must be well groomed, while men must be manlike.


Women must be highly respected. No harm should be given to their personality, quality or chastity.


I always give priority to women. They need to be on the forefront at every issue.


In Islam women are free. Women were free at the time of our Prophet (pbuh).


Bigots consider women to be second-class, they don't entitle them with any liberties. God would not be pleased with such a brutal system.


Beating women is not allowed in the Qur'an, there is no such commandment.


There is no worse ideology or indoctrination system other than bigotry and radicalism which humiliates or persecutes women.


There is a great deal of people that don't want ladies to look beautiful. They want women to look masculine and unattractive.


However, when female beauty is removed, homosexuality spreads. First they destroy female beauty and then start abusing boys.


Some people persistently want women to remain uncared for and sloppy. It is impossible to understand the logic behind this misogyny. Let both men and women be beautiful and well-groomed. Dread and tension is observed in all those countries in which people are neglected and where there is no beauty or quality left behind. God does not want such unhappiness.


God would not give relief and plentitude to those societies in which women are oppressed and persecuted. God does not consent to persecution.


The bigoted mindset tries to make women appear like potential criminals, as people who are dangerous and who should walk around in sloppy style. Pressuring women so much and trying to take away their beauty causes homosexuality to spread. It is not abnormal to have like for women and admire their beauty. This is what befits human nature. When the nature is corrupted, perversion is spread. What God has deemed unlawful is illegitimate relationship, not that women are well groomed and attractive.


Women are blessings of Heaven. Love for women are created specially in destiny. There’s nothing like ‘let me go out and find love’.


Any place where women aren’t free will be visited with troubles. God doesn’t grant blessings on countries that don’t let His servants be free.


Encouraging violence against women is a crime and one of the worst aspects of bigotry. Bigots can’t stand the very existence of women. In bigotry, there’s great hatred and enmity of women. Claiming that women are of half-religion or half-mind is one of the worst aspects of bigotry.


Women are marvelous creatures. One cannot get enough of looking at them and loving them. I am surprised to see that some people fail to appreciate the value of women.


In highly cultured and well-educated societies, women are able to wear as they like and go to wherever they like. Women should be treated with the respect they truly deserve.


When they see women, some ignoble types only think about how they can upset them and take advantage of them. Women deserve the utmost respect and reverence. Some people act aggressively with the frustration and jealousy they feel in their inability to reach women’s beauty. Women would be treated with the respect they truly deserve, if people receive the right kind of education.


It is important to compliment a woman’s beauty by showing the utmost care and respect to her gentleness and quality. Women desire that the people addressing them have high quality and intelligence.


Destroying the beauty of a woman is -in a sense- like killing her. It is a blessing to appreciate women’s beauty. A woman’s beauty should be appreciated by showing respect to her honor and modesty.


Ladies are perfectly capable of deciding what to wear, how to act and know if they are safe or not. They don't need instructions.


Ladies seek intelligence, depth, passion, reliability and kindness. Ladies seek love for God, friendship and love.


At the time of the Mahdi, ladies will be very free. No one will interfere with them or try to oppress or disturb them.


There is no beating of women in the Qur'an. Misogyny is diametrically opposite to Qur'an.


Like radicals, Darwin also entertained misogynistic views. He even compared women to dogs (ladies are above such remarks).


Women love reasonable and decent men who fear God and who are able to think profoundly. Women are the most beautiful beings of this world. I really am astounded to see that they are not appreciated as they deserve.


Some people thought Muslim ladies couldn't be beautiful or modern. We showed that Muslim ladies can be beautiful, smart, elegant and passionate.


Regarding women as worthy of nothing more than a horrible life is a custom of the idolaters. They should not try to infiltrate that pagan belief into Islam.


Every aspect of the understanding of religion outside the Qur’an is horrible; laughing, dancing, painting, statues, music, women’s going out, children wearing shorts are all forbidden in their twisted minds. In some Islamic scholars perverse understanding, the penalty for shaving one’s beard or not performing daily prayers is death. None of those have any place in the Qur’an. The religion that they promote that has no place in the Qur’an and it turns this world into a living hell.


I always give priority to women. Women are very precious for me.


Female beauty has the strongest effect on the human soul. Despite this, ladies have always been undervalued. Ladies are an amazing gift.


The religion that claims women should be beaten, that art should be forbidden and that joy is unlawful is not the true Islam of the Qur’an.


Women become beautiful when they groom themselves. Being hostile towards well-groomed women or considering them as a peril is a primitive and wrong outlook.


Women are beautiful beings created only to serve God. Those men who think ladies exist to serve them are grossly mistaken. One should marry a woman to experience true love with her, as a reflection of love for God. But some people wrongly view women as an object.


We want a world in which all women – both those wearing jilbab (full covering) or revealing clothes - are respected highly.


The Islamic world is in ruins because of the rottenness in radicals’ point of view regarding women. We are trying to resolve the damage caused by those bigoted people.


Women are appreciated by respecting their honor and chastity


Women are one of the most beautiful ornaments and blessings of this world.


Women are the adornments in this world and Paradise. Those who don’t know to respect and love women must first eliminate the lovelessness in their hearts.


A country in which women are oppressed cannot be affluent. Women should be free everywhere and should be able to go out in a chador or in revealing clothes, as they like. Women should be held in high esteem wherever they go.


The beauty of women brings life to the whole world. When women are oppressed the joy of the world would be lost. Without the beauty of women, life would be as dull as the grave.


Since they regard being well -cared for and attractive almost as a crime, human nature is being distorted. Some women are being hardened both physically and spiritually.


I am surprised at how women are not appreciated and how people don’t realize their beauty as blessings.


