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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 April 2012


Could the meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and Barzani be the solution to the problems in Iraq?


Barzani and the Peshmerga are pious people. Turkey can provide scientific support to them against PKK


Turkey should remain as a whole. If Barzani were to join Turkey as a federation, that is acceptable of course: If they want to join Turkey as a great Kurdish region, we would be proud of it, we would like it a lot. For instance, that is the same with Greece as well. They should ally with Turkey and adhere to Turkey. But our homeland is already a small one, Attempting to divide such a small country is highly disturbing for us.


Masoud Barzani should cooperate with Turkey. He should strive with all his might to wipe out the PKK with laws and justice and he should not struggle against ISIS either. The PKK is the greatest danger, the biggest enemy in the region. He should turn all his attention to the PKK.


Barzani is a decent person befitting the customs and traditions of the region. Barzani should be given the control of the areas that are currently under the PKK control


Mr. Adnan Oktar Warned Three Years Ago That The Greatest Danger For Barzani Is The PKK


Iran, Turkey and Barzani can cooperate against the PKK


Efforts on the Part of the Kandil, the U.S. Secret State and Iran Alliance to Sideline Barzani


We Support a Kurdish State That Will Be Established Under the Leadership of Barzani In Iraq And Syria


It is highly accurate for Barzani and KDP [Kurdish Democratic Party] not to want the PKK in their lands.


PKK sees the whole Middle East as their enemy. Their threats towards KDP prove how immoral they are


Barzani’s stance against the PKK is commendable. The PKK is a mafia organization hurting the civilians as well.


Kurds sought refugee in Turkey and Barzani's administration since they are tired of the PYD's oppression and don't like to live under its rule.


No one would object to Barzani's flag. We'll be proud to see a religious Kurdish rule, friend of Turkey, if it's in line with international law. Turkey would not be bothered by fluttering of Barzani's and Kurds' flags. We are against a communist structure that murders and oppresses people.


We will not let anybody harm a single strand of Barzani's hair. We will not leave him to a handful of impertinent persons.


Iran, Barzani and Turkey can forge a friendly alliance in the region


Dissent between Iran and Barzani would not be right. Iran, Barzani and Turkey may form a friendly alliance in the region.


Barzani is welcome. He is a devout, well-mannered person. I condemn the ugly language used against him.


Barzani is a very decent, religious and honest person. His inner circle is so as well. No one should say displeasing things against him.


Showing hospitality for Barzani in Turkey is very nice. Turkey will always be a supporter of our religious Kurdish brothers and sisters.


Turkey should always support Barzani. He is a reliable, pious person. We’ll be glad that he has a state in line with international laws.


We do not want a communist state at our border that acts as a servant to the British deep state and would be a barrier in front of Islamic Unity. Kurdish people on the other hand are very dear to us. If it conforms to international laws, our people would not be disturbed by a modern, enlightened state in Iraq and Syria founded by Barzani. If the states in the region agrees and the UN accepts it, and if it conforms to the international laws, it would be nice if Barzani and the Kurds could have a state in Syria and Iraq.


Barzani is not the same as the Stalinist, atheist PKK terrorists. Barzani is a religious man.

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