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Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview with Five Towns Jewish Times, June 4th, 2010, USA


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will ruin the ruse of the proponents of the dajjal willing to turn the world into bloodbath


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


A Caucasian alliance in 24 hours


A platform for peace and security in the Caucasus essential


Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi stated that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ally with Christians


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ally with the Christian world and defeat irreligion


The Alliance of the Good


First step to the Caucasian alliance


The only way for the sufferings in the Islamic world to end is for Muslims to be allied together. Mutual condemnation and cursing is no solution. The solution is Turkish-Islamic Union.


When we do not unite as Muslims, how will we unite with Christians? Notice that everything shows us the necessity of love, maturity, gentleness, respect, compassion and understanding. THERE IS THE NEED TO BE MILD. UNLESS THIS HAPPENS, THE WORLD TURNS INTO HELL. Once this unity comes into being, the world becomes very comfortable.


US- Turkey – Iran should do good by forming an alliance; they should take Al-Assad out of Syria.


Why would there be clash of ideas for a Muslim? Muslims are to be allies in the Qur'an and to live the Qur'an.


Forging alliance with Christians is a crucial matter.


Our brothers in Azerbaijan should be in unity with their governments. They have a government that is fond of religion but against bigotry. That is nice.


Israel and Turkey will forge an alliance as strong as steel insha'Allah.


We wouldn't have a fight with Iran. We will make an alliance with Iran, insha'Allah.


One of the main characteristics of the system of the Mahdi is alliance with Christians.


We should protect and watch over the People of the Book, we should protect and watch over Christians. We should approach them with compassion. We will altogether annihilate the system of the antichrist (dajjal) spiritually. Hand in hand with the Christians and hand in hand with the Jews, insha'Allah. They also say that "Allah is One".


Turkey should form a very strong alliance with Israel. That would make Syria shiver. I mean Israel-Turkey alliance would make Syria shiver because such an alliance would give rise to an amazing power.


It is possible to settle even the harshest disputes. Conciliating and forging an alliance in the least common denominator would settle the dispute and put an end to the commotion.


Disunity in the Ummah Brings Not 'Mercy', But 'Affliction'


It is not right to pick a side among Muslims. There should only be alliance, unity, brotherhood in between Muslims. Anything on the contrary would be religiously unlawful.


Verses concerning Muslims being united (03.04.2014)


The affection and love between Muslims is very important. They might have different ideas, different ways of expressing matters, different ways of thinking but we are all brothers in faith. There is no difference and no distinction between them.


Muslims should refrain from falling into disputes and quarreling among themselves. Before all else God deems that unlawful. "Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear. And be steadfast. God is with the steadfast. " (Surat Al-Anfal, 46) Yet God says that He will punish such acts in this world as well. God says firstly that they will lose heart and that their momentum would disappear. God says that these will happen to those who quarrel among themselves as a preliminary trouble; they lose heart and lose their momentum. So what should a Muslim do in such a situation? He will be steadfast. God protects and watches over those who are steadfast.


All for one, one for all


Bringing “The Age of Muslim Wars” to an end and ushering in a new Golden Age


Self-interest sinks hopes for peace


Turkey-Russia: an important alliance


Turkey, Gulf states forge closer ties


The road to peace in Syria


Darwinism Debunked through Christian-Muslim Alliance


arwinism Debunked through Christian-Muslim Alliance


Turkey-Russia: an important alliance

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