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Turkish democracy can be a model for our region


Turkish democracy can be a model for our region


Communist China’s Policy of Oppression in East Turkestan


The real source of democracy and freedom of expression is Islam


Surat al-Kafirun (There is no compulsion in religion)


Turkish model


A European style democracy and quality is becoming to Turkey. Indeed an understanding of quality surpassing them is becoming to Turkey. This has to be accomplished without any delay.


A secular, democratic system will come into existence properly, insha’Allah. The time of oppression, the period of violence will come to an end. Insha’Allah.


Dr. Hillel Fradkin - Senior Fellow of Hudson Institute / USA


There is a great need to make effort in order for democracy to reign in Iraq.


If we present the modern face of Islam to the people, Islam would prevail in the world.


Europe wants the Unity of Islam, America wants it as well, but they want the governance to be in the hands of the Mahdi (pbuh). If compassion, love, peace, brotherhood, decency, science, aesthetics, democracy prevails; if such a guarantee is given to Europe and to the United Nations, they would have the Unity of Islam established right away.


In our country conducting studies regarding democracy are more urgent that bread and water.


The Qur'an demands freedom, democracy and humaneness from us.


No matter what one raises an objection to, his reaction about that should be democratic.


There is no democracy or freedom in the bigoted mindset based on false hadiths.


Unity gives relief, social justice gives relief. The understanding of democracy in the system of the Mahdi, the understanding of welfare, the understanding of equality, the understanding of love and affection are far above all sorts of ideologies. It is not possible to make a comparison in between those. It is a very sincere system, one that would ensure rapid results.


When we strive for true democracy, we would come across Islam. That is because Islam and true democracy are the same. Freedom, love, peace, brotherhood, benevolence, cooperation, friendship, well intentions, sincerity, pleasantness, being afraid of Allah, loving Allah dearly, feeling love for everything that is beautiful, science, aesthetics; when we attain all these we would come across Islam.


“If we work for real democracy, we will reach real Islam because Islam offers true democracy.”


''There is no need to search for new names. She already has an excellent name: 'Turkey'. A very beautiful and decent name.''


Struggle against separation can be carried out through democracy. The more democracy, the more profound democracy, the more freedom would prevent the separation. This is one of the reasons that would prevent separation. Struggling against Darwinism-materialism, explaining the facts leading to faith and the freedoms that the Qur'an demands from us, our being free; these are the remedies.


Wireless internet should be limitless everywhere in the world. It is very important to increase the knowledge of people. There will be no democracy in an ignorant and uninformed society.


Let there be a high quality understanding of democracy in Turkey, one that is even more advanced than that in Europe. Let there be such freedom. Let the whole world envy our understanding of democracy.


To bring peace and democracy to the world, America must seek the Paraclete mentioned in the Gospel.


There is no such thing as claiming that whoever makes the greatest fuss would come to power. Those who advocate democracy better would come to power. AKP’s contribution to democracy is apparent.


The system of Turkey is founded on democracy. There is no dog-eat-dog struggle. It is not acceptable to attempt to change the government by vandalizing. Our people know who to vote for.


There is democracy in Turkey and everything should be solved within the mainframe of democracy


Strongly and persistently emphasizing free and democrat Turkey would keep people’s heart at ease.


Democratic youngsters give us liveliness, that is nice. But no harm should ever come to a life or a public property.


Those who resort to violence actually burn out their own souls. Ideas spread with science, love, reason and democracy.


There is a feeling of fear in people and that is a grave danger. In the recent events many people remained silent. In fact they could have adopted a manner siding by the state and by democracy through their ideas, their speeches and their writings.


As a nation, we are after being great in faith, in love, in democracy, in freedom and in every kind of beauty. Turkey should be a great country because it has a central position in the region.


The system of the Mahdi will be an age of love and liberty.


Adnan Oktar: Morsi Should Advocate Modernity, Quality And Democracy


When democracy is removed, savagery follows.


Egypt Will Be Calmed Only Through Democracy and by Adopting a Modern Understanding of Islam


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) should come for democracy to come to the Islamic World. That is because Orthodox Islamic faith does not give way to democracy.


“They talk about everything to do with Egypt, but the only thing they never say is what the solution is”


Radicalism can never yield results. Women should be cherished, there should be music and dancing, arts and aesthetics, the door to all beauties of democracy should be opened; this is real Islam.


Surah Yunus, 47 "Every nation has a Messenger.”


There will be no happiness in a system where there is no democracy, where women are not living in comfort, where they are living under pressure. A system in which everything is forbidden and in which death sentence is given for almost anything is definitely not Islam. This is a fascist, a merciless and psychopathic mindset that has nothing to do with Islam.


The anti-democratic methods of struggle observed in some people from the left wing is actually embarrassing.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (25 August 2013)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 August 2013)


The existence of opposition is an indication of an operating democracy. That is always beneficial for and strengthens those in power.


