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Adnan Oktar's influence

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As Adnan Oktar has said, Turkey is playing the role of older brother to the whole Islamic world

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Adnan Oktar's work is bearing fruit: friendships are being built in the Middle East

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Adnan Oktar's works have dealt a lethal blow to evolution

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Apart from us, there is no one else that talks about the system of the Mahdi comprehensively, no one else that talks about the Mahdi (pbuh) night and day, that talks about the antichrist night and day, that talks about portents of the End Times. There is no one else apart from us that talks about the imminence of the Last Day.


As we talk, the system of the dajjal (antichrist) spiritually melts like salt melts in water.


After our meeting, Madonna started to feel love for the Qur'an.


Adnan Oktar "Calming troubled waters is a duty on every Muslim."


A New Threat in Islamic Lands: Muslims adopting worldly values


Adnan Oktar's interview on Al-Khabar, Morocco


A report concerning Mr. Adnan Oktar broadcast on the Israeli channel i24 (05.04.2014)

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Articles by Mr. Adnan Oktar published in Pravda and in Iran (08.04.2014)

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Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam (12&15.04.2014)

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Adnan Oktar’s meeting with the famous actor and director Steven Seagal


As we crushed Darwinism worldwide with science and knowledge, Muslims gained a stronger hand all over. Muslims are now able to walk around proudly. The left wing, on the other hand, hang their heads down.


Adnan Oktar's remarks about the struggle between Hezbollah and ISIS and the internal conflict in Palestine

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Adnan Oktar: John Kerry has been given a copy of my book Islam Condemns Terror

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Adnan Oktar’s state about the shooting to death of American police officers

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Adnan Oktar’s comment on Rupert Murdoch’s tweet

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Archpriest Sergey Lepnin, Belarus Orthodox Church Chairman of Priests / Assistant Professor at Minsk Religious Studies


Adnan Oktar comments on the museum raid in Tunisia

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1-20 / Total: 22
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