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Only love can defeat terrorism


Islam denounces terrorism


Time Magazine: In France, a Muslim Offensive Against Evolution


Everyone must join forces against terror


Military Station Campaign


The terrorist act itself is nothing, the promotion of that act is everything


Darwinism reigns at the root of terror.


If you attempt to make negotiations with a killer, he would come to you with horrible offers.


The communists have a spirit of oneness that Muslims currently lack.


A Marxist would never relinquish terror and lay down arms without attaining his goal.


At the moment PKK does not admit defeat. If their conditions are not accepted, they will start applying terror all over again. The real defeat of PKK can only be possible with ideas and scientific evidence.


Europe announced the PKK terrorists as “good kids”. They say that “they are activists.” It is as if they are talking about cheerleaders. That is really wrong.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 23 April 2013)


Mr. Egemen Bağış: What would be the difference if the weapons they use are chemical or conventional


The Bloody Revolution is the Method Shown by to the Communists by Lenin


Results can be attained not by executing the leader of the terrorists but with ideas and explanations.


Throwing Molotov cocktails at our police is an attempt to burn them to death (21.06.2013)


Terror has no religion


Our Prophet (saas) said a terrorist group coming from Iraq would make an attempt to assasinate Hazrat Mahdi (as) (26.01.2014)


Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) taking the consulate staff as hostages (June 2014)


Our Prophet (saas) Foretold the Incidents Happening in Iraq and ISIS 1400 years ago


Being a communist is not an offense but being a terrorist, anarchist, ferocious organization is an offense. Otherwise if it were to remain on the intellectual level, be a communist, defend any other ideology you like we would not be concerned by any of them. You can be an atheist, you can be a communist, but if you attempt to employ violence and terror, we would be standing against you. We would not let you do that.


It is evident that the YPG and the PKK are terrorist groups


An airstrike killing civilians is murder


The PKK Does Not Represent the Kurds


Adnan Oktar: America has suffered a huge failure in Guantanamo and has realized that it can never catch genuine terrorists in that way


The presidential system is a threat to Turkey


Darwinism lies at the root of all terrorist activities, all acts of violence. The whole Islamic world is Darwinist. Darwinist education should be stopped, there is no other solution.

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