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Slanders on Muslims in History

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Slanders on Muslims in History


Prophets have always been subjected to slanders of being a magician and all their disciples were known as “bewitched”. It is an honor for a muslim to be subjected to the same slanders the prophets have endured.


All the Prophets have been slandered with accusations of being in flagrant error. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also be slandered with the exact same libels casted upon the prophets.


Some people will attempt humiliate the students of the Mahdi, including Mahdi (pbuh) himself and they will be oppressed. Some people will attempt to crush them with insults, slanders and conspiracies. But in the end Islam will prevail in the world insha'Allah.


They will slander, they will attempt to agonize, they will use a vile language, they will use insults and what would a Muslim say in the face of this? He/ She will simply say" Peace" and will walk away from them without even giving them the time of day.


Mahdi (pbuh) will be presented to people as very dangerous. Unjust accusations will be brought against Mahdi (pbuh) and his students.


The aspersions of insanity casted upon our Prophet (saas) will also be casted upon Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


During the events of February 28, all sorts of conspiracies have been carried out about us as well, we've been subjected to all sorts of slanders and lots of lawsuits have been brought up against us.


As people casted slanders on Bediuzzaman, God gave him health and welfare. Bediuzzaman has never been to a hospital or a doctor in his life. He was very healthy.


Is it incompatible with Islam for a Muslim to be wealthy, powerful and dashing?


Being called "crazy" shows the perfection of a Muslim's faith. Our prophet (saas) says, "A Muslim cannot attain perfection in faith unless he is called crazy." Actually, because of their loyalty to Islam, to the Qur'an, because of their enthusiasm, it is said, "If you had seen the Companions, you would have called them crazy." They distribute all they have, everything they own.


Muslims: The most persecuted but also the most vilified people of the World - Part II


A believer will be proud to be an ‘insane lover of God’. All prophets, saints, righteous people throughout history were called ‘insane’.


Throughout history, aspersions of insanity have been cast on all the prophets and all Muslims striving on the path of God.


Those who speak ill of Muslims help them earn merit


The time that I was held in mental hospital due to unjust calumny shows the phases that Turkey went through. Those days are my honor.


It makes me even more enthusiastic when I face with obstacles and slanders when I carry out intellectual struggle in the way of God.


The way out...


Rohingyas: victims of ethnic cleansing


Let’s alleviate the suffering of Rohingya


Those who attempt to set traps using slanders and false accusations against us can try all they can. They will get their answer legally.

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