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An account about Hazrat Mahdi (as) from the Bediüzzaman Said Nursi’s disciples


What is the British deep state’s intention in backing Mawlana?


Mawlana cooperated with Mongols in the destruction of Seljuk Empire


Mawlana insults women in many of his statements


Which statements of Mawlana argued evolution?


Mawlana was an adversary of the Turkish nation just like the British deep state


Mawlana has many statements that are unbefitting the teachings of the Quran


Hulagu, who massacred Muslims in Kayseri, provided moral and material support to Mawlana


We present you the unacceptable explanations by Mawlana on their original book pages


Rumi says that women are witless and cannot make sound decisions


Mawlana Rumi says that wine is unlawful for the ignorant, but lawful for those who are refined


Mawlana Rumi is a figure exploited by the dajjal to deviate people


The reason we are focusing on Mawlana Rumi is British deep state's support for him


CIA published a report about the worldwide spread of the Mawlaw'iyya


The most cruel murderer the world has ever known, Hulagu, had been given permission by Mawlana to slaughter the Muslims in Kayseri


Mawlana says Masnavi was sent to him directly from God without an agent


Mawlana declared wine that is unlawful to be lawful


The British deep state is trying to replace Islam with Rumism. Muslims should be very cautious against this plot.


A Muslim would be falling astray if he accepts the abnormal statements made in the name of Mawlana. We do not know if Mawlana really made those statements or not but those statements are being published in the Masnavi known as his book: It is not possible to accept that.


If a person is not offended when inappropriate things are said about God, about the Qur'an, but instead makes a loud noise thinking Mawlana is being insulted, then that would be idolizing him.


Galata was the center of the Mevlevi houses. That’s why the members of the British deep state revere it. That neighborhood is sacred to them; they regard it as the meeting point of their spies, of their agents.


The British shadow state apparatus is trying to get the Turkish nation to adopt a new religion called Rumism, Mawlavism and to become followers of Rumi. They reject Islam and the Qur’an, but they say, ‘We are followers of Mawlana.’


Hulagu, one of the worst antichrists in the history of Islam, made Mawlana the governor of Anatolia and supported him morally and financially. Hulagu refused to recognize any scholar, endowment, charity or religious foundation that was not loyal to Mawlana.


The mentality that idolizes Mawlana Rumi is not in accordance with the Quran


In the time of Mawlana Rumi, the River Barada flowed red with the blood of the Muslims slaughtered by Hulagu


Followers of the Rumi philosophy speak and give advice in codes


In Masnavi, Mawlana uses profane language about our Prophet (saas)


In his works Mawlana praised martyring Muslims in Baghdad


Hulagu and his chief executioner Baycu Noyan were heeling Mawlana


Bayju Noyan, one of the closest disciples of Rumi, was a murderer who killed thousands of Muslims while he was in Hulagu Khan’s army.


There are code words in the poem "Barada" by Mawlana that appeal to shady people


Mawlana’s statement, ‘A plain which is neither related to Islam nor to infidelity’ explains why atheists are Rumis


The world shadow state considers Rumism as a counter-religion against Islam. They have made extensive preparations, establishing the foundations of a religion in secrecy. Since they know they cannot separate people away from Islam, they consider Rumism as a replacement for it.


The massacres of Hulagu, who adopted Mawlana as his sheikh, are not told to Muslims


Mawlana’s statements which are incompatible with the Qur'an


In order to weaken the world of Islam, the British deep state created a wide network in many countries


A homosexuality movement has been launched all around the world through Darwinist and Rumi propaganda. We will eliminate this sedition


The characteristics of shadow states are; they always look down on people, hold them in low regard, oppress them and even attempt to massacre them. And their main philosophies are Darwinism, homosexuality, and the philosophy of Rumi.


Through Darwinism, the antichrist made the world Godless. Now, he is spreading homosexuality under the name of the Rumi philosophy


British secret state uses people with obsequious characters with promises of financial gain. They built a network of sycophant people. These sycophant people are all Darwinist, materialists but pretend to be Muslims. They are also all Rumi followers.


British shadow state was aiming to suffocate the Islamic world with the philosophy of Rumism.
 We realized this plot on time and thwarted their plots


Under the name of Rumism, they are trying to disseminate irreligiousness. All our brothers should be cautious against this danger.


