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to slaughter

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The spread of atheist ideology will reach its most severe level in the end times


The real cause of the civil conflict and slaughter in Africa: Darwinism


Terrorism: The Ritual of the Devil


The Disasters Darwinism Brought To Humanity


Solution: The Values of the Qur’an


The bloody history of communism 1


The policy of repression against the East Turkestan province of Kashgar must be stopped


Various videos of the Uighur Turks being slaughtered by beating on the streets of East Turkestan


To be dedicated to Dawkins


Islam Denounces Terrorism


They (the followers of the dajjal) are preparing public opinion for a worldwide slaughter of Muslims. The way of the dajjal is busily preparing public opinion. They are creating a lot of fanatics and supporting bigots. But we will wage an intellectual struggle against that.


The Ideological Basis of the Rwandan Genocide is Rooted in Darwin's Theory of Evolution


Some of the portents of the day of judgment that have come about - Part III


The Communism that Has Drenched Mankind in Blood - 1


How will the bloodshed in Egypt cease?


Today in history - 3 August 1492 Christopher Colombus set foot on the Americas


A solution for Egypt: Turkish Islamic Union


The Shame of the 20th Century: The Holocaust

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1-18 / Total: 18
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