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Words from the Torah stating that the weapons will be abolished in the End Times


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never shed any blood


Peace and security lies with the Unity of Islam and the system of Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi will ensure love covering all around, peace spreading around the world, wars coming to an end and will bring an end to the production of weapons. What will the weapon factories steer for? They'll start producing radios, televisions, cars.. Instead of manufacturing tanks, they'll manufacture cars for those in need. Instead of manufacturing canon balls, they'll manufacture refrigerators. Instead of producing mines, they'll produce beautiful foods.


While it is possible to train the PKK, telling them to go away is not right. It is not necessary for them to go when they leave their weapons. We can train them with science and change their ideology. We can treat them with science and the Qur'an, insha'Allah.


If only wastage in the world could be prevented, it would be enough for all of the countries in poverty; that is for one. Once Mahdi (pbuh) appears, there will be no wastage. Secondly; even if one tenth of the money spent of weaponry were to be spent on those dear ones, they would be able to eat the most beautiful food eaten in the most luxurious restaurants of Paris. Even one tenth of the money spent on weapons would ensure everyone in need all over the world eating the most beautiful food in the best diners.


Let us put away weapons, let all the weapons be destroyed. Let us put an end to all wars. Let war be a great offense. There is no legitimate or illegitimate war. War should not exist at all. There should not be any bloodshed. Let everyone be in peace. Let children laugh at streets.


The money spent on arms and bombs should be given to the people, the poor and orphans.


The money spent on arms and bombs should be given to the people, the poor and orphans.


There should be a love race instead of an arms race in the world (29.10.2013)


Turkey is not under the control of any country and never attacks an Islamic country (27.10.2013)


Violence, Bullying and Guns


The US and Europe don't supply weapons to Turkey, but they do send advanced heavy weaponry to the PKK


The PKK's claim to be laying down its arms is simply a deception


The PKK's Claim To Be Laying Down Its Arms Is Simply A Deception


Mr. Devlet Bahceli: “The PKK Never Buries their Weapons under Concrete; the State Should Hand Them Over”

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