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Muslim scholar

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Even if a thousand scholars come together, they will not be like Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


While all these incidents take place all around the world, some scholars are in an effort to numb Muslims.


It is a great disaster to hide the miracles of our Prophet (saas) (15.10.2013)


It is not that easy to find Muslim scholars. Muslim communities are not that easy to find either. So throwing away religious communities and scholars should be strictly avoided.


Leaders holding a modern conception of Islam must come together and be role models for their peoples (24.01.2014)


It is stated in the Qur'an that people would follow fabricated hadith and ignorant scholars


The reason why some egocentric scholars of Islam stand against the movement of the Mahdi is that it clashes against their arrogance.


All great scholars like Imam Rabbani and Abdul-Qadir Gilani have been waiting for the Mahdi. Their communities were waiting for the Mahdi.


Thousands of Syrian children are lost in Europe, yet some scholars still claim that there is nothing wrong and that Muslims are held in high esteem everywhere.


While Muslims’ blood is shed, some so-called Islamic scholars speak about non-urgent issues for hours.


Many people lose their faith because of Darwinism. This is what the Islamic scholars should focus on; they should talk about true faith in God.


The British deep state has many lackeys in Islamic countries disguised as so-called Islamic scholars who operate against Muslims.

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