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Kurdish region

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When the Unity of Islam is established, the regions in which our Kurdish brothers reside would of course be much more free, much more peaceful and prosperous. It is the Unity of Islam that will present them an unprecedented freedom, an unprecedented civilization and an unprecedented comfort and beauty.


PKK aspires to establish a communist state in Iraq and to convert our devout Kurdish brothers to communism. The only way to resist this disaster is to put an end to the materialist education.


The Danger Revealed by the Election Results in the Southeast


Our Kurdish brothers are highly virtuous. We will not allow the Southeast to turn into North Korea (05.04.2014)


We will not allow a communist Kurdistan in the Southeast (27.04.2014)


How best to protect the civilians in Kobane


We Support a Kurdish State That Will Be Established Under the Leadership of Barzani In Iraq And Syria


Astana peace talks: Diplomacy wins over military once again


PYD/YPG: The British Deep State’s Pawn in Syria


Terror Activities of the YPG/PYD in Northern Syria

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