In the books that are known to have been written by Rumi, there are stories of child pornography. These books should be pulled off shelves.


Good parts of the philosophy of Rumi can be accepted. But we will never accept the wrong parts. We can never accept the misogyny, anti-Turkish sentiment, homosexuality or evolutionary ideas in Rumism.


Many people who deny God and oppose Islam embrace the philosophy of Rumi. Muslims should see the ploy here.


It is crucial that stories of sexual perversion in books claimed to be written by Rumi are removed from these books.


It is strange that some atheists, who are against God, the Qur’an and Divine religions, are very fond of Rumism. Muslims should see the danger here.


In the works written in the name of Mawlana, in other words in Rumism, there is a blatant propaganda for homosexuality and opposition to women.


The statements that promote homosexuality and which are in contradiction with the Quran should be omitted from the books that are supposedly written by Mawlana Rumi


In the books written in the name of Rumi there are very perverted statements: We can’t feign ignorance about them. They need to be omitted.


The Books alleged to be written by Mawlana advocate evolution, opposing the fact that everything is created by God


Ruth Michaelson-a journalist who Rumi philosophy, Darwinism and homosexuality


They back Rumi not because they love him, but since they find the philosophy of irreligiosity in the books claimed to be written by him.


Some people who never talk about God, our Prophet and the Qur'an constantly advocate books that were allegedly written by Rumi.


Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi is Naqshbandi. He is not Maulawi.


We criticise parts from the Mawlana's book that contradict the Qur'an. It is possible that Mawlana did not write or add these parts.


The Rumi philosophy is used by the British Deep State to take Muslims under control. This is not same as the Mawlavism that is widely known in Anatolia.


Some parts in the books claimed to be written by Mawlana constitute the basis of the philosophy of Rumi. It might also be possible that those inappropriate parts have been added to Masnawi later on.


When we criticize Rumism, we are criticizing the deviant philosophy of the British Deep State, not the Anatolian Mawlavi order.


Elephant in Mawlana Rumi's book, Masnavi is a symbolism for the deep state structure


Those who laud Rumi’s books must also notice that they also laud the tone in his works that praise homosexuality, advocate evolution and those parts incompatible with respect to our Prophet (pbuh) and the Qur'an. These parts may have been added to his works after him, but they must be deleted.


The Mawlana Rumi known in Anatolia and the Rumi philosophy promoted by the British Deep State are two different things. In the Rumi philosophy there is homosexuality, they consider wine to be lawful, they claim the Masnawi, that includes deviant stories, to be like the Qur'an (Allah and the Qur'an are beyond these). Many people do not know this aspect of the Masnawi.


It is wrong to regard religion as dogma and rituals and to reconcile religion with the West’s Rumi philosophy.


The philosophy that they support is not Anatolian Mawlavism, it is the philosophy of Rumi in which homosexuality and wine is deemed lawful and Darwinism exists.


The philosophy of Rumi we criticize is not the Mawlaviya known in Anatolia. It is a perverted philosophy that regards Darwinism, homosexuality and wine as legitimate.


There is a great difference between the Mawlana Rumi known in Turkey and in Europe. In the West, almost all atheists, homosexuals, Darwinists and adversaries of Islam support the philosophy of Rumi. Rumi's philosophy leads one to take himself as a false idol, and improperly backs homosexuality with teachings other than Islam.


The philosophy of Rumi is not the same thing as the Mawlaviyah known in Anatolia. The British Deep State advocates Rumism because it is an irreligious movement.


In our criticism of Rumi’s philosophy, we’re not talking about the Mawlavism followed in Anatolia. The Rumi philosophy that is promoted by British Deep State is completely against Islam.


Rumism is the British Deep State’s philosophy. It’s different from the Anatolian-type Mawlaviya. Public awareness must be raised against Rumism.


The Rumi philosophy is different than the Mawlawism known in Anatolia. Rumi philosophy includes homosexuality, Darwinism and a claim to deity.


We criticize the Rumi philosophy that is used by the British deep state to promote atheism. Our criticism is not directed at the concept of Rumism as adopted by the people of Anatolia.

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