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Verses from Surat al-Furqan referring to the End Times and their abjad values


Our Prophet (pbuh) told that if mountains rise up before the Mahdi, he will crush them and turn them into plain field


Moving toward a common currency with Iran


Quality has no relation with money. I mean something can be cheap but might have a high quality appearance. I mean a person might have only one dress but it can be very high quality. It is very important to be ambitious about quality and to advocate quality determinedly.


Miracles of the end times of our Prophet 19 Iraqis will run out of money


Quality bestows beauty on life. You need taste for quality, not money


What if we had a Tally Stick money system


Communicating the message of Islam is not performed for money in Islam


We ceaselessly spend in the way of God. Money should not be piled up but spent for God's approval.


Unless money is contained and stowed in banks, and so long as regular spending continues, value of Dollar’s rising will not be a problem for us.


Money should be kept flowing; banks should make the money flow and our people should refrain from holding the money. This will prevent the economic crisis.


God commanded us to spend money, property and wealth for good causes and not to hoard it.


Money should be used to make people happy. One shouldn’t want it for selfish purposes. Money will be helpful and fruitful only if used to make people happy.

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