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Turkey's global political influence will be reminiscent of a map of the Ottoman Empire

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The bloody history of communism 1

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The Prophet Jesus is guiding world leaders

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The system of the Mahdi does not attend to politics. Mahdi is a teacher of love. The system of the Mahdi is merely a person who encourages love, peace, brotherhood, companionship, goodness, well intentions, arts, science and similar matters; it is a person who intensely injects that spirit to the public and a group, a community around him. That is the essential foundation of the system of the Mahdi.


The system of the Mahdi does not attend to politics in all its details, the system of the Mahdi does not interfere with the affairs of the state. It merely focuses on love. The system of the Mahdi concentrates on how cities can be made beautiful, how people can be beautiful, how can music be better, how can democracy be made beautiful. For instance how Syria can be made beautiful, how can Iraq be beautiful. Mahdi (pbuh) is an expert on beauty. And he does that with Christians.


The system of the Mahdi is a spirit that embraces everyone. And it does not aspire politics. It is the profession of teaching love. Just like teachers of English language, teachers of French language; Mahdi (pbuh) is the teacher of love for the world.


Turkey Is Not Turning Away From the West


The Role of Turkey


The goal of fear of God is love. Almighty God says; "Fear me." Almighty God's goal in that is to make Himself loved. The ultimate goal is not pure fear. What God wants is the love that would stem from that fear.


The Danger Revealed by the Election Results in the Southeast

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The world will attain peace, but not through political maneuvers

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The political world is something completely different. It is a cruel, merciless system. It is a system in which the best person would instantly be chewed up, a system that requires an enormous spirit of competition and tough struggles.


The reason why women do not get involved with politics is that it is a very merciless system. It is a system of gossip, a system of corruption; an inconceivable flywheel operates. Wherever you go, you see it more or less. Of course in the time of the system of the Mahdi there will be no such thing, there will be no such merciless system. They are tormenting themselves in vain.


The Solution to the World’s Problems Lies Not in New Economic Policies or Military Alliances, But in Love

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The cynicism of realpolitik

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The state should be looking out for the system of the Mahdi with all its might. That is because in the system of the Mahdi, there is no intervention to the state. The system of the Mahdi would not interfere in politics; that is because it has a feature that unites the Turkish world, and it is also a system against bigotry, a system that fully encourages modernity and is fundamentally against separation. That is absolutely ideal for the state.


The Importance of Religion in Politics

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The red line between protests and riots

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