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ignorant scholar

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Bediuzzaman says that some ignorant scholars disrupt the faith of common Muslims through superstitions. These people Bediuzzaman mentions numb people's brains through inconceivable superstitions.


In the coming years the Unity of Islam will suddenly acquire influence, it will suddenly be everyone's agenda. Everyone will start to advocate the Unity of Islam. Those people who appear to be scholars, who presented themselves as scholars yet did not advocate it previously will then be very embarrassed and feel ashamed.


Our Prophet (pbuh) foretold that 70,000 fundamentalist scholars wearing turbans will strive against the Mahdi and even accuse him of irreligion.


American politicians have failed to grasp fundamentalism, which is why no solution can be reached (09.08.2013)


A new method used for the annihilation of Muslims (20.08.2013)


It is a great disaster to hide the miracles of our Prophet (saas) (15.10.2013)


Traditionalist, orthodox Muslims are preventing people turning to the faith (23.04.2014)


Ignorant scholars are trying to obstruct the Islamic Unity that would repair relations between Palestine and Israel (25.07.2014)


God is All-Knowing. He possesses endless knowledge. We simply are given drops from God's knowledge as a blessing from Almighty God. Or else we have nothing. Consequently no one could claim to be wise or all-knowing; all men are ignorant.


It is stated in the Qur'an that people would follow fabricated hadith and ignorant scholars

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