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The transitory nature of this world

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The great error that prevents abundance: the urge to accumulate possessions


The longing of the society of the ignorant: wanting to live in this world forever


Our on-going test


One of the worst punishments visited on deniers is humiliation and disgrace in this world and the hereafter


The secret behind the creation of good and evil


Before you regret


A person should not devote his attention solely on whether or not his expectations in the life of this world would be met, but on whether or not he has a morality that would earn him these in his endless life...


The truth of the life of this world


The False World (


Death Resurrection Hell (


Jannah: The Garden from the Qur'an and Hadith


The Pains of the False World


Why Do You Deceive Yourself?


Taking the Qur’an as a Guide


The Secret Behind Our Trials


The Truth of the Life of This World


Those Who Exhaust All Their Pleasures In This Life


Crude Understanding of Disbelief


The transitory baubles of this world and our true abode, the hereafter


Paradise in the words of the prophet (saas) -2-


Paradise in the words of the prophet (saas) -1-


Time: One of Allah's great blessings


The Day of Judgment


Prayer in the Qur'an


Never forget


The secret of the test


The truth of the life of this world


Deep thinking


The first food of this world: Mother's milk


The life of this world is transitory


Perished nations 2


Perished nations


Secrets of the Qur’an


Ever Thought About the Truth?


Being steadfast during worldly occupations


Not yearning for unbelievers’ wealth


Never Plead Ignorance of the Fact That You Won't Stay Long in This World


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 May 2012


The conscience of a person has to be extremely at ease. He will be honest to the end. He will cease to worry about this world, for this world is a lie, not real. We see that this world is only an illusion. There is no point in bothering for this world. But we attain this idea only by thinking in a sincere manner. We do not urge ourselves to think this way, thinking that this world is really alluring.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 June 2012


THE WORLD IS TEMPORARY. ONE SHOULD NOT FEEL ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD. One must be wise. At first sight, one may feel the urge to love this world but we understand that we are living in a metaphysical world.


There is nothing in this world. It as a mere place of trial. But Allah creates people with very dim intelligence. Allah makes them love this world and looking at that, people are deceived.


What if people could see the state of those ladies and men, who have boasted about themselves throughout their lives, in their graves? For instance, if they could ever see the form those bodies would take after the first 20 to 30 or 50 days; they would have no attachment to this world at all.


There are young girls of a graceful build but they grow old and die in a short while. So do young men. They grow old and die in a very short time. BEING ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD IS IDIOCY. A VERY SMART PERSON TURNS TO THE ACTUAL OWNER OF THIS WORLD. HE TURNS TO THE REAL OWNER OF LOVE AND BEAUTY. THIS WOULD BE THE MOST INTELLIGENT ATTITUDE, INSHA’ALLAH.


Getting attached to this world would be an unbecoming attitude towards Allah. Allah does not want us to be attached to this world.


This world is not the real place for us. No one should attempt to get attached to this world. This is a place of trial. One says; "My eyebrows are not nice, my eyes are not nice enough." You are here to be tested, of course some things are supposed to be not enough. Would Almighty Allah make them perfect? One says; "My nose is curved." Your nose would be perfect in the Heaven. It might be curved here. One says; "I am cold." You won't be cold in the Heaven.


Birthdays will be much different in the Heaven than it is in this world. Eighty quadrillionth birthday, ninety quadrillionth birthday will be celebrated. It will not be like the birthdays in this world. That is because time will be endless in the Heaven. I mean a hundred quadrillion years will pass by and it will be like it has never started yet. Endlessness is immense. Yet here in this world seventy years pass by as if they were only seventy hours. Life in this world comes to an end in a moment's time.


This world is not a place to have fun, it is not a funfair. This is a place of trial. If people assume that they will just be having fun here, that they will labor after their cheques and bonds, that they will get married and have weddings and get on with their lives, then Allah does not give them comfort. Allah says; "I created everything as a trial." If they fail to understand, then Allah explains it to them in a way that they will surely understand.


There is nothing in the world in that sense. Heaven is beautiful. This world is created specifically as a place in between heaven and hell.


This is the place of trial. People should forget about being comfortable here, it is not acceptable. This World is a mixture of Heaven and Hell. It is halfway Heaven, halfway Hell, because this is a place of trial. People will be comfortable in the Heaven.


It is insane to be so fond of this world. This world possesses characteristics of heaven in half and of Hell in half. Staking a claim on this world is very wrong. God tells us to; "ask for the real, ultimate abode, the abode of infinity."


God constantly shows people that this world is transient. Heaven is the real abode. God constantly draws attention to love towards Him.

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