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Many people get a headache and say, “I will take medicine and it will go away.” But that is not so. The medicine is an instrument. One must regard it as a prayer. IT IS ALLAH ALONE WHO RELIEVES PAIN.


Allah has given pain but He also has given medicine. Allah created modern medicine to sooth the pain. No one ever faces anything that he/she cannot bear.


In cases of disease accepting medicine and doctor help is a religious obligation. It is a religious obligation to accept the usage of all kinds of techincal appliances when doctor deems necessary for the treatment. It is a religious obligation to accept all kinds of conditions that could stop the progress of the disease; that can be a change of scenery or the things that one should eat. Not accepting such offers and declining such means is not acceptable.


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A person falls ill from his arm and he constantly goes to medicine. But why do you not also pray for it? Make your prayers, medicine is just a vehicle, what does it have to do with medicine? Know that God is the One Who created medicine, be aware that medicine is only used as a prayer and apart from that simply pray for the cure.


If there were love and peace we would be sending candies and honey to Gaza instead of medicines


The greatest mistake is when a person gets sick, he takes some medicine and thinks, "I can get over this disease with this medicine." In fact one should honestly say, "Oh Lord, make this medicine instrumental in my healing." Or one gets injured, something happens and he puts on an antibiotic saying, "Alright, this will do it." But that is not how it should be, you should say, "My Lord, make this instrumental". Otherwise you would be idolizing that medicine. God is the One Who creates that medicine, Who gives that medicine that power to heal. God is the One Who shows that image inside your brain.


God creates all the hospital equipment and medicine, their effectiveness in treatment and all diseases. While tumors are God’s creation, the medication that cures them is also.


God purposefully created the world with so many shortcomings and negativities so that man can be tested. As a part of this test, man has constant needs and has to fight countless ailments. Yet, God also created cures and medications.


People should know that when they get ill, God heals them, not the doctors or the medication. They are only means that God creates.

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