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The Unity of Islam will be the Golden Age of the Jews also. They will establish a glorious civilization, they will feel very much at ease. They will be the followers of Muhammad (saas) when they see the beauty of Islam and the Qur’an.


Everywhere will be beautiful like flowers. We will beautify the provinces, villages and towns. We will embrace the Europeans, the Jews, the Christians and the Freemasons. They will all be the followers of our Prophet (saas).


Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will come as a member of the ummah of Mohammad (saas). He will not bring a Book, he will abide by the Qur'an but he will be a prophet.


Christians who accept our Prophet (saas) will be Christians who follow Muhammad


Show compassion to Christians and Jews. Go to synagogues, churches and show compassion to them. How nice it is that they believe in Allah. How nice it is that they believe in all the prophets, how nice it is that they believe in angels and that they believe in the Hereafter. Insha’Allah may Allah make them Mohammedans as well.


The new book by Harun Yahya: "Christians must listen to Prophet Jesus"


America is in no position to be a bully anymore. America's salvation is in Mohammedan Christianity, it is in asking for the system of the Mahdi. The same is valid for Russia as well. If Mohammedan Christianity spreads, if Islam spreads around, the country will turn into Heaven on Earth.


The American people can only be happy by living by the Christianity of Muhammad (10.08.2013)


Being Christian means feeling love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Those who love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) love God as well insha'Allah may all of them become Mohammedans as well.


Many Jews consider Muslims as believers and accept the prophethood of our Prophet (pbuh) (07.10.2013)


When a Jew becomes a follower of Mohammed(saas), he would become a real Jew.


Torah refers to regular prayer [namaz]as an act of worship

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