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Erdoğan and Putin's talks on Syria


What Putin means by Shanghai Union is actually the Turkish-Islamic Union


Putin says that Assad must step down


By condemning the incidents in Libya Putin displayed a beautiful line of conduct


Putin, “Islam is an Integral Part of Russia”


Obama and Putin will have a great contribution in the establishment of the Unity of Islam.


Putin’s words praising Islam are very important


Putin is a very good leader. We should strengthen our political relations with him.


Putin is a very high quality, strong charactered person. Putin's value should be well appreciated. He is very open to a respectful manners. When there is such a person in power, the relations with Russia should be given its due.


Putin is courageous person who supports true religion


Putin will carry out a historical mission when Islamic Union is established


Putin can form the Turkish-Islamic Union together with our PM Erdoğan


Prime Minister Erdogan’s meeting with Putin about Syria delivered results. Putin is abstaining from radicals lacking quality


Putin shouldn’t have redundant concerns. Turkey and Russia are friends.


‘Putin will convince Assad to leave’


Putting an end to the Darwinist materialist education would give a large scaled result against PKK


There is no power to be ascribed to Esad, Putin has the power. The minute Putin withdraws his support from Syria, the regime will be overthrown. Syrian dissidents should back Putin.


Let us talk to Putin and offer him a union in between Turkey and Syria. He should be a mediator to this union. If Turkey unites with Syria this problem would come to an end.


Putin should be conversed with for uniting Syria and Turkey


As far as I see there is a power that influences the world politics. For instance normally Obama would not come to power. He is very respectful and very devoted to Islam. For instance Putin is very respectful towards Islam. Let us say that something has happened to the leaders. There is a certain respect to Islam and an attitude against bigotry everywhere. Even in Netanyahu, even the Israeli government has an attitude that embraces Islam, one that is prone to the Unity of Islam. A team is influencing them, a group is influencing them. And that community is the community of the Jesus Messiah (pbuh).


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 22 January 2013)


According to my opinion, in Turkish foreign policy, there is great benefit in maximizing the connections with Putin. Putin seems to be in the very key point in the establishment of the Unity of Islam.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad is in the hands of a godless, bookless, communist gang. Putin is a brave man, he is courageous. He should take Al-Assad taken secretly and help him sneak out of Syria. Someone strong and capable like Putin cannot easily be found to lead the Russians. His existence should be very well made use of.


Alawites are lovers of Allah. In Syria Alawites must come to power. With a special operation, Putin can take Assad out of Syria


We request Putin to take Bashar Assad to a secure country, not to surrender him


''If Putin takes Al-Assad and his family under his protection and get them out of Syria, the war would come to an end.''


Master Tayyip and Putin can solve this matter by taking the US support as well. They can make it possible to go to the democratic elections by giving a guarantee to Al-Assad and by saving him from there.


Putin should make a legal regulation to set arrested Greenpeace members free.


Russia would only let a change in administration in Syria without Assad being dishonored (08.10.2013)


Putin, Obama, our PM Tayyip Erdoğan and the Iranian authorities should gather and talk about finding a solution.


Putin intervened when he sensed plans were being made for Crimea (30.03.2014)


Putin would never accept being defeated either in Syria or Ukraine. Solutions that would not hurt his pride should be find.


The Islamic world’s cooperation with Putin would be an eminent effort.


It would be great if the Islamic world were to embrace Putin, cooperate with him and if they were to include Russia as an important member of the Islamic Union. What Russia is concerned about the most is to be left alone. All will be solved if the Islamic world would embrace Russia. Islam would prevail throughout the whole world in a flash.


Putin’s endearment towards Islam with love is very delightful


Putin can be very useful for World peace


If they approach Russia with love, then Putin will respond very well


Putin is a leader that is very much inclined towards religion. It would be great if our Prime Minister makes a treaty of friendship with him.


Putin can be won over if Erdoğan gives a guarantee for the establishment of a secure zone in Syria


Mr. Erdogan spoke to Putin about Syria


Putin is leaving the G20 Summit!


They should approach Russia with love and accept it into the European Union


The antagonism against Russia should end in Europe. Russia must not be isolated.


Adnan Oktar: Turkey will not leave Russia alone


Adnan Oktar: The BCC’s comment on Putin’s visit to Turkey is the result of a lack of love


Gaining at the expense of others


History Repeats Itself


Putin: Erdogan Is Very Courageous


News relating that Putin has been reading the Qur’an and he has interest in Islam for a long time


Muftu Ravil Gaynutdinov whom Putin awarded is a Muslim clergy whom we love dearly.


Putin: “No Solution to Syria Crisis Without Assad”


Putin: “In Syria, a Solution can not be Arrived Without Assad”


Putin should handle the issue in an even-tempered manner befitting himself


Putin can adopt a friendly approach towards Turkey to foil the plans of isolating Russia


Putin must see the fact that Turkey always stood by Russia


How does our Prophet (saas) describe the intervention of Putin into Syria?


PYD/YPG is a treacherous organization. They will betray Putin and target him as well


Putin is a well-liked leader among the Islamic community. Some of his decisions might be taken under the compulsion of the Russian deep state


Turkey’s improved ties with Russia


We should once more voice our apology for the deceased Russian pilot and explain the truth behind these matters to Putin.


Our President Erdoğan should embrace Mr. Putin in his visit to Russia and should state that Russia and Turkey are allies in defense.


Cooperation with Putin, including an economic one is important, but the most important is a military cooperation, which should be formed at once.


Both Putin and Erdogan are courageous persons. Let Russia be a stronghold of the Islamic Union. It will come about once the two states agree on it.


Mr. Adnan Oktar said that it is very urgent for Turkey to engage in a political, military and economic cooperation with Russia


Russian President Putin is a brave person. Turkey’s alliance with Russia is very significant. Cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan would be very good in the region.


Everyone has mistakes and Putin has some wrongful practices too but in essence he is a good man. Turkey and Russia should be allies.


Putin needs to be very meticulously protected. Putin is a stout-hearted person; he also shouldn’t be left alone.


Putin and Erdogan on one hand, and Muslims and Turks in the US on the other hand, should support Trump and should not leave him alone against the conspiracies of the British Deep State.


A trio of forces consisting of Erdoğan, Putin and Trump will be the means for a lot of goodness in the coming days.


If Erdoğan, Putin and Trump forge an alliance, they can render those snobs who drag the world into perversion, troubles and wars completely ineffective.


Donald Trump should be carefully protected against the potential threat of assassination, Mr. Erdoğan and Putin should stand by him


Erdogan, Putin and Donald Trump are the first leaders in history to stand up to the British deep state


Putin is right in saying that the downing of the aircraft and the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey is directed from one source, that is, the British Deep State.


Darwinism is the superstitious religion of the British Deep State. Mr. Putin, Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Trump should join forces and form a mutual scientific stance against Darwinism.


Putin might have made mistakes in the past, but he is an honest and good leader. It’s good he took steps to ensure safe evacuation of Aleppo.


We should act quickly to strengthen our amity with Russia. Let us invite President Putin to Turkey and sign new trade and military deals.


The British Deep State wishes to replace Mr. Putin with someone who will be under their control. All the Turkic Republics should support Mr. Putin.


It was very nice that Putin declared that they are not going to expel American diplomats.


Kanal İstanbul hem Türkiye’nin hem de Rusya’nın Yararına

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