Democracy package is pleasant, it is an advancement.


All demands about democracy are blessed and beautiful. Freedom is beautiful. Human rights are beautiful. But demands about separation, communist ruling, Stalinist ruling.. They should forget about those..


Insha'Allah we are in an age in which everyone will be brothers and peace will prevail; an age in which persecutors will lose their influence, all wars, anarchy and terror will stop and love, respect, goodness, beauty, abundance, modernity, science and democracy will prevail.


Turkey should be the abode of freedoms and of democracy


If it is possible to take the son of a minister into custody, that government is a sound one. No one can talk about fascism, dictatorship or the absence of democracy in such a country. It means that democracy is operating like clockwork; this is the farthermost example of it.


It is the system of Mahdi that actually executes democracy (15.02.2014)


Rohingya: Tough test for a nascent democracy


If a person is intimidated and forced into accepting an opinion, hatred will be formed in his/her subconscious towards that opinion. People should be warmed into ideas by making them love these ideas, by persuasion and by gentle placation. It should be done reasonably and peacefully through democratic means.


Is Turkey democratizing or the exact opposite?


Lessons from Turkey on how to break free from military rule


The fact that Turkey is a modern country should be emphasized thoroughly. It should be well emphasized that we are a democratic country that protects the rights of women, that advocates the arts, beauty, aesthetics and science. A misleading image has been formed about our country, portraying Turkey as inclined to radicalism: We need to eliminate that image completely.


Adnan Oktar: PKK became very spoiled because there is democracy, love and compassion in Turkey


The Fine People of Algeria Deserve Advanced Democracy. Are There Fine Days Ahead for Algeria? What Is Happening in Algeria?


Longing for lost American Dream


Democratic Transition on the One Hand, and Concerns on the Other


Those who come to power democratically can only be overthrown with democratic means. Those who come to power with elections can only go with elections. If a government can easily be overthrown with a few tapes and a few rumors, with such threats it means there is no democracy.


The presidential system is a threat to Turkey


To be able to say what is right, as well as just what is wrong


The Democracy Test for Tunisia Still Continues


It is not true that democracy progresses in the presidential system. On the contrary, coups happen mostly in presidential systems.


All politicians, all professors state that the parliamentary system is more suitable for settlement and advancement of democracy and that is observed in practice as well.


Among the democratic countries, there are not many countries that are governed through presidential systems. There are only three countries and they all are miserable. There is not even one authoritarian country that is ruled with a parliamentary regime. Authoritarian countries have all been ruled through presidential systems.


Muslims always ask for democracy, for tranquility. That is because in a tense environment, in an unsettled environment, faith does not develop completely. People remain weak. Faith only develops in a peaceful environment in which people can think deep and use their intellect.


South Korea Must Aim for an Advanced Level of Democracy


Democracy and freedom of thought is something that should be established all around. People should be able to voice and declare their opinions as they like. Cracking open someone's head, causing a scene, screaming all over the place; these acts are barbarity. Animals behave like that. People communicate by talking, they communicate by voicing their opinions. If the person you are talking to is not persuaded by your opinion, then you must simply respect him. One should respect everyone's opinions, everyone's faith.


The PKK's Deception about Being Democratic


Let there be freedom, let there be democracy. Let everyone strive for that with all their might. That is because wisdom, the arts and science develops in a free environment. Under the pressure of a state, wisdom will be atrophied. People would not have power of understanding. There would be no artists, no scientists. Industry atrophies, people lose their eagerness to work.


The government should protect and watch over the rights of women, freedom, democracy, music, arts and everything that is beautiful. The government should look out for quality and aesthetics and state that "these are the characteristics of the Turkish Nation."


Islam means love, compassion, peace, quality, beauty, democracy, deep thinking, arts and science. It is all kinds of beauty. But there is no such understanding in bigotry. There is only cruelty in bigotry. They turn the world into a living hell for yourself and then try to turn it into a living hell for others as well.


Dr. Oktar Babuna at the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Crisis, Emergency and Risk Communications in the 21stCentury, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, 10-11 January 2016


Turkey’s quality is ever increasing. Those countries that openly support the PKK should stop trying to lecture Turkey on democracy.


Struggle can only be carried out by democratic and ideological means. We can never accept violence or killing.


Our people would never accept the attempts to overthrow a democratically elected government through anti-democratic means.


No one should pay heed to hateful, anti-democratic voices. Let us love honest, democratic and loving people.


Everything is under God’s control, may God remove the sedition from our country. Democracy is the most reasonable path.


Adnan Oktar gave full support to our President of the Turkish Republic on the night of the coup-attempt - 1


Democracy wins in Turkey


If we stand back and watch attempts to overthrow a legitimate government through illegal methods, there would be no democracy left in Turkey.


