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Why Do You Deceive Yourself?


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be single


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 20 April 2012




Allah says in the Qur’an that you can eat food prepared by and even marry with the People of the Book.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 March 2013)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 May 2013)


Allah does not tell us not to take the People of the Book as friends.


God reveals in the Qur’an that Muslims can marry women from the People of the Book (21.02.2014)


Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion


A person must ask for education, wealth, marriage and having children for God's approval


If one gets married simply to reproduce, he would be like an animal. If one goes to school only for his own interests, he would be an egotistical, ordinary person. But if one lives for the good pleasure of God in all things, he would have a lofty and superior goals. Then Almighty God gives him a clear mind, plentitude, facility and beauty.


Many people are not at all concerned with the command of Islam, they only are concerned with their own lives. They only want to get married, have children, set up a business but also want use Muslims, use being a Muslim, in the meantime. They mainly focus on their own ambitions; Islam is a background they can make use of for them, to have a circle, to make trade and to get married.


If the love in a marriage is not for the sake of God, even the most insignificant sickness is enough to end the love


Many marriages today are like corporate contracts. Women question the income of men, men question women's ability to clean; the lack of love here is quite obvious.


It is great immorality that some families force their daughters into marriage only for money.


All words related to marriage in the Qur'an including tazwij, zawj, zawja are used with meanings of matrimony between men and women. There is no indication of only men in any of these verses.


In paradise, spouses will have deep passion for one another. Men and women will never think of any illegitimate sexual relations.


The Harms of Homosexuality on a society


The hypocrites always have a fear of the future. They want to get married and have kids for their own interests and to be looked after. Having themselves looked after and guaranteeing their future is the only reason why hypocrites want children. They never think about the faith and future of those children.


The fact that hypocrites’ understanding of marriage is based on looting of the other party’s property shows their vileness even more.


The aim in the marriages of hypocrites is to extort the other person’s property. They calculate every step of this extortion.


I never married because my whole time is devoted to God, to Islam and to spreading the beautiful message of Islam.


Some women are so fixated on marriage for material reasons that they turn mad. They don't give importance to God –may God forbid- as they attach to marriage.


Muslims aim the good pleasure of God when choosing the person they will marry. In marriage, Muslims make their choices considering the other person’s morality and piety, not occupation and income level.


Women are beautiful beings created only to serve God. Those men who think ladies exist to serve them are grossly mistaken. One should marry a woman to experience true love with her, as a reflection of love for God. But some people wrongly view women as an object.


Marriage should be based on a desire to please God. While choosing a significant other, one must ask if that person is devoted to God. In choosing spouses, one must choose a partner for eternity and see if they love God, intellectually work to spread Islam and is selfless or not.


Marriage is a lifetime promise of friendship. How can a person leave someone whom he hopes to be friends in Heaven? This could never happen.

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