In the 31st verse of Surat An-Nur, God informed us about the broad freedom He bestowed upon women.


In an environment in which women are not free, life would be hellish and perversion would run rampant. Islam, as explained in the Qur’an is radiant; it is the light of life.


There is no license to beat women in the Qur’an. Our Prophet (pbuh) held women in high esteem.


In their perverse minds, some Muslims scholars look down on women and teach others how women should be beaten. There is no such license to beat women in the Qur’an. Women are held in high esteem in Islam.


Misogynists who seek to keep ladies from wearing modern clothes are oppressive not only towards them, but towards children as well.


They are trying to set up the government by giving the impression that people will not be free in Turkey.


The Dajjali system plotted and showed ladies –the most beautiful blessings in the world- as horrid creatures that should be hated.


The Mahdi system will end the misogyny created by the dajjali system. At time of the Mahdi, ladies will have the utmost freedom.


Ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in the world and in paradise. It’s crucial that world sees the beauty, class, light of believer ladies.


It is up to ladies to decide how to dress according to the circumstances. God commands ladies to wear hijab only when they need to protect themselves.


Women are the most beautiful beings in the world. God’s name Al-Jamal is perfectly manifested on them. They are superior to men in their compassion, attentiveness and artistic potential.


Passion, profundity, wisdom and love appeal the most to a lady’s soul. A lady who cannot find wisdom and depth feels dead inside.


Misogyny is a mental disease and a perversion. Those who insult women only project their own darkness.


Europe is not wrong in rejecting a mentality that hates quality, art, women, music.


Protecting a woman, respecting and loving her and making her feel what a superior being she is, is both a blessing and a joy. It is important not to bother women with words or with stares.


It’s outrageous that some countries hold meetings debating if women are human or not. Women are extremely precious, valuable beings.


Ladies should be treated equally and with respect, no matter what they wear, be it headscarves, or modern, revealing clothes.


People want freedom, quality, high-life standards. It’s crucial to show that women are free, people are free, that there is quality.


Lack of intelligence in a man irritates women the most. Women want intelligence, faith, depth and passion.


It is very surprising but there is a serious lack of love for women, children and people. This lovelessness will leave its place to love when Mahdi appears.


Patience, compassion, loyalty, wisdom, inclination to beauty and aesthetics and grace, these are characteristics that God grants to ladies and that make them superior.


People cannot appreciate and love God as much as they should. As a result, they cannot appreciate ladies, too, although ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in this world.


Society must be educated to learn love and respect for women.


Due to my love for God, I deeply love every pious, pure woman I see because I see them as manifestations of God.


Ladies were truly free only during the time of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). They will find true freedom once again at the time of Hz. Mahdi (as).


Being jealous of women should mean being protective of her, taking care of her, respecting her, honoring her. Being jealous of women shouldn't mean suspecting her, doubting her, spying on her: That would be insulting her.


It was a lady who first heard the Qur’an from the Prophet (saas). Also, the first martyr was a lady. Ladies are highly esteemed and valued in Islam as described in the Qur’an.


The most important marker of a high-quality civilization is the extent that women enjoy freedom. A society where ladies are considered temptresses, where they are not allowed to look beautiful, cannot be a civilized society.


The level of passion and depth in a woman’s eyes show her love potential.


The main quality of ladies is to love and to be loved. Without love, a lady starts to wither away, she loses her joy of life.


The best way to express love is sincerity. Ladies hate pickup lines, or dishonest compliments. Ladies can spot dishonesty immediately.


Because of the dajjali system, the world cannot appreciate ladies. However, ladies are the greatest blessings in this world and in Heaven.


Ladies are perfectly able to judge the situation and protect themselves and their honor. Some men think that they should dictate ladies what to wear: This is wrong.


Ladies are superior in many aspects. Their understanding of art, their ability to see details, their openness to love and compassion make them superior to men.


Women most affected by tribal culture in the region


Bigots made women feel guilty for being beautiful and when bigots see a beautiful lady, they try to insult her.


Life will be beautiful when ladies feel free, when they are not frowned upon for being beautiful and well groomed.


The most important thing in interacting with ladies is guarding their honor, and dignity. Saying even a single word that might offend her is an unacceptable.


Orthodox, traditional Muslims are so convinced that women should not be free and that there should be no art, nothing beautiful, as soon as they see something pleasant, they immediately reject it.


Seeing ladies as potential sinners or temptresses and misogyny causes homosexuality to spread fast.


Woman in the Quran (


Feminism shouldn't have a Darwinist-materialist mentality. Women rights can be protected only if women are seen as holy beings that are manifestations of God.


Only if ladies are seen as gifts from God, ladies can live truly comfortably and safe and be shown the respect they deserve. Feminism and other similar pursuits cannot ensure that.


Ladies should be valued, respected, loved, cherished everywhere in the world. However, for women’s rights to be secured, men must see ladies as holy beings that are among the most beautiful gifts created by God.


In many countries of the world, ladies are frowned upon for being well-groomed & wearing fashionable clothes and being attractive. They even make ridiculous assumptions about the ladies because of that.


Ladies have an incredible potential for love, passion and depth. But most of them cannot ever realize that potential, because they cannot find a person that they can give their love to.


Due to a mistaken belief that ‘natural’ looks better, ladies are prevented from being beautiful. Ladies become more beautiful with make-up and with beautiful clothes.


Women enjoy being appreciated and being admired. But well-groomed, happy, content ladies are very hard to come by.


Everyone is complaining about the pressure on ladies in society. The solution is the Mahdi’s system.


Ladies are the most beautiful manifestations of God.


According to the Qur’an, ladies should wear hijab only if they don't feel safe. And they are to decide if it’s necessary to wear hijab.

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