If it is possible to carry out strong opposition without insulting anyone, as that means there is democracy in that country. The existence of an opposition is a blessing.


Is global media on the side of democracy?


Our elected democratic government is in charge. Causing mischief is worse than murder. Our army is sensible; democracy will solve problems.


Democracy is the wisest way. The only way for Turkey is democracy. Our army will not compromise on democracy; our soldiers are good people.


Turkish people will never compromise on democracy; everything should be solved within the framework of democracy and with compassion.


Turkey is a modern country. Democracy, love, unity, integrity, and a sensible approach befit Turkey.


Saadet, BBP, MHP, CHP and all parties should make statements on live TV in favor of democracy; the whole world should see our unity.


No Turkish person would endorse something like this. Resorting to such methods when democracy can solve everything is unacceptable.


No one in Turkey will accept overthrowing an elected person through non-democratic means. This is unacceptable.


Our people will accept nothing other than democracy. Order should be restored as soon as possible.


No one in Turkey will accept anti-democratic practices or methods.


One may oppose the government, but attempting to overthrow a government with a coup is not acceptable. Struggle is only with democracy.


The reaction of our people shows their love for democracy and their instinct to protect our homeland and our nation.


Everyone should keep their hearts at ease, our people would never stand behind an anti-democratic movement that is against freedoms.


Democratic struggle; even with harshest words or opposition is acceptable. But firing at civilians can never be accepted.


Secularism, democracy and freedom are the principles of Islam.


A coup is an action that abolishes respect for humanity. One who advocates coups cannot advocate Islam. Democracy exists in Islam.


Our people would never ever allow any attempt against our democracy.


We thank our heroic police officers for their valuable efforts in the defence of our democracy.


Hassan Diab, Former Minister of Education of Lebanon


We will not allow any anti-democratic attempts to overthrow the government or unfair persecution of President Erdoğan.


International Media on the side of Democracy or Not?


A Big Victory for Turkish Democracy


Opposition is the key pillar of democracy


Democracy and freedom gives ease and peace to people. All efforts should be made to provide for liberties.


Anyone who attempts to topple the government in an undemocratic way actually destroys itself politically.


The way to render the system of dajjal ineffective is the unity of Muslims. Bigotry brings about defeat for Muslims. With an intellectual, democratic mindset, by advocating freedoms, appreciating women, with knowledge, peace and love, we’ll bring down dajjal.


In an attempt to drive people away from Islam, they are trying to build a Muslim character that is introverted, not modern, one that is loveless and despotic.


Turkey needs a strong opposition. Opposition is crucial for democracy. However, if there is a crime, the necessary action should be taken.


A Big Victory for Turkish Democracy


More women for higher quality in politics


Crossing the Line in Democracy


The fact that the opposition exists in Turkey is one of the strongest evidences that democracy exists. It should be promoted.


Lord Richard Inglewood, Former British Minister


Syria is one step closer to peace


It is crucial that democratic principles are upheld in every decision and practice, and that courts have the sole say.


In a turbulent world, what is truth?


The Mahdi movement is the most advanced form of democracy. The world hasn't witnessed true democracy yet. The Mahdi movement will teach the world true democracy.


The west's strategic mistake


The west's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake


Islam in the Qur’an means experiencing art, science, joy, freedoms, democracy, kindness in the finest manner.


The reign of Islamic morality around the world means the reign of peace, love, democracy, freedom and quality. Everyone would like it.


What kind of a Turkey is expected to come from the aftermath of the referendum?


Everyone wins in Turk referendum


Everyone wins in Turk referendum


Referendum Evaluation


Turkey is on the Verge of a New Age...


Everyone wins in Turk referendum


No one should be criticized for making her/his own choice based on good conscience. People should choose freely in a democratic atmosphere.


No one can target or plot against Turkey as long as she is modern, civilized, democratic and champions women’s rights.


In a referendum one must show respect to both those who say 'yes' and 'no'. This is what democracy stands for.


The same respect should be shown both to those who vote ‘no’ and ‘yes’ in the referendum for the constitutional amendments. That is a requisite of democracy.


Having a strong opposition shows that Turkey has democracy. Therefore our brothers should not be bothered with opposition.


The fact that those criticizing the government voice their ideas freely demonstrates the strength of democracy in Turkey. There is no need to be disturbed by that.


Turkey is a democratic country and this is not Turkey's first referendum. Under all circumstances, the outcome will be auspicious.


Turkey is a democratic country. A referendum would only reinforce our brotherhood. Both those who would vote ‘yes’ and those who would vote ‘no’ are the children of our country.


Turkey under European observation


Turkey under European observation


Turkey under European observation


Democracy is about diversity of thought, freedom to pursue different political goals. But our people don't want deceit or plots.

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