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Answers from the Qur’an 3


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 20 July 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 July 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan OKtar's interview on 18 July 2012


There is no compulsion in religion. No one can be forced to perform prayers, fast and give alms. Those can only be done most sincerely and willingly.


Fasting: a beautiful gift for Muslims with healing powers


Fasting brings health, ease to body


The things demanded by the Qur'an are only a few: Performing prayers is explained very briefly in the Qur'an, fasting is explained very briefly and giving alms is explained very briefly. God commands us to be merciful, compassionate, to avoid telling lies, to be true. He commands us to have good intentions and to love one another, to love God a lot; to be of help to one another and to avoid worldly ambitions for goods because everything belongs to God. The commands in the Qur'an are very few. The rest is all about the foulness of the unbelievers, the impertinent behavior of the unbelievers, of the people of heresy and the responses given to them.


Ramadan Rejuvenates The Faithful


Understanding The Holy Month, Once Again


A Holy Month Of Spiritual Rejuvenation


A Tale Of Three Cities...


It is not befitting for noble Muslims to talk about their hunger during fasting


Fasting in Divine Religions


The percentage of people fasting in Turkey used to be 15% in 1970s, now it is 82%. Back in those days Darwinism held sway in Turkey. Now modern religiousness based on the morality of the Qur'an is embraced predominantly by our people.


Both performing prayers and fasting is the expression of the lover to his Love.


Buddhism is a corrupt version of true religion. Acts of worship like prayer, fasting and giving alms exist in Buddhism, though in a changed form.


Congratulations to the Muslims all around the World on the occasion of greeting Ramadan


Fasting brings people humility. People become more open to love and compassion.


Fasting: a beautiful gift for Muslims with healing powers


Being us instead of being me in Ramadan


How will the Ramadan of 2017 be remembered?


Fasting in Divine Religions


Unhealthy people should never fast by compromising their health. That would be a sin. God tells us that unhealthy people should not fast.


Muslims are immaculately clean in Ramadan, and pay particular attention to their dental hygiene.


It is no one else’s business whether a person fasts or not. Everyone is responsible for him or herself. There is no compulsion in religion.

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