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Allah Exists (


The Glad Tidings of the Messiah


THE WORLD IS TEMPORARY. ONE SHOULD NOT FEEL ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD. One must be wise. At first sight, one may feel the urge to love this world but we understand that we are living in a metaphysical world.


Muslim is a being whose metaphysical aspect is predominant. They are one within the other with metaphysics. They believe in angels, they believe in djinns, they believe in the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh), they believe in the appearance of the dajjal (antichrist), they believe in the appearance of the smoke, they believe in the appearance of the dabbat al-ardh, they believe in the appearance of yajuj and majuj.


Religion is metaphysical. We are living side by side with the angels. Angels are here at the moment. There are angels on both our sides. There are djinns here at the moment. This world is a metaphysical place.


Those Muslims who disbelieve in the End Times and the system of Mahdi (as) forget the metaphysical nature of this world


The journey of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and his young helper mentioned in the Qur'an is a metaphysical journey.


Muslim is created with the Qur'an. Jew is created with the Torah. There is no one in the world that religion did not reach. And that cannot happen through coincidences, it is created in the destiny as a whole. The whole of the universe is metaphysical.


There should be a common spiritual excitement. For that to occur, Darwinism and materialism should be wiped out. The miracles of the Qur'an and the facts leading to faith should be talked about, a strong excitement for the system of the Mahdi should be put forth. The extraordinary nature of metaphysics should be felt.


Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam (12&15.04.2014)


The system of Mahdi will enfold the world through metaphysics, not politics

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